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Sasha Banks Is The Female Face WWE Needs

After a long absence, post Wrestlemania, The Boss has finally returned to the main roster, to action, and her sights are set on Charlotte and that WWE Women’s Championship.

This is exciting on so many different levels for me. I’m a fan of Banks. She encompasses all the qualities needed for success within the WWE. She has confidence in her character – and that said confidence is really the foundation of what her Boss persona is all about. She’s strong on the mic, athletic, and gives it her all when performing in the squared circle. Moreover, she is a face, some may say the top female baby face in the division right now. And I’ve said this for a long, long, time now; the WWE needs a strong baby face, to lead the women’s division, if they truly want to take this women’s wrestling revolution to the next step.

Charlotte has done a phenomenal job since snagging the (then) Divas Championship from Nikki Bella in September 2015. While I was skeptical at first, as she transformed into a heel; she really does play this character so much better as a “bad” girl than a good one, and has done wonders leading the once divas division, as it transformed into women’s wrestling once again.

Still, with the past four Divas Champions/Women’s Champions (Charlotte, Nikki Bella, AJ Lee, and Paige) being heel (moreover, flip flopping from heel to face); it’s time for a solid baby face to lead the division now, and I feel like we are finally on the cusp of this, with the new Charlotte/Banks program that has started. In the past, Creative handled the women and their programs terribly; with characters acting as heels one week on RAW, and faces the next. With Creative aligned, and somewhat in tune with the female characters now, keeping their personas consistent and allowing an explanation (and build up) around heel/face turns, it seems that the time is now to finally have a face women’s champ. One that stays a face for the long haul. One that can act as hero in the division, one that resembles say, a John Cena or Dean Ambrose: but a woman.

And Sasha Banks is the prime candidate at this point. The Boss doesn’t at all seem phased or intimidated by an interfering Dana Brooks, she can handle her own with Charlotte, and certainly has the backing of the WWE Universe. Banks could be the female hero champion the WWE and us fans have waiting for. The only thing now is the wait.

The WWE seems to be perfectly unfolding this program, just in time for SummerSlam; and if their Triple Threat Wrestlemania match tore down the house, I can’t imagine what these two women have in store of us, come Sunday, August 21st.

Yes, Charlotte indeed has been a solid heel champion, ushering in an new era in the women’s division; but every good reign must come to an end. As an old season comes to a close and a new season begins, it’s time for Sasha Banks to step up into the role of champion, and ring in a new era in women’s wrestling, where a face, finally leads the pack.

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  • Zack

    Quick question Dorathy. What would you like to happen in this storyline so that their big match is at SummerSlam instead of Battleground? All signs seem to point that way and it’s a bit confusing.

    • Dorathy

      I *think* Battleground will either turn into a tag match, where Paige with join Banks and Brooke joins Charlotte OR if Battleground is a one-on-one between banks and Charlotte, Brook with interfere for the Flair win, prompting a ban from the ring for Banks/Charlotte’s SS match, where Banks will win.

      What do u think might happen?

      • Zack

        I *think* that it will be the latter from what you’ve said. Paige has stopped being involved in this program recently and it’s kind of a shame.

        My hope at the beginning of this program when Sasha returned was to have a Fatal Fourway with Charlotte, Sasha, Paige, and Dana. My creative expectations go wild when it comes to storylines. I wanted the Fourway (actually six pack challenge with Becky and Nattie initially) to end with Sasha locking Dana in the Bank Statement. All the while, Charlotte is working on Paige. Sasha rolls Dana from the Bank Statement into a crucifix pin like she’s done in the past with that move. Charlotte pins Paige. The ref counts the pinfall for Sasha because he was previously involved in checking for a submission on Dana, thus not seeing Charlotte pin Paige. Charlotte thinks she won until Sasha is announced as new champion.

        The next night on Raw. Charlotte comes down to protest the result. Shane takes Sasha’s side and Stephanie takes Charlotte’s side. They then decide that Sasha will take on Charlotte at SummerSlam to determine the undisputed Women’s Champion. Since I think it would be an appropriate way to introduce her, they also announce a Special Outside Enforcer to make sure the match doesn’t end controversially like at Battleground. Someone who could be unbiased but still is no stranger to Charlotte or Sasha, the main roster debut for Bayley.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Try telling Vince that since he thinks Sasha is too injury prone to become the true face of the Women’s division.

  • DJRedders

    A Charlotte loss on PPV has to be soon – She’s 12-0, and the first ever person to ever win on 12 consecutive WWE PPV’s (doing it from her debut, too). As popular as Sasha is (I’m a fan of hers, too), I still feel she’s more comfortable as a heel – does make me wonder just how much longer it’s gonna be until Bayley finally moves up, as I feel she’s the shoe-in for top face in the Women’s division.

    Kinda hoping for the day after SummerSlam, which has become another “Raw After Mania”-type crowd now. The pop she’ll get if she debuts then…

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