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Saying Goodbye To Daniel Bryan

It’s been a hard week so far for the YES! Movement followers, and I have to admit, I was completely in denial all of Monday when the news exploded on Twitter; after Daniel Bryan tweeted out that he was retiring from professional wrestling, and would be addressing the WWE Universe on Monday Night RAW.

Oh yeah, I was convinced it was a work. Ask my colleagues, John Deegan and Joseph Lisnow, they’ll attest to this comment. I was convinced that this story was going to end differently; that somehow, especially with a thinning WWE roster due to injury, and on the cusp of Wrestlemania; that Daniel Bryan would be cleared, at least for one last match at WWE’s biggest event of the year. When my two girls came home from school, and we got talking about it, I gave them both a wink, and reassured them that some of the best storylines in WWE history stem from reality; and Daniel Bryan fighting to get cleared, and seemingly getting cleared by all other doctors, other than WWE’s makes for an incredible buildup to a Wrestlemania match.

And … I was wrong.

No need to mark that on the calendar, I’m wrong, quite frequently; and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Alas, my kiddos couldn’t stay up to watch DB’s farewell speech (that is what PVRs are for … right?), but when I broke the news to them this morning, they thankfully weren’t as devastated (or as tearful) as their mom was last night. As one of them put it, “hey, he had a pretty solid run there for a while.” As parents, we tend to think we are the ones to teach, when more often than not, I’m learn from them.

Does it suck Daniel Bryan has to retire? Absolutely! At the age of 34 years, DB had the sports entertainment world at his fingertips. Despite being out (on and off) for the past two years since his epic WM 30 WWE World Heavyweight Championship win, he had undoubtedly reached the proverbial top of the mountain; his momentum, his fan following, the title win, the Wrestlemania moment; and well, shall I be so bold to say, the reaction he got from the WWE Universe was something the company or fans hadn’t seen since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was over, and 3:16 ruled the sea of posters at RAW and live events. To boot, it was momentum that built, naturally. No need for other wrestlers to sell his moves, no need to push him to the fans; Daniel Bryan won our hearts through his talent, charisma, and incredible storytelling.

Now, it’s all been said before: he proved that a smaller guy, could be THE guy in the WWE. He moved from mid-card to main event; which isn’t an easy thing to do if you don’t have the higher ups rooting for you. He’s not overly attractive (albeit, his warming personality does attract the audience), he doesn’t have a body-builder’s physique; but he made it to the top of the mountain, and despite his shortened career, could be added to the list of all-time greats within that squared circle. Not only in terms of talent, but also popularity. And because of that popularity, I do not worry about what the future holds for the Bearded One.  Off the cusp of a debuting Tide ad, I realize he will have non-wrestling opportunities handed to him, and he’ll be okay. Maybe he can play a role on WWE programming, maybe he’ll be a NXT coach, maybe inspirational speaker is on the horizon; maybe once his contract expires with the WWE, something else awaits him.

Still, from his incredible speech last night, I do know one thing: the sky’s the limit for him. It is because of the hard work, determination, and personality in the ring, that Daniel Bryan was so successful within sports entertainment; really having a career some athletes can only dream off. And it is that very career he loves so much, that will open doors for him in the future – despite having to leave what he loves behind.

So, I’ve come to terms with Daniel Bryan retiring. He will be missed in the ring, but his career will not be soon forgotten.

Bryan Danielson, you probably might not be reading this, but as a long-time fan, and a huge fan of yours, I wish you nothing but success. Success in family life, and a pursuit in something new and different, as you enter the next chapter in your life. Last night, you said you were grateful; and from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank you for giving it your all over the years, to entertain fans like myself. You may have tons of gratitude, but when all is said and done; I feel like the grateful one. Grateful for having the opportunity to see you perform; grateful for being a part of something big within the WWE, during a time where was a lot of mediocre. I will truly never forget that January 13th edition of Monday Night RAW in 2014 – still gives me goosebumps when I watch it – as you broke free from the Wyatts, and stood on top of the cage; orchestrating the ‘YES’ chants of the crowd from atop; sitting at home, watching RAW on television, it was like I felt I was in the stadium. I knew something big was on the horizon for you at that very moment … and what would unfold in the next few weeks, was you, despite the odds, moving onto WM 30, and having your WM moment; a moment that you shared with your fans, a moment forever etched in time. Yes, watching you on RAW that night felt like the beginning of something big, and it sure was.


So, back to you WNZ fans. I gave you my favorite Daniel Bryan moment (RAW, January 13th, 2014). Please share yours below in the comment section, I would love to hear them.

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  • bigfoot3169

    I love the therapy sessions with Kane, especially when Kane gave his class intro to everyone. Before he started, Bryan is rubbing his head and saying, “this is a bad idea”.

    • Dorathy

      Nice. I loved those too.

      • bigfoot3169

        I did mean to comment too on the fact of watching the crowd reaction when he resisted Bray Wyatt influence. I had goosebumps then and I do now remembering the reaction. I never thought I’d be so engrossed with a character on TV, but I greatly enjoyed watching him wrestle.
        It’s too sad that actions now could have prevented the actions of Chris Benoit. I loved his work in the ring and would have greatly enjoyed a Benoit vs Bryan match. It’s also sad that it took blood to be spilled to get to this point now in sports entertainment and in sports in general.

  • Lisa

    I’m certainly not a fan of Daniel Bryan’s so I would struggle to remember any memorable moment from his career. I would probably pick out his debut match on NXT Season 1 against Chris Jericho. Miz as his mentor worked well for Bryan, too.
    Unfortunately he got stale when he got to the main roster.

    • BooGonk

      Why even comment something like this on a story that you clearly have no interest in, troll? Just so you could be the first to comment? Glad you got that moment, as you try to take from everyone else’s. Just go the f*ck away. You really are a bad person after this. Lower than we all gave you credit for. Thanks whore.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        You should practice what you preach sir.

    • Dorathy

      Thanks for your comment Lisa, and thanks for reading. I respect the fact that you aren’t a fan – not everyone likes all the same talent. I enjoy reading diverse perspectives. I liked that match too.

      • Jonny

        you know this “person” is just a troll right?

  • Z….

    After he got screwed over at Wrestlemania here in Miami, the crowd continued to chant his name throughout the event, and especially throughout the next night on Raw. It really was incredible. It was the first time the crowd told Vince and the rest of creative that they werent taking any more of their BS, and that they had F’d up by shafting everyone of a Bryan Danielson Wrestlemania match. After that, he kept getting more and more over, if it was even possible, and he was able to show the charisma that naysayers used to say he didnt have, and broke the glass ceiling

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