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Have We Seen The Last Of Ryback?

Wyatt Family
Ryback is not a happy camper as of late. In mid-April while doing press before a Dubai event, the WWE superstar went on record stating that he was unhappy with the way the company has booked him the past three Wrestlemanias, and the fact that he’s landed on the Pre-Show of the card two WMs in a row – especially with his last match, being a United States Championship match.

Then, last Monday Night, Ryback was pulled from RAW.

Some say he asked to be pulled from television, as he and the WWE are currently at odds over contract issues. However, it’s never a good sign when your merchandise is placed in the sale area of WWE.com’s shop zone; which is what happened this past weekend.

Amongst the slew of wrestlers that were recently released, with some making sense (Santino), and others not some much (Sandow); where does Ryback fit in all of this?

Much like Sandow, Ryback’s got a nice following of fans; still Ryback has also been given a little more air time than Sandow … I digress. He does get a pop in some arenas, and then maybe not so much in others. At the age of 34, with a good 12 years in the business, Ryback sits in a unique position; he has solid experience, yet no one would consider him ‘old’ by any standards just yet. In fact, over his tenure with the company, it has seemed the WWE had wanted to give him a push, especially when he first debuted his Ryback gimmick in 2012; when he returned from injury in late 2014; and even when he had won the Intercontinental Championship in the spring of 2015. Sadly, things just seemed to fizzle with Ryback after he lost the championship to Kevin Owens later that year; with nothing really substantial to bring him back.

Or perhaps it wasn’t so much Ryback fizzling, but the lack of programs offered to him by Creative. They seemed flip floppy when it came to feuds Rusev, and even the Wyatt Family. While his recent feud with Kalisto benefited Kalisto tremendously; it didn’t really help Ryback all that much. And it had nothing to do with the fact that he lost the program. The storyline didn’t even really help secure his heel status. Sure, Ryback was now a bad guy, but even that was a bit borderline, with some fans still cheering him here and there; and Ryback still seeming like a face, versus the Goliath-like heel he should’ve been.

But was that Creative’s fault for lack of direction, or was it Ryback? Was he not into the storyline? He seemed quite displeased with the fact that his U.S. title match landed on the Pre-Show at Wrestlemania; with the rematch only to land on the Pre-Show for the next WWE pay-per-view on the Network, Payback.

So, was Payback the last we will see of Ryback? It’s hard to tell. It seems like there are times when superstars have to go to work, and do their job, despite creative differences; and we all know that when it comes to the WWE, depending on where you rank within the card, the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the oil.

At the end of the day, everyone has options, and choices; whether that be Ring of Honour, TNA, or just the indie circuit in general. On a positive note, while Ryback’s recent outspokenness may not far to well with the WWE Brass, in a lot of ways, by him stepping out, and saying what he is feeling, he is doing what some have been too afraid to do in the past: thus, earning some respect from his peers, and some fans alike.

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Hopefully he never comes back

    • It Begins kid


  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Nice column. Just a few points tho.

    I dont ryback the wrestler gets any pops. He never has imo. The pops he got was for his entrance theme. And no his feud with punk doesnt count as the fans would have cheered anyone against punk at that time.

    Fans are few and far between.

    Also ryback after his theme hit and the feed me more chants died down, fans were dead for his matches. Hell look at his debut. Only when it was over the crowd got back into it. Now its worse as even thru his last face run he barely got a reaction for even his entrance.

    He was somebody that badly needed a good repackage at the right time but it never happened.

    The Usos right now are like how Ryback is. Only thing saving them is the reigns storyline and family ties

  • The Shockmaster

    His character needs a reboot

  • jcice13

    to paraphrase groucho marx.”the first of you turns my stomach”..they dropped the ball with him from the get go, he should have been a monster killer heel and gone undefeated to the world title then lose and turn face

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