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Seth Rollins Babyface Evolution Feels Like A Painful One

I’m probably the minority here, but I’m not digging the recent Seth Rollins face turn. I love Rollins, I was one of those fans who wanted him to turn babyface. And the actual turn of events where Triple H interfered in the Universal Championship match and turned on Rollins was mind-blowing. But now that Rollins is a face, I can’t seem to get into it.

Watching Monday Night RAW this week, I was trying to pinpoint the reason why. And, I think it’s because he’s become a bit of a wimp as face. He was played a fool by HHH, was betrayed, and it cost him the WWE Universal title. Since, he’s gone begging to Stephanie McMahon looking for a reason why. Been at odds with Mick Foley, and told off by Kevin Owens countless times. I was even a little taken aback by his recent Roman Reigns ‘saves’ (one during a dark match after the September 12th edition of RAW, and one this past week during the September 19th edition). I know that most times, heels turn face and just instantaneously become best friends with other faces on the roster (and vice versa). It’s natural, it happens a lot, but I’m storyline-line kind of girl, and I like it when a little more explanation is put forth. Sure, Rusev did interfere, but Reigns and Rollins have a lot of negative history together … so what exactly has changed here?

I get it though, Rollins is in a transitional face phase, he’s moving from Team Bad Guy to Team Hero. Still, he’s lost something.

Alas, it’s more than just the Reigns’ save, I feel that Rollins has strayed too far away from the heel character fans love to hate. Because really, a bit of that cocky personality (and the laugh) would do this character some good right now. There’s really no turning back, and I get that part of his new transformation means going through a little dark point of self-doubt, but let’s not turn into Dolph Ziggler, mmmmkay Rollins.

I guess my only fear is that he will lose on Sunday, and the character will continue to dive into this victim zone. I mean, he may be pushed to his limits and rise with momentum, like most hero characters do; but in the meantime, I just can’t seem get into it. On the other side of the coin, there is that missing HHH piece, and perhaps until Hunter explains why he turned on Rollins in the first place; Seth’s character will be in a bit of limbo.

Perhaps the story and Rollins character will take a turn for the better, come Clash of Champions.

WNZ fans – like or dislike the Rollins face turn? Leave your comments below!

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