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Seth Rollins … Heel? Nah!

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Well, this was my perception after watching Seth Rollins’ video montage on the June 6th edition of Monday Night RAW. Leading up to their Money in the Bank (MITB) main event match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, I had written an article last week that I felt WWE Creative was dropping the ball on this program. Currently with only one RAW and SmackDown to go until the June pay-per-view, my tune is changing ever-so-slightly, and I did think the videos were appropriate to help push this feud along.

They showed history, they showed passion, they showed a reason for fans to get behind this program.

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To be honest, I enjoyed Seth Rollins’ video the most out of the two. As an adult fan, I love the work both these men do, and I really do look beyond heel and face; I enjoy these videos on an entirely different level. Still, while watching Rollins’ video, I couldn’t help but think: and this guy is supposed to be angled as a heel? Unlike Roman, who was entirely ‘in character’ for his little montage; Rollins did flip flop, even showing a clip of the superstar, post surgery (and a little drugged up) telling the WWE Universe he was going to come back, and climb that WWE ladder once again. With video piece clearly taken from his 24 WWE Network program special, and that entire piece was quite compelling, and in some ways, very inspiring.

Which got me thinking; are the lines going to be blurred with this feud moving forward? There is an obvious distain for Reigns among many fans, and there are those within the Universe who don’t care about ‘heel’ or ‘face’, and look up to superstars that entertain them. WWE obviously missed the mark with the Memorial Day RAW promo between these two supersars, so has there been a change of heart when it comes this feud, and how to angle it moving forward?

I’m implying that I think Reigns will turn heel, or Rollins face. But, because there were no other appearances from either man during RAW, but the videos, it does seem hard to view Rollins as a villain, after watching his montage.

Seth Rollins was on top of the world; he was a champion, passionate about this business, giving the fans his all; when the rug was taken from under him. The he struggled, fought back, recovered, and he wants what was taken from him. Who else actually felt bad for Rollins having to watch Reigns at Wrestlemania 32? I know I did.

Regardless, the video package was a step in the right direction, and with a week and a bit until the big event; here’s hoping the WWE can springboard off that video to continue the momentum for this program, leading into the MITB PPV.

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  • Lisa

    Seth Rollins is a joke. He should be languishing in the midcard with his fellow indy darlings.

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    ??SMH…. ?

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    I don’t see a double turn happening at all in this storyline feud. If it does happen, it will be shocking because WWE still insists on having Roman as the goody two shoes babyface (ala John Cena) for all the ladies (well some) and the little kiddies instead of having him as a heel in which is more presentable for him (in my opinion) but it won’t happen because the some of the fans know WWE has dropped the ball on that opportunity so many times now. But then again in the cases of Cena and Reigns, does it really matter who’s the babyface and who’s the heel?

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