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Shane McMahon Podcast: The Good, The Bad, And The Awkward

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For those who decided to stay up and watch the WWE Network’s latest podcast, which featured the newly returned prodigal son, Shane McMahon, fans were treated to probably one of the best of the best in terms of these interviews; dare I say, my new favorite since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin threw some hard questions at Vince McMahon in late 2014. They covered everything from how Shane feels about his dad, sister Stephanie, and brother-in-law HHH; to why he left the WWE; fond childhood memories; Wrestlemania 32, and oh-so much more, including his take on the 1997 Montreal Screwjob. There’s was quite a lot covered in the hour-long podcast, but here’s a few highlights of what I thought worked, didn’t work, and some awkward moments.

The Good

There were a lot of good moments. Shane first talked about how humbling it was to return to the WWE in Detroit, and how it felt magical. He stated that when he left the company, he knew he would return at some point; and listed the main reason for returning was wanting to perform in front of his three boys. Talking about growing up in business as Vince McMahon’s son was a great insight to just how tough it may have been as the successor to the McMahon empire; how hard his father was on him growing up, and how he got very few ‘pat on the back’ for a job well done. Aside from his incredible Wrestlemania 32 match with the Undertaker, Shane listed his 2001 “King of the Ring” bout with Kurt Angle as his favorite of all time; where the boys backstage greeted the two men as they came back post-match, clapping their hands, and telling them how amazing it was. Speaking of WM 32, one of the more interesting notes from the podcast that I found, was the fact that while Shane and his wife Marissa pondered the idea of their boys “walking down that isle” for Shane’s entrance; he only asked his sons about seven minutes before the match started to do this with him. Those kids looked like they owned the that entrance ramp, and clearly they have that McMahon spirit when it comes to performing and showboating in front of a live crowd.

I also found it interesting that Foley even brought up the Montreal Screwjob. I thought ‘here we go again, will no one just let this die already’; yet, was pleasantly surprised on Shane’s take. I’m now glad Foley dived into that topic, and Shane brought a unique perspective on how his father struggled with the decision. Who else would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall when Bret Hart clocked Vince McMahon backstage? That would’ve been a sight to see, and does help redeem McMahon (for me anyways), as it relates to the entire situation. Being a Canuck myself, I’ve always been on Team Bret, but after that story, I am softened quite a bit.

I did find it interesting how Shane mentioned how he started off in the business working with the ring crew, then taking jackets, and acting as a referee; only because if you rewind to Steph’s intro in the WWE, she started her way up more in the office.

Respect from the boys backstage has always been a huge priority for Shane, and he also talked about how hard he worked to stay out of his father’s shadow. Speaking of, Shane lists the main reason behind leaving the WWE seven years ago was the fact that working with his father no longer felt collaborative or fun. In an effort to save his personal relationship with his dad, he walked away. He also wanted to prove that he could stand on his own to feet, and be successful on his own path. It’s clear he loves his dad, and his sister; and there is absolutely no animosity between the three. Foley asked if Shane was jealous at the fact that Stephanie took the ball and ran with it once he left, and I believe Shane when he says he loves his sister. Which leads me to the bad …

The Bad

There really were no ‘bad’ moments. I’m a huge fan of Mick Foley, but would I have preferred seeing Stone Cold conduct the interview? Absolutely! Considering this was Mick’s first Network podcast, he did a decent job. The only negative aspect I found was that he grilled Shane a little too much about his feeling towards Triple H, and around the jealousy (or non-jealousy factor) between Stephanie and himself.

The Awkward

I felt Foley’s grilling about HHH was awkward, and it could have been nerves on Mick’s part, or his need to ask the ‘hard’ questions; but one simple answer from Shane should have been it, and then they could’ve moved on. He certainly didn’t need to keep asking the same question, and I felt it wasted time. Speaking of, Foley also needed to take a little more control over the podcast, especially when he asked Shane point blank on the current state of the WWE’s product, and McMahon swerved on the question; bringing it back to his Wrestlemania 32 match with The Undertaker (which provided the audience with some pretty cool insight, I will admit). Still, I still would have liked to hear even a snippet more of Shane’s thoughts on how he feels about the WWE brand today. Both moments (specifically the questions about HHH and how Foley tried to get McMahon to talk a bit about the product, and him avoiding the question a tad), just came off feeling a bit awkward, to me that is.

Overall, I enjoyed the podcast. I loved hearing the stories about Pat Patterson and Vince around the pool; a three-year-old Shane saying there were two ‘dadas’ around when he saw Vince at home, while a television was playing with Vince onscreen; how he finally got his dad’s ‘pat on the back’ post-Wrestlemania 32; and how his grandfather was the only one who could push Vince’s buttons.

These were a few of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) moments from the podcast. WNZ fans, what were yours? How did you think Mick Foley did, in Steve Austin’s absence? Leave your comments below!

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    Maybe I’m a bit of an audiophile and nit-picking,but the constant rustling and odd noises from the mics drove me nuts. I feel like they should have dealt with that before broadcast.

    • AuctionPicker

      I didn’t even notice those


        Idk,maybe I just notice that stuff.

    • Bonkerz

      Probably had the mic sensitivity too high

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    I think Shane held back a little bit with the questions about HHH and Stephanie but overall good podcast.

  • jcice13

    my favorite was not listening to a minute of this drivel and wasting an hour of my life that you will never get back

  • AuctionPicker

    I feel like the Bad and the Awkward are exactly why Stone Cold didn’t host this podcasts, he probably would have pushed those issue’s more then the WWE would have wanted.

  • Meg Matthews

    I’ve never listened to a podcast do they do them in keeping with their character or straight talking as themselves?

    • Dorathy

      Straight talking as themselves.

      • Meg Matthews

        Ah cool thanks ??

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    The moment he didn’t grill him on the push of BumMan Reigns I was done !!!

  • revelated

    From now on, he is no longer “Shane O’ Mac”, he is “Shane Hold Back”.

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