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Shane McMahon Has Saved Wrestlemania 32

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*Spoiler Alert* for those fans who have not yet watched Monday Night RAW, do not partake in social media activities, and who may have been living under a rock since last night at around 8 p.m. (EST, that is): please do not read any further … I might be spoiling the surprise of all surprises.

Now that the appropriate disclaimers are out of the way: what an incredible Monday Night RAW last night. In many ways, it felt like a dream: I simply could not believe what I was seeing, and like many wrestling fans, I completely marked out last night when Shane McMahon’s Here Comes The Money theme music erupted in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. The crowd went insanely wild, Twitter exploded, and a revitalized energy was once again brought back to RAW: something it had be sadly missing for a while.

Before everything went crazy, did anyone else think that the Vincent J. McMahon Award of Excellence was going to be a lame segment, to further antagonize fans regarding the superiority of the McMahon/Authority team? I certainly did. However, after viewing the WNZ site yesterday, and seeing a report on the fact that this award was apparently going to become a big angle; I did question myself.

So, I was wrong … and a big angle it was.

A huge angle in fact. Probably one of the biggest angles that the WWE Universe has seen in a while.

So, Shane’s back, and wants to ensure the WWE isn’t driven into the ground by his brother-in-law and sister; he wants to ensure this legacy is something that he can pass on to his boys; and he wants control of Monday Night RAW. In the midst of the promo, another story is unfolding: one where it appears that Shane has something on his father, Vince, and was essentially paid off to keep that skeleton in the closet, still in the proverbial closet. The promo provided a certain reasoning as to why he left in the first place (script-wise), and why he was back: storytelling at its finest.

I digress, moving on, to be granted his RAW wish, Shane has to complete one minor obstacle: win a Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker, at Wrestlemania 32. Making WM once again relevant for a huge demographic of fans that simply felt it was not anymore. Sure there are fans that are excited to see Triple H and Roman Reigns main event Wrestlemania; and there is a huge gap of fans that do not. There are fans that were upset about Roman Reigns winning the Triple Threat match at Fastlane. WWE fans that were thinking WM 32, and its build up, would be a bore. Fans that may have even already cancelled their WWE Network subscription.

Still, almost 24 hours after the Fastlane pay-per-view, we have Twitter buzzing. That gap of fans are now excited about WM 32 , Monday Night RAW, and the WWE again.

Jim Ross is 100% correct when it comes to his tweet: real-life imitating art, within WWE storylines generally do go over much better with the fans, especially the long-term fans. That’s because we have a history with the product, and we know the history. We are vested into the older characters (i.e. Shane) because he had entertained us so much over the years. I understand that Shane and Vince on screen certainly do not (or might not) share the same relationship they share in real-life; but because the characters onscreen or so closely connected with who they are in real-life, the storyline is simply compelling. Furthermore, Shane nailing Stephanie on the current RAW ratings drop, decline in product, and slew of WWE injuries was promo gold. Because it’s the truth. Sure, WWE is a brand that provides entertainment, but as fans, we also do appreciate seeing some honesty, and a brush of realism within programs, feuds, and matches we watch.

Do I think Shane has saved WM 32? I wouldn’t have placed it in the title of this article if I didn’t believe it so. Shane was the comeback many fans have been yearning to see, for so many years. In fact, how many times have the fans on this site have had comments like, ‘I wish Shane would come back’, or ‘Shane battling the Steph/HHH Authority would be a nice watch’: or anything along that line. We all wanted to see Shane return, and with his return being so timely; during a point where the WWE is struggling with injuries, trying to entice other non-roster stars to participate (i.e. Batista), and pulling out any and all stops (i.e. The Rock) to hype up WM 32; they hit the nail on the head with bringing back Shane.

I have no clue how they did it. Perhaps a lot of nagging, begging, or promises. I’m not sure how long Shane will linger. Was he brought back to simply help with WM 32, or does this mean that we will see more of him in the future? Will he become an integral part in WWE head office activities now a WNZ report states that it is unclear if the deal he recently signed (which was kept hush-hush) is a temporary or permanent thing.

Regardless, Shane is back; and he brought the true Road To Wrestlemania energy with him. As for last night, Shane’s return truly set the tone for the rest of the program, and for the feeling the WWE Universe has towards WM 32 now.

WNZ fans, what did you think of Shane McMahon’s return last night? Please leave your comments below!

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  • siddus

    Absolutely! I’m instantly looking forward to this match more than any other.

  • biz

    I wouldn’t credit anything Ravens does as a wNz news report. More likely he stole it from a different website.


      Yeah it wasnt reported,it was plagiarised. Lol..

  • PlanoStu

    Shane vs Undertaker is now the main event. Roman vs HHH should be on the pre show.

    In reality, the way I see this going down, whether Shane wins or loses, he will be the one that causes HHH to lose his title, hoping it will save the boos from destroying Reigns moment. Lol either that or he turns and causes HHH to win. Either way, Shane will play a factor in the Championship match.

    • Meg Matthews

      I hope well wish as a total shocker Rollins shows up & has some effect in the title match though in reality know it’ll prob be a while before he returns

  • Mike

    My issue is, Shane can’t face taker. I loved his return, but when the match was made I instantly thought, it was stupid. I assume Shane finds somebody to fight on his behalf. It is not even remotely believeable that Shane could defeat taker. I would go so far to say that would really damage takers legacy. Taker becomes a heel here and I just don’t see that taking. People won’t want taker to lose but they’ll want to see Shane stick around and gain control. I really believe what should of happened was hhh should of fought for Vince and maybe taker even for Shane. The issue is this was last minute and taker needs an opponent. If it’s Shane then Shane will lose 100 percent.

    • SterlingSchwartz

      Ehh WM 19 it was Hogan vs Vince McMahon in a very competitive street fight. This was only 10 months after Hogan beat Taker for the WWE title and a year from Hogan vs Rock. If Hogan can fight Vince a year after that then Taker can definitely fight Shane.

      • Mike

        Yeah but this is taker at mania. There’s no chance Shane can win. It’s not believeable. They can fight and sure it will be good but taker will win no doubt.

        • Meg Matthews

          There’s gotta be more to it for the control of raw thing to be put in there, I’m hoping that somehow that they can placate fans who want to see taker win but at same time Shane has control of raw etc cause as good as the authority storyline has been it’s gone on too long & it needs something new unless if it doesn’t end now summerslam will finally be the end?

  • Fat Owens Fat

    So my assumption came true finally.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Also I’m laughing my arse off at those people who #CancelledWWENetwork xD

    • Lisa

      I hate those idiots who when ever they aren’t happy with storylines threaten to cancel the Network.

      • Damian Starr

        Shock horror people not happy about product stop paying to use it… Jesus it’s as if they aren’t allowed their own opinion (also 99% guarantee they’ll just stream it for free anyways)

    • Peter Robinson

      i came close to cancelling my sons as it was just getting worse and worse every show but now i am going to see what its like after wrestlemania

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Isn’t that the case every year? LOL

  • Lisa

    I loved it. I really did. I have always liked Shane from the days I was 4 or 5 years old. He’s by far my favorite McMahon. Good on the mic, he can act, leap in the air like a cruiserweight and he’s always willing to take crazy bumps just to entertain us. Back in the day I found him to be kinda cute too, lol.

  • Mean Dean

    Shane’s return seemed to the best crowd reaction, in a long time, seemed even bigger than any rock return

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    I never thought that I would see Shane McMahon in a WWE ring again. I’m iffy about the match but it makes sense unless if they pull a swerve in the next couple of weeks. My fantasy booking would be that Taker comes out and confronts Shane, tombstone piledrives him and turns heel for a moment. Then he looks at Vince, then tells Vince, “you don’t tell me what to do” and gives him a tombstone piledriver or a chokeslam teasing that there won’t be a match anymore. The next week or two, Shane tries to convince Taker to join forces with him to take out Vince and the Authority, Taker eventually says yes and Vince comes out and says that Taker will face a mystery opponent at Wrestlemania inside Hell in a Cell and says that if Taker loses, he must retire forever and Shane will never own Raw or WWE and that if Taker wins, Shane gets full control of the company. At Wrestlemania, the mystery opponent wounds up being John Cena. Keep Cena’s status a surprise if he eventually gets cleared for Wrestlemania. Taker wins the match and voilà Shane gets full control of Raw and WWE. Or they can get forget about my idea and stick to whatever idea they have for the storyline and match lol…

    • That boy Alejandro

      Like your idea bruh

  • John Snoopy

    Shane vs taker, taka mikonaku special guest referee, Vader will interfere and cost taker the match. After the match taker and Vader will look eye to eye, undertaker will punch Vader in the face making Vaders eyeball pop out. Then taker will take Vader’s eye ball and shove it up his a s s, and have TAKA suk it outt.

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