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Shane McMahon’s Next Feud

Out of the blue, Shane McMahon returned to the WWE and was placed in a major angle. Once WrestleMania 32 concludes, if Shane chooses to stay with the company, he’s going to need another storyline. These are the perfect opponents for a lunatic billionaire who would rather compete in a ring than count his money while the stock exchange does all the work.
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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Shane vs Strowman return of the giant slayer


    Vince can’t even handle a hug from titus. ..

  • jcice13

    perfect opponents??? a 70 y/o man and an over the hill monster?

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Who would you pick?

      • jcice13

        if he’s really staying for the long haul??? then wouldn’t he have to win his match vs the undertaker? because isn’t that a stip in the match, he loses he’s gone? so if you’ve read your site you would have seen me saying that someone has to help him win his match, because he just can’t beat undertaker alone, and I said that kurt angle would be a good choice to help him, but regardless of that..he wins he’s going to go against whatever the authority can muster up for him, and it shouldn’t be in a match because he has no reason to take a match of any kind right? what would be the purpose? he’s already won RAW…so it would be more of a company type battle and not a wrestling I wouldn’t pick anybody because it goes against what the story arc is….now if they truly are making a split brand type of angle then they would go with the corporate espionage stuff..authority has Smackdown vs shane’s RAW and they vie for finances that way

  • That boy Alejandro

    Shane vs KO

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