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Shane McMahon’s Role After WrestleMania

The WWE has not let any information leak about how Undertaker – Shane McMahon will end at WrestleMania 32. Smart money says Undertaker wins, but anything could happen. Shane returning to WWE and facing Undertaker at the grandest show of the year shows how desperate WWE is at the moment. For post-WrestleMania plans, here are some that could involve Shane.
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  • MikeLo #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Shane vs HHH


    He’ll probably just disappear….

    • Zack

      He was a good seller for WM but that’ll likely be all it was for.


        Yeah,we should all know better by now how WWE works with the older guys “returning”.

  • Lisa

    I love the Undertaker and I hate to see him lose at Wrestlemania again but I’ve got to be honest here. I would love to see Shane McMahon emerge victorious. WWE needs Shane more than ever before. Stephanie and her egotistical husband have little to offer.
    Much like when Shane surprisingly made his return last month, WWE has done an amazing job ensuring that the outcome of the Shane-Taker match is anyone’s guess. With the exeption of WWE’s top brass, no one knows if Shane will be sticking around after Wrestlemania and that’s the big selling point of this match for IWC fans. You’ve got to watch the match to find out.

  • The Middle Finger

    The Hell in a Cell PPV has become redundant when HIAC matches appear on other PPV’s.

    Seriously, just bring back No Mercy. Even if its only for this year, like what they did with No Way Out in 2012.

  • Mean Dean

    I can see an epic fight for power between Shane and HHH , shoot, hire Bishoff back as GM 😀

  • MEH

    If Shane wins Taker is done but yet he is advertised for SmackDown along with Daniel Bryan in the UK in April. Think I know who’s winning!

  • Mizanur Mowla

    Your prediction absolutely suck. If taker loses his match at WM HIC against Shane that mean you are spitting face legend like Shawn Michael, HHH Rick Flair and Randy Ortan. Those guy couldn’t beat Taker at WM and now you telling me Shane who barely perform in the ring which he did back about 7 years ago, and now you gonna tell me that he is going to defeat one of the greatest of all time The UnderTaker???

  • Quote the Ravens, nevermore…

    Shane wins and rehires Taker the next night on Raw. WWE still needs both of these guys very badly at this point.

  • The Shockmaster

    It’s all kayfabe of course. Say Shane wins control of RAW, it’s still VKM calling the shots. It’s still WWE not-so-Creative writing the scripts. He’ll just be an on-screen authority figure.

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