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Do Shining Stars Have A Shot?

Wyatt Family
Considering how many different shots Primo and Epico have gotten, this is a legit question. Following their most recent re-debut, I have to ask…do they have a shot?

My answer? Or, at least my opinion? It does not look good.

And, let me count the reasons why…

For starters? The tag team scene is thankfully much better off now than even a few months ago, when these two were still trotting around a midget in a bull costume. And, when they had that midget in a bull costume, they were actually getting over a fair bit…and went nowhere. Now, instead of being Los Matadores, or going back to just Primo and Epico, they’ve been dubbed The Shining Stars, but they are still Primo and Epico, and in their time away, I don’t see much improvement. That’s not to say they aren’t solid in the ring, but there’s not much that makes me go “oh wow, Primo and Epico, this is must-see!”. If I want a smaller, quicker team, one that is entertaining and charismatic? I have the Lucha Dragons. If I am looking at teams to be champion? New Day. The Vaudevillains. Enzo and Cass. The Dudleys. The Usos. Anderson and Gallows. The Wyatt Family, whenever they return.

Which of those teams would you say Primo and Epico are better than?

And, honestly, what bugged me about their latest re-debut? The vignettes weren’t bad, but walking to the ring, the talking? It did nothing. I think they might have been going for heel heat, but I didn’t sense they got much of that. They talked, but it just didn’t mean much. And in ring? They were fed two jobbers, so perhaps they didn’t get to shine as much…but that’s the point of working with jobbers, right? To look really strong against inferior talent. They didn’t look horrible, but I see them trending more like The Ascension than a threat to claim tag team gold. And speaking of The Ascension, Primo and Epico do have something in common with the failed NXT call-ups: both teams use a finishing maneuver that is nearly the same, and also a rip-off of Total Elimination, if not other moves. As a fan of The Eliminators, it bothers me somewhat, but as a follower of WWE it irks me even more that you’d have two teams, in a year, using the same finisher.

And before anyone gets on my case, yes I do realize they held the tag team championships before. But two big things are much different now. At the moment, they lack the hot manager. And, back when they held those titles? The division was in much worse shape. While being champion is an accomplishment, when you don’t have to fend off legendary teams on a daily basis, I take points off.

So, WNZ readers…do you have high hopes for The Shining Stars? Or do you expect their latest repackaging to fizzle?

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Both are talented and work well with each other. Their finisher is a rehash, but tag finishers are getting tough to get original with now a days. Can they get over? Sure but they’re going to need a solid fued going ASAP. With the top tag faces Usos, Dragons and New Day busy who are they to feud with?

  • James Fields

    What I don’t get it is wwe brought them back as primo and epico don’t that say hey r staff r idiots what happened to the ascension wasn’t their fault was creative they where feed to old legend teams how do build momentum of that u want build heat to the team do something that not just shock us but make the fans hate the guy don’t feed them jobbers

  • It Begins kid

    Remember when Primo & Epico were Tag Team Champions? Their first run was great I liked them. Los Matadores were OK. Their new RE-Debut gimmick I don’t like at all.

  • Bradley Patterson

    I’m a fan of tag teams in general. So the more non random thrown together teams the better for me. I’d say bring in Carlito again and we can get some 3 on 3 feuds going w the new day.

  • The4thWall

    I think they are heels, but it’s very hard to tell, and that’s never good for crowd reaction.

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