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SmackDown: Changes Needed For 2017

With 2017 here, it’s time to take a look at the current brands of WWE and see what needs to be changed.

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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    All I need is to read the 1st point in this article to know its rubbish…RAW has at no point been good, even before the draft. And to say their PPV’s are better is just assinine.

    Reading further, their tag divison has no focus???????????? Compared to what New Day and their stale gimmick monopolizing the tag scene since before the draft….right

    And lastly RAW’s women’s has only two wrestlers and only two women that are capable of being champion at this point in time, Sasha and CHarlotte. People can spin it all they want, their feud was amess, and their matches bad. All it had was the usual overhype done by the WWE, but if you watch the match and the storylines , crap.

    SD any woman, besides Naomi can be the champion at any given time, and be at the very least a decent champ. Their storylines are more engrossing and makes much more sense. Their women are better on the mic than RAW women. They are far superior in every way. I mean you have a 4 month feud stilll going on with Bliss and Becky, and it still feels brand new.

    You have proven time and time again you’re an idiot. Please stop writing garbage articles like this.

  • magneato

    I try really hard to respect other people’s opinions, but reading terrible takes like “Compared to Raw, Smackdown’s women’s division looks like a joke” makes that very difficult.

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