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SmackDown In A Nutshell: It’s His Asylum…

While I totally get that the brands are split, these Nutshells? They come out of the same twisted mind. That being said, last night was an interesting night on RAW, concluding with what some are still calling a controversial ending which saw Kevin Owens crowned their champion. So why am I mentioning it? Just saying, this night’s SmackDown will have an interesting RAW to follow.

But, follow it shall, and there’s much to see on this weeks two hours of the blue show. And speaking of blue shows, how long till we see WWE bring back Blue Meanie? I mean, who wouldn’t want some bWo? OK, I digress…on with the show!

Best Match of the night:

This one is kind of tough tonight. For one thing, the matches weren’t spectacular, or they weren’t of a good length.¬† Don’t get me wrong, there was good action, but nothing, match-wise from tonight, is going to be in the running for anyone’s Match of the Year.

That being said, the action across the evening did make a lot of sense. Both AJ and Dean were booked in entertaining matches, though I think I favor the Crews/Styles one. The women looked good too.

My favorite part of the evening? It wasn’t a match, but rather a segment. I think the Ziggler/Miz segment was the show stealing segment of the evening.

Worst match of the night:

I think I will pick on the Slater/Rhyno/Headbangers one here. It wasn’t atrocious, but it wasn’t great either. Especially since Slater is being too goofy at times to be taken seriously (see his vignette), and I don’t think anyone in attendance expected Mosh and Thrasher to have a shot.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

As I mentioned elsewhere, my audio for this was pretty much shot. Means I have nothing for chants, either. If you felt there were some good ones? Should them out in the comments section, would you please?

Star of the Night

For me, this one is split between Ziggler and…Miz. It almost stuns me to type it, but this could be the kind of program that gets Miz back into bigger and more important and significant angles.

Spot of the Night:

I liked a few of the spots in the main event, but nothing jumped out begging to be called spot of the night. Tonight just felt rather quiet in that regard.

Jobber of the Night:

Now, let’s see. I really thought we’d go down Memory Lane here, since WWE dusted off The Headbangers, who returned after over 16 years away from WWE. They were flown in to, it seems, just do the job for Slater and Rhyno (AKA Beauty and the Manbeast, perhaps).

That is, until right before the main event, when a man calling himself the Milkman was in the ring. Totally odd segment, but Kane came down to vanquish him. And, coincidentally, have a brush with Baron Corbin. Could be a future feud there.

Upset of the Night:

This one is a reach, I admit, but going to say Slater and Rhyno over The Headbangers, ever so barely gets it. Why?

Yes, I know Mosh and Thrasher are/were likely rusty. But, here’s why. Those two rockers? They did, at one time, hold tag team gold. So, I will say by having Rhyno and Slater beat them, it’s a very small upset. Very small. And when you otherwise lack options? It wins.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

The Headbangers have been pulled off the retirement line, out of the mothballs, and for about three minutes, had a shot in the SmackDown tag team tournament. I will happily admit, when I was younger I had a Headbangers shirt. Believe it was the first WWE shirt I ever owned. So yeah, I may have geeked out a little bit.

Botch of the night:

While I missed the exact botch, the fact that Rhyno wound up busted open during his tag team tournament match was, I am willing to wager, unplanned and not in the script. So, that gets my botch of the night, and I bet whatever happened, Rhyno is also wishing it hadn’t.

Commentary of the night:

Folks, I have nothing here. I had to watch this recorded, and I had issues with the audio.

LOL Moment of the night:

Not much to choose from, but if a dude getting into a WWE ring dressed in all white, calling himself the Milkman doesn’t make you LOL? I don’t know what would.

Noteworthy Moment:

Going with a couple here. The opening segment between Dolph and Miz was, I think, well done, and for a few reasons. 1, I think it actually gets heat on the Miz, and elevates him more toward credible heel, as opposed to how most felt about him previously (like, it was a joke he’s had as many IC reigns, considering how people don’t care for him). 2, it elevates Ziggler, and allows Dolph to be Bryan by proxy. And third-this one is big folks-I think if this feud is well written and well executed, maybe the Intercontinental Title gets a boost. I keep hoping…

Orton is moving on, since Brock is a part-timer. He’s going up against Bray Wyatt now.

The other would be the likely groundwork laid for a future Kane/Corbin, monster versus monster clash.

Honorable mention for what came out on the post-show, in that Ziggler and Miz will indeed battle at Backlash. Anyone shocked? Didn’t think so.

Overall lowlights:

The Slater trailer park vignette. Like, I get it. Somewhere, each show wants to have it’s version of Golden Truth, or Santino, or Hornswoggle. But, after weeks of making Heath the free agent and having him on both shows and actually having people chant for him, I think the closest we should have gotten to the trailer park was Slater just talking about it. That’s time I wish we had back.

Overall highlights:

Seeing The Headbangers back on TV.

Miz and Ziggler.

Ambrose and Styles.

Orton and Wyatt.

Backlash should be fun.

After the final bell:

Not a horrible show, but this one felt like a bit of an off night. Might just be me, as I bet the audio issues I had on my end took away from some of it.

That being said, if they were going to have an off night in the next two weeks, I’d rather it be tonight and not next week, seeing as it’s the last before Backlash. Next week, they have to really bring their A games.

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