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SmackDown In A Nutshell: Del Rio In The Bank

It’s time for another Thursday SmackDown, and with the news earlier in the week, this show’s days are numbered. At least, on Thursdays and via tape delay.¬† But in any case, the show is coming at us from the historic Scope in Norfolk, so let’s get right into this Nutshell, shall we.

Best Match of the night:

I am compelled to go with Miz and Cesaro. I admit I have a hard time enjoying a match with The Miz, but this one was pretty good. Almost pains me to admit it. And I am a huge Cesaro fan, so seeing him go is always a plus. Some minor gripes, but nothing too bad. I guess my only real question is, following Cesaro being out for a bum shoulder…how long can or will WWE script his matches to abuse the shoulder? Because that is getting rather repetive.

Worst match of the night:

Natty versus Dana Brooke didn’t do much for me. Just when you thought the Natty/Flair feud was over, turns out it isn’t. With a newfound wealth of female talent on the main roster, it’s almost as though WWE is either unsure, or undecided, on how to book Charlotte next. I could live with more of the two, I grant you that. Dana Brooke? Not as much.

Crowd Chants of the Night:



I am positive I missed a few, but this overall didn’t strike me as a big crowd for chants, unfortunately.

Star of the Night

Spot of the Night:

Jobber of the Night:

R-Truth and Goldust, losing a quick match to Tyler Breeze and Fandango

Upset of the Night:

?Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Rusev crushes Kalisto, which pretty much puts the exclamation point on that program. But as Rusev is about to further decimate the diminutive Kalisto, someone much bigger comes out to stop the carnage. Could Titus O’Neill finally be fully out of the silly doghouse he was in, and challenging for a championship? And, if so, does he even have a realistic shot?

Botch of the night:

Either I am getting worse at spotting them. Or WWE did a good job at editing. Or both. But I have no botches to speak of on SmackDown tonight. I bet though, that come late July, this section gets more action.

Commentary of the night:

We are in an arena named for mouthwash!

Tyler Breeze takes more selfies than Kim Kardashian.

LOL Moment of the night:

I thought I had one in mind, but I am drawing a blank. Either I forgot it, or there wasn’t much. I will go with my go-to, which is Enzo. Love his mic skills.

Noteworthy Moment:

Alberto Del Rio wins the one and only qualifying match on SmackDown, getting himself into the MITB match. I figured, after RAW, that we’d have two matches tonight, but no, only one. Which begs the question: are they saving the next one for the next SmackDown, or are they saving it for someone who returns soon, say on Monday? Me, personally, I have him pegged for another US Title feud, but it wouldn’t stun me if he was thrust into the Money In The Bank mix either.

Overall lowlights:

Was disappointed that we didn’t get to see a whole lot of Rollins tonight. Was almost a “blink and you’ll miss it” appearance.

It was about an average SmackDown. Nothing overly awesome, nothing super awful.

Overall highlights:

The main event and the MITB qualifier were pretty solid. And, even in a brief appearance, Rollins is entertaining.

Not a horrible SmackDown. I’ll call this one average and be thankful.

After the final bell:

Yes, this show moved some things forward. We are getting more of Enzo and Big Cass (always entertaining) and their program with the Dudleys is moving toward something. I think we all knew this would eventually happen, but as they moved into the finals of the tag team championship number one contender tournament, I was worried this feud would just fade away. It hasn’t.

And of course, MITB.

And Natty lives to likely fight Charlotte at least one more time.

Cesaro and Miz could be a budding feud, one that I would love to see capped with a win for the Swiss Superman.

I think we can finally say that Kalisto is out of the US Title picture, but is Titus now in?

And, I have to say…people have been raving about King and Mauro on social media. While they aren’t bad, I suppose I am not seeing what all the fuss is about? King as a heel isn’t even very heelish, compared to some of the great heel announcers. He’s no Bobby the Brain. It’s not a terrible announce team, but honestly (and I expect to get flak for this), I still favor Graves and Phillips on NXT. It may very well be due to the fact that the entire product feels fresher, and I accept that it’s a personal choice.


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  • Jakerams

    My two favorite wrestlers of all time had 2 great matches recently. Cesaro and Miz are both doing great at the moment hopefully Cesaro wins MITB.

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