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Social Outcasts Just Might Be #Winning

WWE Hall of Fame
So, they may not be winning any major titles, anytime soon, but one thing is for sure: the Social Outcasts faction have certainly accomplished more than few things since they debuted on the January 4th edition of Monday Night RAW.

First and foremost, they appeared on the January 4th edition of Monday Night RAW. In a solid segment … and Heath Slater won his match against Dolph Ziggler. They announced their stable, and they have the WWE Universe buzzing.

In all seriousness, the night they debuted, I began wondering … where is all of this going? Will they be jobbers? Will they drastically change their characters to form a faction that can be taken seriously? That first night, when they passed around the mic, introducing themselves, I have to admit, I felt the promo seemed awkward, and I wasn’t too impressed. Fast forward, I recently watched their interview with Michael Cole (the weekly sit down one he produces for; and I was impressed.

I was impressed, because, I was genuinely entertained. I was impressed, because they are staying true to their Social Outcast name. Slater, Axel, Rose, and Dallas (I’m strictly talking characters, not real-life talent) are a bunch of meat heads, and they played these personas out flawlessly during the interview. If they continue with this shtick, they will achieve a level of success that may not have been attainable otherwise.

Listen, not every WWE superstar has to break history records, or win gold to be memorable, considered ground-breaking, or to stay in the hearts of fans. However, every WWE superstar should have a goal to entertain their audiences; and the Social Outcasts are just that, entertaining. More often than not, sports entertainment is such a farce, because everything is taken too seriously. So much so, that it becomes ridiculous. The beauty of the Social Outcasts gimmick is, they can walk that fine line, but add a humorous element to it; and we all need some comic relief within the WWE programming, from time-to-time. I’m thinking Goldust (2003ish on), and of course, Santino Marella are fine examples of this. Goldust to me, stands out for his innovative character, and taking a chance on doing something that was well beyond his time – and he’s WWE Hall of Fame material for debuting Goldust to begin with. Still, evolving that crazy character into something that was comedic, was truly unique, and entertaining (as well as HOF worthy), in its own right. In addition, Marella may have not broken any records, but his shtick, and brilliance when it comes to entertaining WWE crowds with his humor (rather than aggression) has truly helped him etch his way into the hearts of WWE fans. They say comedy is all about timing, and Marella proved this time and time again.

Do I think Social Outcasts will be a force to be reckoned with? No. Will they break WWE history records? I doubt it. Will they hold any type of WWE gold? Maybe, but probably not anytime soon. However, the good news is, they are entertaining. And if they are entertaining, fans will want to watch them; and if fans want to watch them, then they will stay on WWE programming, and perhaps get people to buy their merchandise. If all this happens, then they won’t fall into irrelevancy; which is what all four talents were on the cusp of, prior to all this.

My only question is, why wasn’t Damien Sandow placed into this mix? #MissingSandow

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  • Si Nicholls

    You covered my view right at the end of the article, just where is Sandow and who has he pissed off so much he just isn’t getting any-time at all after being so over for months – as for the social outcasts, I like the concept and they could do a program with either the Wyatt’s or the League of Nations that if written well could be entertaining

    • Dorathy

      Re: Sandow, I thought I caught a glimpse of him last week, when some talent was lined up at the entrance when the McMahons came down the aisle. He was in his old get up (blue robe). I could be wrong though … I have no clue why he isn’t on tv at all.

      • jcice13

        didn’t Sandow just wrestle last week against the outcasts in that 4 on 4 match? and the only reason I could think that he’s not on TV? the company has nothing for him and/or they feel he’s just not over

      • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

        He was on the opening segment on Raw last week. He also wrestled in the 8 man tag team match on Smackdown too but didn’t do much.

        • Joseph Lisnow

          that smackdown match was full of jobbers.

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      He’s been in wwe for over a decade it’s probably over for him which is sad I like him

    • jcice13

      I have to think the only reason he was over was that he was doing that Miz thing and the fans hate Miz so much that anyone doing that gimmick would have gotten over..they have to feel he’s just not on the level of giving him any time for a push? he’s certainly one of the guys who would have been a lot better off when wrestling had the territories and he could go around the horn for a couple of years then return and make the trip all over again…we can all thank VKM for ruining the sport

  • jcice13

    break WWE history records???? and you only doubt it??? come on you can bet your life on it they won’t..and thanks for the semi-shout out..I asked why Sandow wasn’t included included in this group the night they appeared right here in wrestlenewz BAY-BAY lol
    but I wouldn’t give this group any credit for sticking to their characters in interviews or in the ring either..they’re actors and that’s their personas in the ring, of course they’re going to stick to them

  • Terrence Miele

    The scheduling is ruining wrestlers because I feel that that’s making everybody injury prone and they definitely need to address the ring everybody says it’s the hardest thing to work in the need to find a way to soften it up my next point will also be about movesets the same movesets by the same wrestlers I think or creating interest you’re using the same muscles and joints everyday I think of larger movesets will actually protect a wrestler in a long run because they’re not using the same muscles over and over again.. any wonder nxt Lester’s want to stay where they are after a couple years contract your body is will be in better shape to go make money somewhere else then spent in a WWE ring

  • Terrence Miele

    There is something about heath slater that comes of as a leader with 2 factions now. He is gold in a weird way. I always wondered why after next they kept his character and I think this guy could have a amazing mind in creative if give a chance when he finishs wrestling. Heck make him part time wrestler part time booker now .. I get the feeling that this was his idea but does anybody know ?Damian needs to do something I’m not sure about this maybe his own faction but he’s another guy that could be great in creative and part-time wrestling. . Another thing to learn from this is that WWE just repeats itself too much these guys are fresh because they are not thrown on TV every two days I’d rather see my favorite Superstars on once a week and get some rest dentist use like a machine parts

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