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Steve Austin Podcast Questions For Brock Lesnar

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Following RAW, there will be another installment of Steve Austin’s podcast on the WWE Network. This time, he speaks with Brock Lesnar. While the two don’t have a lengthy history and never wrestled the other, it’s one of the matches people ave talked about. Austin even hinted at a match when Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyamn was on the show. Before Austin sends Lesnar some questions, here are our own.
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  • Michael King

    I think Lesnar answered that last question in a interview before

    • Joseph Lisnow

      what did Lesnar say?

      • Michael King

        I forgot

      • Michael King

        I think he said Vince though

        • Mike

          Yeah he did, and he did say vince.

  • MEH

    Here’s my questions:

    Coors Light or Bud Light?
    What did he think when Austin refused to job to him?
    His side of the story with the backstage Kurt Angle match.
    Did he and Mr Perfect really get into it on a flight?
    Does he use Marc Mero’s motivational speech as a tool to train?

  • Starman

    Question 4 would be interesting. Just think of the career Lesnar could’ve had if he’d had another 10 years in wwe.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    1) How did he feel when SCSA chickened out of the feud to put him over?
    2) How’s Sable doing and what its like banging her these days?
    3) %@)^#I*@%)@^*referees breaking up the ensuing brawl off camera*#^#@@@

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