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SummerSlam 2013: A Breakdown of Every Match

SummerSlam was loaded from top to bottom and a match was going to get bumped to the preshow. It ended being the United States title with Rob Van Dam and Dean Ambrose. Their performance made the pay-per-view look appetizing, though the disqualification ending wasn’t satisfying.

The biggest pay-per-view of the summer has come and gone. This year’s SummerSlam was filled with gimmick matches, title changes and few heel turns.

Not every match was near five stars, if any were, but for three hours the WWE kept us entertained. From obvious predictions to real head-scratchers, the money was well worth the final product. Of course not every match was vital and there were a few flops.

Since the show was full and we’ve had time to digest what occurred, let’s break down the matches.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Im so happy that Dean Ambrose retained his title:)

  • [B]ANExx

    I thought it was an awesome PPV, really solid matches with a few obvious exceptions, a healthy balance of pure solid wrestling and story telling!!

    2013 continues to be the strongest WWE year in a VERY long time!

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