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The 20 Best WWE Intercontinental Champions In History (Part 1 – #20-11)

The WWE Intercontinental Championship is supposed to be the most prestigious title besides the WWE Championship, and the most popular and successful superstars in history have once held the belt to eventually propel their careers into stardom. Although the title has not been used as a means to honor the second best competitors or those who are placed just a notch underneath the main event category (as it has been used before), the feud between Curtis Axel and CM Punk could eventually lead us to a revolution – hopefully. There are a number of honorable mentions like Pedro Morales, Don Muraco and The British Bulldog, although we count down the most popular and significant champions in title history through the course of two installments. Here is part one of the 20 Best Intercontinental Champions in history.

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  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Mr. Perfect No.11? You’re joking, right? He is top 3 easy.

    • Devon

      I’m sayin. If not 3 definatley top 5. Benoit belongs in the top 10 too. RVD is top 10 too

  • Macho Man

    Macho Man Randy Savage had better be #1 on this list! How is Mr. Perfect not in the top 5 on this list? Rick Rude belongs in the top 10 as well even if he’s #8, 9 or 10!

    • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

      Bret, HTM, Perfect, Macho, & Razor are my top five. Followed by Warrior, Rock, Rude, Jericho, & Pedro. Having Perfect out of the top 5 is nonesense, out of the top 10 is flat-out absurd.

      • Macho Man

        My top 10 in order would be, (1) Macho Man (2) Mr. Perfect (3) Bret Hart (4) Shawn Michaels (5) Honky Tonk Man (6) Ultimate Warrior (7) Razor Ramon (8) Rick Rude (9) The Rock (10) Chris Jericho. Though my personal 3 favorites on this list would be Macho, Razor, and Rude!

        • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

          Crap, I forgot about Shawn, lol. Yea, mine would be: 1.) Bret, 2.) HTM, 3.) Perfect, 4.) Macho, 5.) Shawn, 6.) Razor, 7.) Warrior, 8.) Rock, 9.) Rude, 10.) Jericho.

          • Macho Man

            Obviously I’m bias towards my favorite of all time Macho Man and I will admit that but I think he easily #1 or #2. However I respect your opinion’s. I can’t wait to see the rest of this list. Something tells me Honkey Tonk Man is going to be #1. I know he had the longest single reign as IC Champ but it’s hard for me to put him above a lot of these guys. I didn’t even really want to put him at #5 on my list but did because of the length of his reign. Plus when he lost the IC Title they just had the Ultimate Warrior destroy him in like 15-30 seconds! I know that was mostly to push the Warrior over even more with the fans but it was a pretty fast and ugly ending to the longest reigning IC Champ!

          • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

            That top five is interchangeable, I wouldn’t argue with anyone who had those five shook up a bit. I only argue with absurd things (like somene having Perfect or Macho or Bret or HTM out of the top 10).

            As far as HTM goes, he is NOT a wrestler.He is an entertainer who learned to wrestle well enough to succeed. But he probably drew better than any IC Champ in history. No IC Champ drew better ratings or sold out more arenas than HTM, mainly because he had so many amazing babyfaces chasing him (Macho, Steamboat, Beefcake, Jake the Snake, ect.), and the fans DESPERATELY wanted him to lose. For the two months going into WM4, HTM was the only singles Champion in the company, and was THE main event most places and always sold out. And even though he was crushed by Warrior, that was aruguably the biggest pop in the history of MSG, and it instantly made Warrior a megastar. The whole angle was Honkey’s idea, because he knew he couldn’t carry Warrior through a great match. It was a brilliant idea, and it made Warrior 100%.

  • CatchWrestler

    Pretty sure numbers 10-1 are going to be surprising

  • puckdinah1

    There were a lot of great IC champions over the years. Some will be remembered for their reigns while others for their popularity. My favorite had to be Razor Ramon. His ladder matches with HBK are epic.

  • mika009

    I listened to a shoot interview with Ted Dibiase the million dollar man. He told a story about going to the WWWF in the late 1970s. They wanted to give him a bit of a push so they created a belt and called it the North American title. After they did that Vince Sr. learned that the company Bill Watts ran already had a North American title and he didn’t want to use the same name for a title that another company did. After Dibiase had a short run and left they took the belt, renamed it the Intercontinental Championship and gave it to Patterson and said he won a tournament in Puerto Rico. So, I guess if you believe him Ted Dibiase was the first to hold that belt.

  • Joseph_Rocha

    My top 3 have to be
    1. Bret Hart
    2. Shawn Michaels
    3. Ultimate Warrior

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