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The Best European Wrestlers That Have Competed in the WWE

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Stemming off our Best 10 European Champions piece and the recent “Giant Swing” signature move we have been seeing, we look at the best European wrestlers that have competed in WWE, past and present. With a couple of past legends, world champions and rising stars of the modern era, we are gracious that these Europeans were able to provide us with some great moments.


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  • D.M.T

    You forgot Bruno Sammartino dude. Bruno is Italian and is the longest reigning WWE Champion in history.

    • Devon

      I’m sayin. He is one of the best ever, one of the most popular ever & is the longest reigning WWE champ of all time. He was born in Italy so he belongs

  • KevOmac23

    I know he’s new but Adrian Neville will be on the list dude is amazing

  • KevOmac23

    And off topic but there’s so many dudes I’d love to see on the main roster Enzo amore,Colin Cassidy, the ascension,graves,zayn, Kassius Ohno all ready for the big time and I’d love to see there gimmicks on raw or smackdown cause smackdown definitely needs so new or more stars we can care about

  • fj2305

    Where is Alex Wright? He had a pretty good run as Berlyn in WCW!!! As a german citizen i am disappointed that he is not on that list.

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