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The Best Performances from WWE Night of Champions

A lot of people do not get how underrated Dean Ambrose is in the ring. He is not doing anything too new but he is not stringing together the same old moves either. The Shield had a satisfactory outing on Sunday night. The most important part for the trio is that they held onto their titles – proving their worth to the Corporation and the fandom that they are indeed the brawn of the company right now.

WWE Night of Champions went down Sunday night and although the pay-per-view was pretty average and foreseeable to say the least, there was a new WWE Champion crowned in Daniel Bryan. His main event match with Randy Orton was quite good and as expected, that match along with CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman stole the show. Here is a list of those that saw their stock rise last on Sunday night, as we look at the best performances from Night of Champions from inside the ring and out.

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  • Jonny

    Tag team division isn’t booming, it’s still in a sad state, but efforts are being made and it can be seen. The PTP are still not yet over, and personally I don’t know why they are being pushed. Young coming out is no excuse to push these guys, when there are much better guys to do so with.

    Paul Heyman was never underrated, i don’t know which century you are living in.

    The Divas match was horrible, too many botches and inconsistencies.

    Another one of many article writers on this site who have no clue what they are talking about or watching, are plain “paper” fans of wrestling as a whole, and it begs to wonder why are they still writing on this site.

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