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The Best Ranters in the WWE

With a caustic rant on Raw, AJ Lee transformed from one of the best in the Divas division to one of the more charismatic and intriguing stars to watch in all of the WWE. Her rant hearkened back to one given by her on-screen ex-boyfriend, CM Punk, and even he applauded her passion and delivery. Rants are not only an effective means of exhausting a person’s overall well-being of overwhelming thoughts, beliefs, or opinions that have been pent up or suppressed, they also communicate a person’s frustration, inner anguish, dominant attitudes, and passion.

Within the wrestling world rants have been used to achieve both aims, and AJ’s effectively conveyed her “pent up frustration,” while demonstrating her thorough belief in herself. There’s a difference between good ranters and good promo deliverers. Rants feel like they’re revealing inside information to the greater audience and consequently almost always are worked shoots. (scroll down to the question about the Reddit guy and read the answer.) In light of her rant, let’s look at some of the best ranters in the WWE, manager or wrestler.

punk resize

Punk- The guy who made it popular. Punk’s summer of 2011 rant will exist for decades as the gamechanger that altered the landscape of the business. With people wildly speculating that the rant was 100% real, the worked shoot was perfect. Still, that night defined him as someone who can create memorable great rants, and then on the August 19th episode of Raw, he embarked on another rant directed towards a fan that was impromptu, unrehearsed and sharp but exciting, gripping and witty nonetheless.

AJ- The girl who proved that this ability is not exclusive to guys. The wrestling world is still buzzing about AJ’s rant, with speculation that it went too far and hearsay that it was planned out to the sharpest of details. Still, few expected this type of stirring mic work to come from a Diva, despite the fact that AJ is almost universally loved and appreciated for her genuine love of wrestling and ability inside the ring.

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Ryder- The guy who made it social. Back in 2011, after forgettable ring attire and no real sense of direction, Zack Ryder was nonplussed at his state in the WWE. He had the look, size, and skill that they wanted and the charisma, but they couldn’t find a plan for him to break it as a star. As a result, he created his web series which was essentially a long rant against the WWE lack of vision that held him back. He was eventually elevated and given the US title, but he lost it shortly after winning it. Since, he’s gone back down to the low-profile that spurred him to create Z True Long Island Story. Whether he’s to be blamed or the WWE writers are to be blamed for this fall is a matter of opinion.

Paul heyman and jacketHeyman- The guy who started it all. When the WWE revived ECW’s One Night Stand pay-per-view back in 2005 after having parted ways with Paul Heyman, they decided to bring back the guy who was the heart-and-soul of ECW by most accounts. (Complete with long, leather trenchcoat.) Heyman was long a master of the worked shoot, even back in the ECW days, but he created the prototype and model for rants in the WWE with this rant that attacked Edge’s personal life, Eric Bischoff’s failure with WCW, and JBL’s long tenure as WWE Champion.


JBL- The guy who made it corporate. In the run up to One Night Stand pay-per-view, the Universe realized that JBL’s talent extended past delivering loud-mouth/oversized-personality-induced promos to entertaining, dynamic rants that most thought were off-script shoots. Sure, like Heyman said, JBL did deliver “shoots” on ECW bouncing checks and the like, but at 2005 One Night Stand, he delivered a great rant running down ECW, Taz, the ECW crowd, and the Blue Meanie. The way that he owned the ECW crowd after their anti-JBL chants silenced them for the rest of the night in terms of creating derogative chants aimed at JBL.

These are just some of the best ranters in the WWE currently. There are more, but we have word limits here (that I rarely adhere to, admittedly) so I had to stop. Who else would you identify as one of the best ranters currently in the WWE?

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  • Charles Smith

    Most likely gonna get some flack for this but I’ll say it…….John Cena, the passion and energy he puts into some of his rants give it a real sense of realism. Most memorably was after he lost the WWE title to CM punk in Chicago and was to confront Vince McMahon with the assumption Vince was going to fire him. He started off with the typical speak but his passion kicked in and I quote ” I love the WWE and I truly believe I belong here, and man I hate saying this but if your about to tell me that I’m not welcome here, if your about to tell me that I have no other option. I love this, this is what I do, and if you make me walk tonight, then I will walk on to someone else’s show and keep doing this brother” or more recently when he ranted on Daniel Bryan.

    • Sean Patrick

      Ever notice those two “rants” completely invalidate each other? He’ll walk onto TNA the next day if he’s fired, but calls out D-Bry for wanting to wrestle somewhere else? #fraud

      • Charles Smith

        I see what your saying but he was trying to get under Vince’s skin with the one, cause Vince hated/hates it when people bring up TNA, but he wouldn’t really want to but would, that was 2 years ago now he’s at the point where if gets fired he’s done enough in WWE he wouldn’t want to or need to go somewhere else. And Bryan was acting like the WWE didn’t matter to him.

  • Kayfabe Fan

    Ryder is a whiner not ranter.
    Where’s Joey Styles?

    • C.M. Andre the Punk

      OH MY GOD!

    • Jay Ess

      I knew I couldn’t remember all of the best ranters in the E. That’s why I wanted to hear from the readership too.

      About Joey Styles…..I completely agree. If people wonder why, watch this: (the link takes you to the start of his rant)

      Feel free to post other ranters who may have been missed with this list!

  • Bignic

    I wish there were video for these rants.

    • Trey Doss

      there should be one on youtube for pauls rant

    • jcice13

      go to you tube

    • Jay Ess

      I hyperlinked the vids to rants from Paul, JBL, and Punk. It should be in the brief write ups about those three.

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