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The Best WWE and WCW Wrestling Stables in History

Since the rejuvenated Corporation with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is taking center stage in WWE (alongside their henchmen, The Shield, a stable in itself) and TNA has been billing Aces & Eights for a while now, here is a good time to run down the list of memorable stables we saw in both WWE and WCW. Some were obviously left out, but these 10 stables were the most memorable – and dominant – of them all. Think we left one out? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • Aleksi Vuori

    For the last time, Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship at SS 2004, not the WWE Championship. Writers, get it right already, damn.

  • Bignic

    Only two WCW stables and no ECW stables. You are truly a market for the WWE. Please redo this article after you you do the proper research.

    • Bite Me You Loser

      Blue World Order! Dudley Family and FBI!!

    • Panama Stallion

      Read the title of the article. No where on it does it mention ECW. Would you like to complain that EGO, Aces and Eights and The Main Event Mafia are not included as well?

      • Bignic

        There is only 2 WCW stables 2 out of 10. Do the math. C’mon man where is Joe Thunder and Mike Lighting. Those guys did articles that made you think. I’m not thinking with these articles I’m doing too much correcting.

    • James Zumwalt

      The article title never mentioned ECW stables, learn to read kid.

      • Bignic

        I know but to only have two WCW stables makes no sense and just shows a bias towards the WWE. I have stated before this writer does not do his research when it comes these articles.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    The Alliance story line was horribly mishandled. The Raw after Survivor Series they brought in Ric Flair. Really?If ANYBODY defined WCW I was the Nature Boy (Sting would have been a good fit but alas he didn’t sign).

  • showoff

    you guys also forgot steve mongo mcmichael in the 4 horsemen

  • Devon

    DX & Evolution are the best!!! Muthafuck the nwo

  • Dheena Engira Dinesh

    I Want A Stable Of Rey Mysteriou,Sin Cara,Los Matadorres…. That Would Be Great High Flying Stable In History Of WWE….

  • Bignic

    You forgot to mention that Anmead Johnson was apart of the Nation too

  • TheHotDogKing

    In the interest of having more WCW groups, i was surprised there was no mention of the Dungeon of Doom. For one, it was a major part of Hogan’s early WCW years. For another, Kevin Sullivan was pound for pound one of the better heels of his generation. He wasn’t a physically dominant big man, but he had the ring psychology, he could cut promos…he more than made up for lacking in physical stature.

    • TheJRock890

      Yeah, Sullivan was a great heel on the psychology side of things. He could probably be useful in teaching younger guys how to embrace that aspect of wrestling. No one uses psychology anymore.

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