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The Birth of the New Corporate Dynasty?

I saw the comments post-SummerSlam-Legacy 2.0, specifically. In the follow-up RAW, I am not sure that anyone involved at the top did enough-or wanted to do enough-to dispel those insinuations. That is all clearly a part of this angle. Sure, as Hunter has done time and time again, he gave his solid mic work, cut a solid promo and furthered the angle-without going all in for a Legacy reunion.

Instead, the approach is “its for the future of this company, and he did it for all of us”. Cute, but not many folks want to hear that schtick. But, for a heel promo, that is why it works. Hunter spewing things like he checks his ego at the door, or that no WWE fan should settle for anything less than an A, is just  rich. The fans who simply love Daniel Bryan will already seethe at HHH. The wrestling fanatics who read these articles will be even that much more into it by twisting his words as I basically just have.

On the one hand, I really much rather see an alpha heel stand alone, in a manner of speaking. No allies or factions, just a super badass. But, in this instance, to do what was done made perfect sense. This time last week, fans still popped big time for both Orton and Hunter-they were, in effect, faces. So, they HAD to do this. They had to basically screw over the hottest guy to get a ton of  heel heat.  It makes up for the fact that you essentially had face versus face as a main event-even if Cena splits the audience. Ryback just isn’t poised to be the monster top heel-yet. Henry they seem to be waffling on, now back more as a face role. So they needed a top heel or two. It was the literal two birds with one stone scenario.

So now we have a Corporate approved champion. I can’t say I dislike Orton as a champion – sometimes I’ve liked him, sometimes I’ve disliked him, but as someone who has held the top title ten times now, he knows what to do in between the ropes. No beef there. And how he became champion, along with the follow up on RAW, should set up a nice and hopefully lengthy program with Daniel Bryan feuding over the WWE title.

In this sense, Hunter did do us a favor. Cena, love him or hate him, seems to have gotten stale. It was time for him to step away, get healthy and let other wrestlers work in the top matches. It will be a breath of fresh air to have main events without Cena for however many months he needs to recuperate-and that’s not a knock on Cena at all. Besides, I am hearing four to six months time off for him. Do the math, and what you are looking at is a possible return to the Rumble (though I am hoping they don’t book him to be a surprise return, late entrant and win it AGAIN). With the SummerSlam main event aftermath, WWE gave John Cena his exit and created the new heel to reckon with, along with further positioning Daniel Bryan as one of the top faces in the company.

So is this just smart booking by WWE? Or is this going to shake out as the birth of a new Corporate Alliance or Legacy 2.0? Time will tell on this one, though I am partial to more of Orton flying solo at this point-though I am not holding my breath. One thing is certain, however. There is a new look and feel to the top of the card, and in this case, I am feeling optimistic about it.

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  • Trey Doss

    i think in a sense it is the new corporation and i see that hhh and steph will want to take over the company the new part of it

  • Kyle

    How are they Legacy 2.0? Legacy was Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase and was based on them being 2nd and 3rd generation superstars.

  • Daniel Vollmer

    these rumors of Vince turning face later on down the road and feuding with Triple H and having a match at Mania over control…wouldn’t the face team (vince’s side) end up losing that battle because Triple H and Steph are supposed to take over in real life anyway…..and Wrestlemania is the end to feuds most of the if the faces lose, then that just doesn’t make sense… Vince shouldn’t turn face.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I think he should turn face and go against Triple H and Stephanie

      • james clinton

        Nope. Steph turns face and goes against Trips and Vince.
        Plus Shane returns to help her out.

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          That could be a good idea but i like the idea of Vince turning face and goes up against Triple H and Stephanie

  • Christian Gaither

    He meant Evolution 2.0, not Legacy.

    • The Devourer of Dimensions

      It’s Corporation 2.0.

      • Christian Gaither

        I know, I was correcting the part in the article, where he wrote they were teasing a Legacy reformation e.g Legacy 2.0, when in actuality they were teasing a Evolution reformation.

  • JH

    I don’t think Orton stands alone very well, he just doesn’t have the charisma, so he definitely benefits from having allies, especially Vince and HHH. I’m partial to heels in top spots having allies, whether it was Del Rio having a whipping boy in Ricardo, or leading a faction like Barrett and the Nexus, it just adds an extra dynamic to the character. I don’t like lone wolf heel champions, it opens up so many more cheap heel tactic options for them to use.

    As for Cena’s return, it’ll probably be around the Rumble, or shortly after elimination chamber, but I expect him to come back in the Rumble match but he probably won’t win, though he’ll probably be the last man eliminated.

    • Vance

      You don’t think Cena will win? What world are living in?

      • JH

        Cena doesn’t win every rumble he enters. I think if that’s when he returns he comes in early, makes it to the final two and gets eliminated.

  • Vance

    My issue is that, just like Cena, we’ve been there done that with Orton. the guy is decent in the ring, but his mic work and some of his matches are BORING. He’s still the same dull guy he was when Jericho called him out years ago. I don’t care for the short title reigns either. orton and Cena have been around for about 10 years or so, respectively, and between the both of them they have more championships than ric Flair and 3H combined.
    I think it is time for an injection of new blood. Daniel Bryan is good, Antonio Cesaro is a solid worker.maybe bring in a couple more ROH guys to feud with them. It just seems like we, as fans, see the same thing over and over, but we still watch the show and buy the merchandise.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I can’t argue with that because u are right and i would like to see new guys get pushed and be face of the company.

  • Ilunis

    CM Punk to Main Event Wrestlemania. Let Cena take the whole year off, please. I’m not one of the haters, really. I just would rather see Punk get his due and watch other, newer stars get a push. *cough* Dean Ambrose singles push *cough*

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Yeah Dean Ambrose should and will get a singles push

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Does this help The Shield or hinder them? A few months ago they were destroying Orton and now backing him?

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      U are so right now all of a sudden they are friends right?

    • Mike Honcho

      The Shield started of doing CM Punk’s dirty work. Makes sense for them to do what they are paid to do. Remember a couple months ago when they came to the ring when Vince was in the ring and Vince left and they didn’t attack him makes more sense now.

  • JustPro

    Ok all here is my perfect scenario…. The angle with Orton and Bryan goes back and forth with HHH Vince and Stephanie going at it…. to many screw jobs and fun Attitude era stuff…. THan the perfect before Wrestlemania thing happens to even the odds…. Steve Austin comes back and backs Bryan up leading to Austin having one more match for Wrestlemania maybe with HHH? Bryan gets the title shot against Orton… So much going into this they can do it any way they want to… All I know either or I think if Austin is going to return at Wrestlemania I think he should return in a big way and to Enter, Raise He!! for the corporation, than leave…

  • Ste201079

    I predicted a HHH turn on Bryan last week, was even more obvious when Bryan won the title as HHH was in the ring for ages whilst Bryan celebrated, usually the ring should have champ alone in there so pretty obvious. I also predicted HHH vs Daniel Bryan at Mania, I think HHH will get power hungry and Vince will turn face and side with Bryan and he will be Vince’s competitor to face the game to
    run the company. Cena could return at Rumble but deffo won’t win rumble, prob get eliminated by someone he will feud with leading into mania

  • Guest

    do you mean Evolution?

  • wweeww

    Triple H said it to our faces. It is what’s best for the company. Building a new lovable face for the company to replace cena while he’s gone or when he will be gone. Bryan, like the mcmahons have said, is the ultimate underdog and putting him down only gets the fans to support and love him even more. You can say they’re building a monster face with Bryan. The whole ‘best for the company’ schtick is in fact best for the company. Even though they are screwing Bryan over, Raw has been top notch interesting, the PPV end was beyond interesting, and it feels like we have a fresh and new main event scene that isn’t stale with Cena. Bryan vs The Corporate Alliance is what’s best for business at this point. I only see this getting more interesting with Ziggler, Big Show and others possibly getting involved.

  • KingBack

    Randy Orton, Triple H, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and The Shield

    I think they should add Wade Barrett to the mix.

  • Tony Galindo

    coal has become a diamond….Evolution

  • SirQuala O’Smith


  • Lilreuche ?

    So I’m guessing Randy is in the role of The Rock. He obviously doesnt have as much charism as The Rock. Randy has an underlying charisma that doesn’t really show on tv that well (not to me anyways) but I’m excited to see where this could go.

    • Vance

      No, he’s dull as a dishrag.

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