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Becky Lynch’s Time To Lead The Pack

I’ve been looking for a heroine diva to lead the WWE women’s wrestling division for a while now, and seems like Becky Lynch is slowly, but surely, turning into that person. Her feud with Charlotte is heating up nicely, and her attack on “The Nature Boy’s” daughter during the January 11th edition of Monday Night RAW was just the move to perfectly seal this deal for me.

No longer playing a supporting role, standing out and alone, on her own, just might be exactly what Lynch needs to distinguish herself as the true heroine of the group. Sure, she is a face, and perhaps the only face in the division right now, as no one can really rely on the flip-floppy Team Bella (which is no fault of their own, and strictly can be blamed on Creative). I’ve been yammering for a while now about the fact that the divas division needs a true female hero the fans can identify with, and young girls can look up to. A John Cena/Roman Reigns type; if the men can be strong and unstoppable amongst their peers, and defy the numbers game – why can’t the same formula hold for a female?

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The good news is, the stars, moons, and planets may be aligned for Lynch at the present time. I don’t think any superstar rejoices when one of the colleagues are injured, but sometimes it is what it is, and if you are able to run with the ball while someone is out of action: well, you take that ball and go for a jog. Currently, reports indicate that both Sasha Banks and Paige are out on injury. Sasha’s might be a bit more serious than Paige’s, however, Paige recently finished a title race program with Charlotte; so the time does seem just right for Lynch. She is certainly making incredible strides with the WWE Universe, and her moves as of late have hit the nail on the head in terms of getting over with the crowd. Because of recent injuries, she’s been given more air time; more time to connect with fans, and to allow her to truly showcase her in-ring talents and character’s personality. She’s solid on the mic, and her new-found aggression (i.e. the pulling of Charlotte’s tights to win her match on the January 4th RAW, and the attack on the Divas Champ on January 11th) has brought her out of her shell (so to speak), away from the PCB shadows, and allowed the fans to see her character develop from a supporting character, into a diva that could potentially carry the division.

Next step is, could she and Charlotte take this feud to Wrestlemania? There matches in the past have been good, and on a performance level; there is no doubt they would put on an incredible match. Still, there are so many different factors here to consider. Can the ladies keep the momentum of their going for another few months? Will another NXT female talent (I’m looking at you Bailey), be called up before then? Do the WWE higher-ups see the potential in Lynch? Does she garner enough of a crowd reaction? There is also the potential that Lynch will simply win the Divas title before Wrestlemania, and Charlotte could be thrown out of the mix before then – which again depends on call ups, injury recovery, and Lynch’s ability to truly shine during this lull, with so many divas out of action (let’s not forget about Nikki Bella).

I think Lynch has what it takes to lead the pack, and while the way she’s been booked as of late shows her character is evolving; at the end of the day, how she is booked in the future will truly indicate just how much she can move forward.

What are your thoughts WNZ fans? Leave your comments below!

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