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Time For A Big Red Revival?

In less than two weeks, we get to see Kane challenge Seth Rollins. I am sure many people figure that Kane will be just another scalp for Rollins to claim, joining the likes of Sting and Lesnar who have been defeated by the former member of Shield since he claimed his first World Championship at WrestleMania.

And I am here to say, I think it’s worth it for WWE to deviate from the script. It’s time for the Big Red Monster to become a Big Red World Champion once again.

It’s been a long time since he held a major singles title, and there was a stretch there where I figured his tag title reign with Daniel Bryan was his token final title run. He has been a good soldier, after all. He’s been around as long as pretty much anyone on the roster today. He’s seen it all, done it all and then some. He’s backed up Seth Rollins, saved him, kept him World Champion-and so many other roles. So why can’t he finally get his measure of (storyline) revenge on the young talent?

And aside from a nice reward and a final run before he rides off into the sunset, I do think it’s time for a change. And I think what better way to change things up than by having Rollins defeated by Kane, at Hell In A Cell. Maybe Kane holds the title for minutes. Maybe only days or weeks. But change it up, give a veteran a run, and put Rollins (and potentially others) in the role of hunter, not hunted.

Will it happen? Hard to say. I kind of figured if Rollins was going to drop it, it would have been to Sting, to give that legend his own token title run-and we all know how that turned out. But I think a run, however brief, makes a lot of sense for Kane, and can make a lot of sense for Rollins. Even if you give Kane the win, just to have Rollins invoke the rematch clause, be it at the following night’s RAW, or next month’s Survivor Series, it changes things up enough-even if you have Rollins regain it quickly. I could live with Rollins only briefly being without the title, because in the right situation it will boost Rollins yet again.

What do you think? Would you embrace another Kane championship reign?

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  • KingBack

    I would love to see Kane win the title and I actually think he will.. sadly only for Sheamus to cash in right after

    • cazmos

      i dont agree if he was going to cash in where was he on raw why wast he in match or segment other than the lumberjack match

      i think rollins win by cheat or something, corporate kane gets fired but demon kane comes back to hunt rollins for a few more weeks

  • Mike

    It would be interesting. Corparate kane could keep his job and not come out with the title. Then when he changes he would carry the wwe title with him. It would be a short reign but a good one. Also rollins didn’t beat lesnar. He lost by dq.

  • jcice13

    Kane is done, he’s an old man and they’ve killed his character and now he’s done, I guess the therapy he did with Bryan didn’t take

  • Victor82

    I would love to see Kane as wwe champion one more time. Sadly, if this happens, i bet Sheamus will cash in sooner. But at Hell in a Cell, the Authority will interfere in his match for sure.

  • MEH

    Can’t believe I’m about to say this but I wouldn’t mind Kane carrying the strap for a brief time as he does deserve it with him rejuvenating his character. A couple months ago I wouldn’t have minded hearing that he was about to retire as he turned one dimensional and just interfered in matches for the most part. Let him hold the gold for a few weeks and drop it on Raw or even Survivor Series.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    if he wins the title he should go back to the old attire. The new attire sucks candy a–. Its not even comic con material.

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