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Roman Reigns: Time To Turn Heel

Relax, WNZ readers…this is not the tried and true “Turn John Cena” article. Nope, I am done with those for the moment, as there is so much more in WWE to discuss. This one? This is about his replacement, Roman Reigns.

WWE has tried, for the better part of two years, to make him the monster babyface of the New Era. Try as they might, fans had other ideas and resisted the efforts to get Reigns over. Instead, Reigns is frequently and loudly booed. He has garnered chants of “you can’t wrestle”. To be blunt, he’s not getting over as a face now, and it might be a long time before fans allow it to happen, no matter what the suits in Stamford wish to happen.

Sometimes, you just have to admit defeat and make a change. Now is one of those times.

During the fourway match on RAW for the Universal Title, Reigns was taken out of the match by a returning-to-TV Triple H. Which had me thinking, would I really want to see a Reigns/Hunter feud again? And all I kept thinking was, I think such a move could be disastrous for Reigns. Maybe not, but it could be. Now, the first time Roman snapped on Hunter, right after Sheamus cashed in? Fans seemed to be warming to Reigns. At least, that’s how I saw things. But it was short-lived. By the time the Rumble rolled around, fans hated him in full force, and were cheering for supposed heel, Triple H. That;s never a good thing. And then you’d think about revisiting that program a year later? It could be, as I said before, disastrous for Reigns.

So what do you do? You finally make him a heel. It just makes too much sense to not do it. Look at the look on his face at times…he looks like an angry villain. You play up his “I’m the guy” talks, you make him a bit more arrogant, and you embrace his anger issues. He could be a dominant heel. And after a long and effective run as a heel? There’s always a chance to bring him back as a babyface-the old tried and true formula is my favorite, of course. Keep him off TV for a bit. Have a babyface get assaulted, badly, by a new monster heel. And then you have a surprise run-in by a returning Reigns to make the save. And, if done right? Boom, he can be a face again.

But, I am sorry WWE executives and Creative. On his current trajectory, there’s no way I can see him getting over as a face. The fans are tired of him. They are tired of having him shoved down their throats. There is no way that anytime in the near future, Reigns will be universally loved.

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