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Has TNA Hit The JackPot With Damien Sandow?

As many have heard already, TNA announced a new talent to its roster recently, and it is none other than recently WWE-released, Damien Sandow. Now going under the name of Aaron Rex, TNA fans were introduced to the newest company talent, during the August 11th edition of Impact.

The simple fact that Rolling Stone broke the news, before the official announcement was made on the show, signifies, that this is huge.

And this is huge, for TNA and Rex, respectively. It’s no secret, that many within the WWE Universe have thought that the Sandow character (and Aaron) deserved a push, any push, during his stint with the WWE. Now that he is in TNA, he will most definitely recruit some within his fan base; loyal fans who not only want to see Rex wrestle, but be part of the larger picture within storylines, and watch his character (albeit now, a new persona) fully develop at live events, and on television.

Now, I’m not implying the WWE is in fear of crumbling, now that Aaron has jumped to the so-called competition. But, I will say this: I’ve been inspired to write about TNA more now in the last two months, than I ever did; and that says a lot. I’ll admit, I completely lost interest in the company, once they moved from Spike, and it got so hard to find where the show was, that I simply lost interest. Currently, I find myself YouTubing TNA videos, wanting to see more of ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ and his saga, and if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be tuning into see Aaron Rex now as well.

Damien Sandow was undoubtedly a superstar I have written a handful of articles about in the past. I wanted to see him pushed, or at the very least, placed in a program and on television. The pops he received on pay-per-view Pre-Show matches, post-Mizdow gimmick, was phenomenal. Did WWE drop the ball when they released him? I think so. But now Rex has a tremendous opportunity to do something, he has wanted to do for a while now: and that is, entertain his fans. Perform in the ring, cut solid promos, work with a persona that he might have a little more creative control over, and fully develop a character.

I wish Aaron Rex nothing but luck, and if it means anything, in his debut, he has lassoed in a new TNA fan.

WNZ fans! Do you think TNA has hit the jackpot with Damien Sandow/Aaron Rex? Leave your comments below!

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