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TNA’s Roster: Last Remaining Stars

With TNA veterans Bobby Roode and Eric Young finishing up with the promotion this past weekend, the roster took a dramatic hit. After 12 years, two of the stars TNA helped grow have left. With their exits, that means only a few wrestlers are left that bring value into the company.
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  • That boy Alejandro

    They also have bobby lashley and drew mcintyre

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i don’t see them being the saving grace of TNA.

      • Kevin

        Drew Galloway yes but Lashley could be a security guard for someone for real I need to be a pro wrestling creative writer especially when I get high I have the best ideas lmao

      • jcice13

        saving grace??? how long does it take to make this save? all the people you mentioned have been there for years and the show still can’t draw flies to a crap festival

  • KingBack

    Ethan Carter has never been in ECW… He was a part of the crappy version of NXT

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

    Trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble

    • Someguy

      Money Money Money Money Money Money Money.

  • The Middle Finger

    Matt Hardy

  • Mike

    I would certainly add drew Galloway and lashley. Beer money just became tag champs and young in the Kotm champ. Hopefully Roode to wwe

  • Kevin

    If TNA was able to get Ted Dibiase have him fued with either Matt Hardy or Drew Galloway but his character is so cocky and rich like his father but have him a worse hated dude like a greedy young punk and he can have a sexy Knockout be his manage then another Virgil because Lashley would be his Virgil but I would change it up. Have some new X division guys come in bring back Shane Helms bring in Rey musterio for a couple runs. Which if hulk Hogan bought TNA I have so many ideas I would to share and help with Hulk Hogan because I love TNA and am looking to get in the business more I trained more I can be a good Booker and plus I watch TNA more than WWE now I see potential in TNA but they do need to be flipped upside they would need to be off the air for while to reboot and think of new strategies and story lines.

    • Damian Starr

      and breath haha

  • Damian Starr

    And then there was one true original *sigh*… Roode got me hooked on wrestling, his feud with storm over the title was just perfect! Whilst there is hope that these guys can do something with the company it’s unlikely, the place has been in the same place or worse off for too long to attract anyone good enough to take it anywhere. For the first time ever I’m actually counting down the days till they’re done :/

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