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Top 15 Backstage Beefs in Wrestling

BannerIf you’ve been a fan of wrestling long enough, you’ve no doubt heard about some of these beefs.

In an alpha-male dominated sport where testosterone is overflowing, arguments are just a part of life. When everyone is jockeying for a top spot, guys will be competitive. It’s inevitable, and many times that competitive mindset does not go away when the cameras aren’t on the wrestlers. If anything, as some of these incidents have shown, when the cameras are off, that’s when things really get…out of hand.

15. Jerry Lawler vs. ECW

This is one of my personal favorites, due to the fact that I came back to wrestling in large part because, as a kid in Philadelphia, we got to see ECW — before it had fully blown up, even. I was hooked.

When Lawler began running his mouth about ECW being in a bingo hall and all that, most fans wanted blood. No fan ever thought he would actually set foot in that arena, but he did appear, and he did wrestle, and it was just that much more exposure for the company – which, of course, was purchased by WWE and is now completely defunct, outside of its extreme video library.

Not necessarily your traditional beef, but a beef nonetheless, and one that worked out pretty well for those involved.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    “Time heels all wounds”

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Now Edge is with Beth Phoenix and Matt is with Reby Sky. So who has Lita?

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

      No one but I’ll take her lol.

      • It Begins kid


      • MikeLo #NewNation


    • MEH

      The whole wrestling industry take ur pick lol

  • Lemmy Is God

    You say that as if benoit had it planned the entire time

  • Damian Starr

    Just like to point out Heyman wasn’t a particularly bad businessman, it was more to do with WCW shutting up that ECW closed, he did an interview on it somewhere and basically as WCW shut up he had issues finding someone renew a tv deal to distribute his product, due to lack of faith in wrestling at the time from TV. That coupled with the fact he had several million dollar from PPV owed but wasn’t allowed to access because of distribution issues was the downfall of ECW, I believe


    Lesnar is a “stool” who only beat Taker because Taker did a “job” as a favor to Vince.
    If Taker wanted to he would’ve destroyed that bastard & I’m talking as in a story line.

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