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Top 25 Superstars of the New Millennium

BannerThere is something we as sports fans do, regardless of sport. That is, we rank the stars, both among a specific time period, as well as against historical records. In some cases it’s a matter of facts — you can, after all, compare statistics. But in other cases, it’s a matter of pure opinion, and everyone is able to make a case for his or her list.

So, with that said, it’s time for us to put together our own list, one that I have not really done before. Sure, I’ve more or less ranked the generation I grew up watching — Hogan, Flair, Hart and others. But the new millennium? Not so much. That changes now, as I am going to name my top 25 superstars who have debuted with WWE since 2000 (I will not count guys like Sting, even though technically Sting debuted in 2015.)

John Cena

This one is probably the biggest no-brainer on the list. John Cena, for much of the millennium, has been WWE. Simple as that. He’s either a man fans love, or a man fans love to hate — he’s undoubtedly the most polarizing Superstar in recent memory. While still not really old (by like, Ric Flair standards), he’s one of the more established guys in the locker room, especially as names like The Undertaker are working toward retirement.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I consider this list a joke because Ryback is on it ?

    • Orbit Storm

      He’s ranked 24th out of 25, not inside the top-5. Ryback absolutely deserves to make this list because for several months, he was “thee” guy until creative opted to turn his character into “Cryback” and kill any momentum he had. He may not be the most talented guy on this list but his work ethic alone entitles him to a slot.

      • MikeLo #NewNation


      • Mark B.

        You do know his contract will expire this year and he might decide to leave. But with this list not saying WWE, he could still be a big talent for any company. Creative had nothing to do with his character. Only the Skip Sheffield character.

        • Orbit Storm

          I probably should have clarified. Ryback was the first Daniel Bryan of sorts: always getting screwed no matter how close he came to capturing the title. Wasn’t it something like three or four title matches that CM Punk (via intentional DQ) or The Shield (interference) cost Ryback a chance of winning? I’m well aware that Ryback has creative control over his character but I doubt that “cryback” was ever the intended course and even if it were, that’d be a direct result of the crap match booking that pressured him into trying something new (which ultimately failed and essentially killed his character).

          To be fair, the petulant “Goldberg” chants over the years have only complicated matters but let’s not pretend that creative didn’t have a hand in dismantling Ryback’s future.

  • Orbit Storm

    Well done, John.

    Cena and Orton are the only two I can realistically perceive as being “ahead” of Brock and you nailed it!

  • Damian Starr

    Barring like 4 entrants on this list the title could have been top 25 superstars of the decade like surely Batista accomplished enough to warrant being on this list over people who’ve been with the company literally 3 weeks? (Hey I f’ing love AA but you get my point)

  • MEH

    No Punk or Batista?? Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio or are we talking just current roster?

  • BooGonk

    Silly me. Just saw superstars and figured maybe someone not working with wwe would be on the list. Was entirely expecting to see maybe half be other amazing wrestlers in other promotions.

  • Mark B.

    I just gotta ignore this list. Some are limited and some might not make it back. I lost interest when I saw John Cena on the list.

  • Buss da 6’1

    Wayment who’s the hear break kid

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