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Top 5 Hell In A Cell Matches

Hell In a Cell
At first, the hell in a cell concept was a refreshing idea but that’s changed over the years. After so many matches inside the structure, only a few can be considered the best. Here, are the five hell in a cell matches that have set the bar so high.
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  • Michael King

    I wish they had another 6 man cell match

    • Joseph Lisnow

      wonder why it hasn’t returned. maybe the elimination chamber took its place when the match involves several wrestlers?

  • Matt G

    Hbk/Taker Hbk/HHH could easily replace Batista/Triple h and the six pack challenge….and even in the pg era edge and taker still tore the house done….no other pg cell has come close

  • Sean Huggan

    Undertaker/HBK, Ambrose/Rollins and HBK/Triple H all better than Batista vs HHH and Taker vs Brock imo

    • MEH

      Taker vs Brock was very good and it elevated Brock into the stratosphere. But your right about Batista vs HHH.

  • MEH

    All I remember from that 6 man match was the scarya$$ bump Rikishi took off the top without looking back to place himself.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      scary bump is an understatement.

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