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Top 5 Superstars Currently On RAW

Ever since the brand extraction returned, it has allowed for more superstars to be featured. That’s the beauty of splitting the roster into two brands. Those superstars who are talented sometimes get lost in the shuffle when Roman Reigns and John Cena are around. As of now, these are the top stars on RAW.
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  • y2JB #x2cclub

    Jason Jordan a top 5 raw star? Lol

    • Joseph Lisnow

      if wwe pushes him like Angle’s rookie year, then yea big things are in store.

      • y2JB #x2cclub

        If’s doesn’t make someone a top star. Whether you like it or not Reigns, Lesnar, Balor, and the Miz are all above him on top stars list.

      • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

        If they continue to push him like they are, more or less shoving him down our throats like they did with reigns it’ll have the opposite effect with fans & they’ll turn on him

  • Mike

    Erm top five 1. Reigns 2. Lesnar 3. Joe 4. Braun 5. Rollins. Would have loved put Alexa in but she isn’t as big a star as those guys at the moment. Miz is very close too, Miz/Rollins for 5. Jordan is no where near right now he wouldn’t make my top ten. 6-10 would be 6. Bray 7. Miz 8. Ambrose 9. Alexa 10. Hardys

    • y2JB #x2cclub

      Solid list.

    • y2JB #x2cclub

      Jordan isnt even top 15. Bailey sasha revival cesaro n sheamus ambrose ahead of him. Even neville is.

      • Mike

        Yeah agreed. Neville certainly is. I’d have neville 11, then shesaro, Sasha, bayley, then maybe Jordan, or revival.

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