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Top 5 Worst Beach Bodies

WWE Superstars
Believe it or not, the summer is almost over. Every year, the season seems to fly by even quicker. Soon, people will be trading in bathing suits for hoodies and then snow boots. Before the summer concludes, we want to find the top 5 female WWE superstars with the worst beach bodies.
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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    So this is not a generalized post/list, but one man’s opinion……….right……….like on your number 1, i’ll pass on this Lisnow article.

  • Peter O’Brien

    Well this is just terrible, everything about this “article”

  • BigBen1980

    This article is just gross. Not because of the women, who are all beautiful, but for the idiotic rantings of a perverted little fanboy. Just terrible.

  • Zack

    Joe……this was a bad idea from the getgo. Learn from it and don’t repeat.

  • y2JB #x2cclub

    Agree with all the comments. First off, how does Dorthy feel about you judging bikini bodies? Second, all the women on this list probably look better then anyone you’ve ever been with. Third off, you again put on content for the sake of fillkng your quota and can barely write more then 2 sentences per picture. You are a joke of a writer and should be forced to go back to high school to learn how to write.

  • RiotStar

    Wow. This is some high-brow wrestling ‘journalism’ right?

  • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

    You seriously think this is a good article to write? Ffs no wonder so many people have body problems or poor opinions on how others look with crap like this being written ?

  • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

    & seriously judging someone because they have pale skin? Have u ever thought some may not want to bake our skins in the sun & suffer because of it? Some of us actually believe we look ok without having the look of an old wrinkly leathery bag from being in the sun for so long ?

    And judging Stephanie on how she looks – being too muscular when there were articles etc not to long ago praising how she looked etc ?

    Did mom never tell u to think before u speak? Cause seriously u need to think about what you’re saying before u write an article ?

    • Zack

      I almost married you just now, Meg. Ten upvotes for you ? Very well said.

      • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

        Awww thanx ?? Only almost? ?

        It may get me banned but I had to say it ?

        • Zack

          Haha I mean marrying you simply out of an internet comment would’ve been odd. Almost is pretty good given the circumstances ?

          And I doubt you’ll get banned. Everybody is pretty much sharing your sentiments.

          • Meg’El Diablo’Matthews ?

            ??? u put a smile on my face thanx ?

            The internet has gone crazy ? ?

  • Mike

    This article is a disgrace. It’s totally irrelevant and unimportant, not to mention body shaming for no reason. I’d take it down.

  • The Shockmaster

    What a disgusting article


    Damn RIP Joe Lisnow ??????????

    • FacePuncher

      Does this mean Hoak can come back now? lol

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