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Top Undertaker SummerSlam Matches

This was Mankind’s first signature win and it introduced the WWE Universe to Mick Foley’s depraved face. The Boiler Room Brawl was also the first instance where Paul Bearer would turn on the Undertaker. With this win, the WWF was put on notice and the Universe was set on edge by this creepy maniac who rocked back and forth and pulled out his hair. The match established Mankind to both the audience and fellow wrestlers.

Earlier this summer, the prevailing rumor was that the Shield would square off against the Undertaker and Kane at Summerslam in an epic match. While Kane faced a member of a faction Sunday night, Undertaker did not  wrestle. This marks the 5th straight year where Undertaker has not competed at SS and with the talk that he’s retiring at WM30, we will never hear another rumor of him wrestling at SS, in all likelihood. The Undertaker has become the uncrowned king of Summerslam, amassing a record of 9 wins, 5 losses, and 1 no contest over the course of 15 different Summerslams. With his legacy at WrestleMania and his great record at Summerslam, the Undertaker is deeply woven into the fabric of WWE tradition. Let’s take a look at the Deadman’s most memorable SummerSlam matches.

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  • Devon

    His best no doubt is vs Edge. The match wit Kane from 2000 fuckin sucked. The JBL match was decent. His matches wit Austin & Bret were fuckin amazing. vs Test & vs Taker were good. Him vs Orton was very good.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Normally i do not agree with u but that made alot of sense

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