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What If Triple H Loses His Title Before WrestleMania 32?

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It would make for a pretty interesting scenario.

With Triple H defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose on March 12th, during the WWE Network Live Special in Toronto Canada, it’s only natural that fans would speculate that the champ could indeed lose said title.

Listen, I’m a fan of Roman Reigns; I know kids who are fans of Roman Reigns; and I’m sure there are adult males out there who are fans of the guy (although I do not know any personally). Does Reigns have that Cenaish quality to be the top face of the WWE? I believe so. He can act as a spokesperson, hold the WWE Championship now and again, and perhaps take over some of the philanthropic reins that Cena has now, to help keep the WWE brand looking polished when it comes to corporate social responsibility. I also think he has what it takes to be a top baby face.

But for now, Roman Reigns does get a mixed reaction from the crowd. He gets cheers, but then also gets a lot boos; and these jeers seems to heighten come Wrestlemania season.

So my thoughts are, why chance Triple H keeping the belt until Wrestlemania 32? Why not have him drop the title in Toronto to Ambrose, move on to his WM match with Reigns, and lose said match to end the program. Dropping his title at the special could be a good thing on so many levels. First, it legitimizes these special live events. We have yet to see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship swap hands during one of these live Network specials, and it would definitely keep audiences tuned into these events, and subscribing to the WWE Network. Secondly, it would switch up the Road to Wrestlemania, and provide a unique plot twist. It could also set a solid feud up, heading into a quieter post-Wrestlemania season.

Ambrose could move on to WM 32, main event the pay-per-view (PPV) with Lesnar, and retain the belt (which could be believable, as the match is a Street Fight, no DQ, etc.). Alternatively, Triple H loses his match against Reigns, ending that program nicely. The result may be the program the WWE Universe has all been waiting for (and the WWE has been teasing for months): an Ambrose and Reigns feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At that point, Creative and higher ups can check the pulse of the audience and fans, and see if Reigns should be WWE Champion. Even if he does win at that point, to the dismay of a majority of fans, would it be a big deal if Reigns gets booed amongst confetti flying everywhere at an insignificant monthly PPV?

I guess I’m wondering if the WWE really wants to chance Roman winning the title at WM 32, their biggest event of the year, to record-breaking audience who is hissing and throwing things at the so-called top baby face, while Reigns unsuccessfully tries to bask in the glory of the Wrestlemania moment he has literally been waiting for years?

Maybe? Maybe not … it’s a tough call. I get the WWE higher ups are in control of storylines, and their product. But a little switch up couldn’t hurt.

WNZ fans, what do you think? While there is always a possibility of a title switching hands at any WWE event … what is the probability of Triple H dropping his WWE Championship to Ambrose on March 12th? Leave your comments below.

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  • Kyle

    No because Reigns is the #1 Contender, if anything it would become a fatal 4 way,

    • Dorathy

      You are right.

      • biz

        Was just going to point out this. Reigns would face the winner of the match regardless of who it was

        • jcice13

          of course he would .he has a title match at mania so whoever the champ is that’s who he faces and I can’t see it being more than a one on one because they’re having a 3way for the women’s title having one then later for the men’s is overkill and they also did that 3 way think last year so doing it 2 years in a row is bad booking

  • Mean Dean

    The only thing that can save the main event from failure is either to add a top name, have Ambrose go in as champ, or somehow “screw” reigns out of the match

    • Mizanur Mowla


  • Lisa

    Dorathy, Triple H has a HUGE ego. There’s a zero chance of that happening.

    • It Begins kid

      NXT > RAW & SmackDown

      • mitland

        Hell yeah!

      • Lisa

        In your dreams.

        • It Begins kid

          It’s not a dream it’s true!

          • Lisa

            NXT is basically a developmental territory. It can’t be better than Raw or Smackdown.

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

            NXT has been rated the best weekly tv show by the Wrestling Observer the last three years while Raw has been rated the worst weekly tv show the last two years.

          • Joseph Lisnow

            how was impact wrestling rated? or did they skip tna?

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

            I don’t know but Meltzer has rated them as the worst wrestling organization the last couple of years.

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

            It’s damn true! *sings Kurt Angle’s WWE theme song*

          • It Begins kid

            That’s right my brother! ?

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????


  • Crazy_Victor

    First of all Dorathy, i’m an adult Roman Reigns male fan. I can understand that people thinks he’s not ready because he hasn’t got that indie experience that others have (and now we are in the indie era), but one thing is this, and another thing is getting the reactions that he gets being a babyface. We discuss in Big Show’s retirement article that the wwe universe has a voice, but that doesn’t mean they’re always right although they think they are.

    The problem here in my opinion starts with Daniel Bryan’s story. WWE allowed the wwe universe to think they can decide things (They had Batista planned to win the belt, and they go with Daniel Bryan thanks to the fans). And when you do that kind of things, you’re screwed, because now the universe thinks again that they can decide. This is creative’s fault. John Cena and Triple H spoke about that matter in Steve Austin’s podcast. What was Roman Reigns supposed to do when they told him that he’s going to win the Rumble? Say “no, thanks”?. Come on…

    And here you have the current status. There’s only two options to me. First, you don’t care about the reactions Roman is going to get, Nowadays a lot of babyfaces gets booed and a lot of heels gets cheered, so there is no major problem with a babyface getting a bad reaction (the top face of the company, John Cena, has mixed reactions and he’s 15 time champ). And the second option, make Roman Reigns a heel. Give the fans a real reason to boo him. If they turn Ambrose it won’t work, because he’s going to be the heel and he’s going to be cheered anyway. You still have John Cena to be the top babyface of the company, so you can have Roman as a heel for a couple of years, and with the proper storyline, he can be a babyface again.

    Don’t kill me, it’s just my opinion 😉

    • Dorathy

      THANK YOU for the comment!!!!! I love hearing from WNZ fans, and it helps me gain a better perspective on the pulse of thd fans! I agree with RR turning heel :)

      • Crazy_Victor

        Now you know an adult male who is a fan of Roman. Heel or babyface, I hope he gets the title.

    • Bonkerz

      Hey man, I agree with a lot of your points and you make a very good argument. I just want to correct you on one small issue though. Reigns is not being booed because hes not from the indies, sure it does upset some of the “hardcore fans”, but the main reason we boo Reigns is because he is nothing special when he speaks, has little personality (this is most likely due to his face status), and he is being pushed because of his look and heritage alone.

      In the modern era – we expect wrestlers to be pushed because they stand out – not because they have a great look – but because they grab our attention. When Paul Heyman speaks – do you care what he looks like? No – but you can’t stop watching because he delivers a promo like an artist. When Dean Ambrose wrestles Kevin Owens – do you turn off the television if neither has a wrestling lineage or carries themselves with over-intensity? No – but the subtle nuances that they make use of during their match tell a story that ensures that you will tune in next episode to see how things play out.

      Reigns is not terrible, but he’s average wresting-wise, and he doesn’t say or do anything that keeps me interested in him. You can’t deny that all of Reigns opportunities have been handed to him while adding nothing more to them. He is given chances to shine, but all that he can muster is a small glimmer. He does not actively go above and beyond what he is given – he is just set up well by everyone else and then he just goes through the motions. I don’t want a wrestler who has to be carried to lead as the face of a company into which I invest my time and money.

      I don’t want to disrespect your opinion – I just would like you to see things from another perspective. Fans gave Roman a chance to impress them – he did not take that chance. Instead he criticizes the fans for having an opinion (look it up, hes done it on multiple occasions), while he and Creative continue to serve us mediocrity – expecting us to eat it as if it were fine dining.

      To paraphrase a famous line from a poem by T.S. Elliot,
      “This is the way the WWE ends
      Not with a bang but a whimper”

      • mitland

        Couldn’t have said it better. I couldn’t care less if he’s an indy guy or not. I just want to be entertained. And Reigns struggles to do that for me. I do like him though. Just not nearly as much as some other guys.

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

      No disrespect but did you really think Batista coming back in 2014 and possibly winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 29 would have been a better storyline than Daniel Bryan? Nothing against Batista but he wasn’t the guy with the momentum for half a year (or for years), that was Daniel Bryan. If the Batista thing did actually happen, then Batista would have gotten the same treatment in terms of mixed crowd reactions as Cena and Reigns (in my opinion) and people would have begged more for Daniel Bryan. Jericho and Bryan have said that the original plan at Wrestlemania 29 was for Bryan to face Sheamus. Jericho wanted to face Bryan but that didn’t work out because Vince wanted Jericho in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and Jericho said no. It goes to show you that Vince didn’t want to go with Daniel Bryan’s momentum anymore.

      Look the whole Daniel Bryan mega push didn’t work out because of the injuries but you can’t dispute the fact that Daniel had the momentum and was one of the few guys that put the company on notice in 2013 & 2014. I do agree with you on Roman needing to turn heel but I don’t think it will happen unless they pull a swerve at Wrestlemania.

  • That boy Alejandro

    Triple h vs roman reigns should remain for the wwe title it’s gonna make the atmosphere at wrestlemania even better.

  • MEH

    As much as I would love Ambrose to win this turning the main event into a fatal 4 way street fight for the title, this event is to give HHH at least one title defence before the big day. Defending against Ambrose heading in to face Reigns where he drops the title makes Reigns winning look stronger.

  • Mizanur Mowla

    Reign sucks! Let’s make Dean Ambrose WHC and that’s what is best for wwe and wwe universe.

  • Jonny

    WWE creative doesn’t have the balls to do it. I wish someone there had. One can dream

    • jcice13

      has nothing to do with anything but the fact the match is set for mania they’ve spent a long time working it and it would be nothing to do with balls but to do with story

  • jcice13

    stop it, if Reigns has “cena-ish” qualities they wouldn’t have to make him look like such a big ‘dog for the fans to root for…you cheapen Cena’s career accomplishments by the mere slight comparison, and I don’t even like Cena in the least, and am someone who likes Reigns a bit…in my opinion this is like comparing an apple to an orange they’re both fruits, the others are both pro wrestlers .. that’s it
    and there’s no way it isn’t HHH vs Reigns at mania..booking 101… you don’t spend countless hours of valuable tv time to push a match for the biggest show of the year and then tarnish it…..they really shouldn’t let HHH do anything but go over clean vs Ambrose and without outside interference to perpetuate the arc of the storyline for mania

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