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Unappreciated Star: Alberto Del Rio

While Triple H and Randy Orton are commanding attention with the dominant storyline on the company’s flagship show, the Champion of the Blue Brand is quietly establishing himself as one of the premiere wrestlers in the company. Many call him boring, but if you look deeper, that label may not fit. Call him what you will, but he’s a different brand of wrestler and a different kind of heel. While the most popular heels in the WWE make their money off their ability to run down an opponent and to sway a crowd, Del Rio creates his heel identity largely through his in-ring work. He may not be particularly engaging for most, but the dependable, deeply-skilled wrestler has proved himself to be a crucial part of the WWE.

alberto tresTo call him boring would be missing the point. There’s no denying that he can be much better on the mic, but his calling card and appeal is in the ring work that he displays. He’s a wrestler with years of amateur wrestling experience, a MMA career, and Mexican wrestling all in his background. He’s fused all of those three chapters of his life with the WWE style to create a unique manner of wrestling, and he’s become slick in the ring. He’s one of the few wrestlers who can create a good match with a wide variety of wrestlers on the roster. He’s a sound submission wrestler with both the cross armbar and a variety of ways to weaken an arm in preparation for that move. He’s a good brawler who uses kicks that are reminiscent of Muay Thai to subdue opponents. He’s a solid wrestler who still prominently uses suplexes and slams in a landscape where strikes are the dominant form of attack in the ring–he’s pulled out german suplexes, tilt-a-whirl backbreakers, and even backstabbers from a number of unpredictable angles and places while wrestling opponents.

Alberto unoFor a boring wrestler, his in-ring work is exciting and as we saw from his reaction to Sin Cara’s finger sprain, he’s passionate about that aspect of his on-screen character. Funny that in a time where traditional wrestling (suplexes, technical work, slams) is starting to disappear and Punk/Bryan/Cesaro are highly regarded, Del Rio(a highly-skilled, well-trained wrestler) is called boring. Yes, wrestling is dynamic and built on personalities, but why can’t Del Rio just be that old-school vicious heel who was legit in the ring and said little? A newfound spin on Arn Anderson, if you will. He reliably puts on good matches, and his niche is being an aggressive skilled grappler. He doesn’t need to be the smoothest guy on the stick because with his aggression and Cole’s orders to tell stories not call matches, the combination of Del Rio’s work in the ring and Cole’s narrative can communicate what Del Rio can’t verbally.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI wondered how he would do without Ricardo but he improved. He’s a freer wrestler, and a more devastating heel seeing that he’s booked to rely on nothing but his ability and devious creativity. This smoother Del Rio–who’s starting to adjust to the WWE style of wrestling–is doing good work on Smackdown as World Heavyweight Champion. He’s evolved into a no-frills, vicious, aggressive heel that puts on memorable matches. In a smackdown landscape that’s seen it’s share if change, evolution, and even sentencing, (Dolph Ziggler) Del Rio has been the stable presence atop the mountain, defeating Swagger, trading title reigns with Ziggler, defeating Christian, and being the crooked foil to RVD’s unstoppable, seismic momentum. With an ever-changing Smackdown landscape, Del Rio is a needed presence.

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  • D.M.T

    That’s BS. Del Rio is not unappreciated, he’s just not entertaining enough and he’s kinda overrated. Sure he’s good in the ring but I don’t care much about him and that’s his fault because I should care but he doesn’t give me reasons to care about him.

    Do you wanna know who’s the real unappreciated star? Christian. Christian is much better than Del Rio and yet doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

    • KingBack

      Replace Christian with Ziggler.

      • D.M.T

        No i won’t replace Christian with Ziggler.

        • KingBack

          Ziggler is waaay more over with the crowd than Christian ever have been.

          • D.M.T

            I disagree but think whatever you want.

          • KingBack

            I have NEVER heard a crowd go wild for Christian.
            I like Christian don’t get me wrong here but he isn’t someone
            who is very over with the crowd as the IWC tries to make it seem like.
            He gets a solid reaction – nothing more.

          • D.M.T

            First of all, when I say “think whatever you want” I’m basically saying that i don’t wish to discuss it any longer because you won’t change my mind no matter what you say so you shouldn’t have replied back and second: this is why Christian is the unappreciated star because the crowd SHOULD go wild for Christian but they don’t because people dont know how good he really is and third: Christian is better than Ziggler IN MY OPINION so I won’t replace Christian with Ziggler.

          • KingBack

            When Cesaro should get one of the loudest crowd reactions in the history because he is way better than Christian and Ziggler.

          • D.M.T

            Cesaro way better than Christian? If that’s how you feel then ok good for you I guess. I disagree.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aMVlNPjpbI The Devourer of Dimensions

    I don’t find anything remotely interesting about Del Rio (probably just me), good in-ring ability and that’s really it. His personality (if you can call it that) has no zing or flavour to it, don’t even need to bring up his talking skills since there is none. He’s already being forced upon us all the time, out of the last 8 or 7 months, he’s been champion (twice) and not to mention in almost every title match since early 2012. If they don’t have him drop the title to RVD on Sunday, he won’t drop it for probably another 2 or 3 months via Sandow. He will never be that over Hispanic superstar they want him to be, he’ll never be on the same level as Rey Mysterio or Eddie Guerrero in popularity or legacy. He’s a good C- for the Hispanic community.

  • puckdinah1

    Del Rio is one of the better wrestlers in the company right now along with Bryan and Punk. Maybe his shtick is getting stale but I’d rather have him than not.

  • Tyler Drummond

    Wait wait wait wait wait. Suplexes, slams and technical wrestling are disappearing? Since when. I would say damn near 100% of the roster uses some type of suplex whether its a belly to belly, belly to back, german, superplex, fishermans, etc. Almost everybody uses some type of slam for some purpose (often setup moves) and there are lots of guys who use technical wrestling. They are the bulk of a wrestlers offence. Del Rio can be very boring. Doesnt help either that he has been in about 11 of the last 15 world title matches (I am counting this sundays Battleground match) that have ALL been singles and only 2 or 3 have been some type of stipulation. Not to mention until these last couple of PPVS he has been feuding with the same 4 guys in Swagger, Del Rio, Ziggler and Sheamus. Its boring. Its not entirely Del Rio’s fault, but thats the burden of being a top guy.

    • Jay Ess

      Few wrestlers feature an arsenal of mainly slams and suplexes with the occasional strike, (a la Tazz, Kurt Angle in WWE, Perry Saturn in WCW and WWE, etc.) as opposed to what we see now, the strike heavy offense with one or two slams mixed in to the arsenal. That’s what I meant to convey when I said that slams and suplexes are disappearing.

      Wrestlers use them, but no suplexes, slams, and technical wrestling are not featured prominently or highlighted in matches nowadays. As for technical wrestling, the WWE still hasn’t shed it’s anti-technical wrestling rep that it developed over the course of the early 2000s and late 1990s after not doing anything with a lot of the technical stars of the WCW (Dean Malenko, etc.) When you think of a technical wrestler, most think of Bret Hart and how he would carefully pick an opponent apart with backbreakers, leglocks, and the like before locking on a finisher.

      The majority of WWE wrestlers wrestle with the brawling, striking style as opposed to the methodical one that hones in on a body part and wears it down. There are maybe 3 guys who are stars that use a methodical approach that would fit the bill of being a technical wrestler a la Bret Hart: Del Rio, Bryan, Christian.

      And the last two rarely wrestle in that methodical way that sets up an opponent for a painful finisher. Then again, with Vince leaning away from submission finishers, there wont be many wrestlers who will be particularly technical.

      • Tyler Drummond

        We still see lots of slams and suplexes, but yes there are a lot of strikes too. Technical wrestling isn’t just being methodical, its about wrestling. Hold for hold, having an aresenal, laying on the mat a lot, etc. We still see a lot of that. Daniel Bryan and John Cena had a fantastic wrestling match at SummerSlam with slams, suplexes and technical wrestling. If anything I’d say we’ve had more technical wrestling since the late 90s and early 2000s, especially with wrestling being “cleaned up” (in regards to how hardcore matches are done, blood, etc). Other than strikes pretty much every move is a slam, suplex or “technical wrestling” so I guess our biggest disconnect is there.

        • Jay Ess

          Yeah that match at Summerslam was a good one, although most wouldn’t consider Cena a technical guy. When I think technical guys, I usually think of guys like the three I mentioned upthread, Bret Hart, Dean Malenko, and the Lionheart persona of Chris Jericho (with all 600 of his armbars).

          Notice that most matches aren’t set up that way though. This isn’t good or bad, it’s just is how things are. They only bring out that type of wrestling for big matches now, it seems. Recognizing our disconnect, I can see where you’re coming from.

  • Susanne Edwards

    ADR isn’t so much unappreciated as he is uninspiring. Sure his ring work is improving, but the man is devoid of even a grain of personality. And that’s where Ricardo came in before the beatdown led to his return to Faceville.
    ADR is a natural heel, Ricardo is a natural tweener-face. And after 3 years, they just weren’t mixing anymore. We’ve seen ADR’s arsenal, whereas the surface has only been scratched on Ricardo’s. And again, I think this will lead to a sitch where Triple-H orders Ricardo to go back to ADR after RVD makes his exit (at least for awhile). And I think, again, that this will lead to Ricardo snapping on EVERYBODY, not just a select few.

  • Alejandro

    ADR is a good wrestler but nobody buys into his character. That gimmick has been done before with JBL and Ted DiBiase and it worked out for the both of them. It hasn’t with ADR. No doubt ADR puts on good matches but his gimmick is stale and his mic skills are bad. He’s given opportunity after opportunity but like I said no one buys into his character.

    • will

      I haven’t seen much wrestling over the last few weeks/months, but from what I’ve seen they’ve dropped the whole rich guy gimmick and just made him seem more aggressive. I think wwe realized they used the rich guy gimmick enough times. They certainly failed with ted dibiase jr rich guy gimmick

  • Rotnerd

    lol Christian is not even in the same league as Ziggler. Christian is stale and boring. Same goes for ADR. He is boring, doesnt sell well, and non of his moves make you feel impressed. Punk, Bryan and Zig give me moments of “okay, that was pretty cool, or that looked clean,crisp”
    ADR is not the greatest wrestler around. He is only around because of the latin market.

  • will

    I wouldn’t say del rio is unappreciated, he is boring though. The only reason he ever won the whc in the first place was because he told vince ‘give me the title or I leave’. That’s something I read ages ago, not something I made up. And the only reason he got the title is because there are no other Hispanic wrestlers that wwe seem willing to put over. Fair enough though, mysterio is aleays injured, sin cara seems useless, hunico never really got over with the crowd as a heel..maybe wwe can use el generico now?? Lol

  • Thorbeard

    Totally agree with this article, I find Del Rio seriously entertaining, mostly through his solid in ring work. Could use a little more skill on the mic, but for his heel persona he doesn’t really need it.

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