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Universal Title Debuts – And Fails On All Accounts

WWE World Heavyweight title
From its name, to its look, to the way it even debuted, the entire roll out to RAW’s WWE Universal Title has been an epic fail.

I’ve already talked (hey, we’ve all commented about) the ridiculous name. And as of its SummerSlam debut, the title continues to receive insane criticism from fans and pro wrestling media alike.

The belt was such a negative low point during SummerSlam, that some within the Barclays Center were more focused on its so-called ugliness, then the epic match that Finn Balor and Seth Rollins performed, sparking more social media rage.

So, let’s start off with the elephant in the room, so to speak. Do I think the title looks ugly? I’m a glass-is-half-full kind of girl, and I always like to start off with some positives. It’s not entirely ugly, there are some solid aspects to it, but my three major problems with it are as goes:

  • It looks far too similar to the Women’s title, and even, by extension, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
  • I do not like the licorice-like red back drop to it.
  • I feel like, if presented differently, fans would’ve focused more on Balor versus Rollins, then the belt itself.

First off, I understand the idea behind the Universal Title’s design. I get why the decided to go with red, signaling the branding behind RAW. I also somewhat get why they made it similar to the WWE World Heavyweight title (and, therefore the Women’s title). By having three championships look very similar, there is no devaluing either one of the three. This is important, not only for the prestige of both brands (and their titles), but how the WWE views the women’s division, and how they want those superstars presented.

Also, I’m no title designer, so I can’t really say what I would change, or done differently. I just know what I don’t like. The color blends within the title, look like Demon Kane threw up the leather under the gold plate. I mean, maybe it’s just the actual strap that lacks luster, I’m not even 100% sure at this point.

Furthermore, as most of you WNZ readers have stated, not only should the belt have potentially debuted on RAW beforehand, but the fact that both WWE high-level title matches (Ambrose versus Ziggler too) were place well behind the main event, also took away from the entire Balor versus Rollins event, and the prestige of the title.

I get Seth Rollins’ tweet, and I understand the frustration from Mick Foley’s post; I really do. While I don’t think I would’ve been chanting along with the crowd, as the match was incredible; I can’t really blame audience members for doing so. The WWE Universe has always been so vocal, and being interactive at live events is what makes going to a live event so great. In fact, the WWE brass has praised their fans for being so interactive and has encouraged them in the past to participate in this way. So, management, WWE personas, and superstars can’t be disappointed in the fans, when they do just this – just because it is not the reaction they wanted.

So, where does the WWE go from here? Is there any hope for the Universal title, to be taken seriously, from here on out?

I think things will eventually die down. Just like anything, time has a way of putting everything in perspective. Sure, the title is ugly, and sure, the design may lack luster; but at the end of the day, it is a major title, and RAW’s top championship. If the WWE produces solid storytelling around the title, creates solid programs, and books matches that are of high caliber, around incredible main event talent – perhaps a change can persue.

WNZ fans! I want to hear your thoughts about the Universal Title, and what the WWE can do, to clean up with licorice mess.

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