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Usos, Prime Time Players or Option C: Who’s Next for Rollins and Reigns?

Two weeks ago, ask this question, and the answer was glaringly obvious. As big as a giant. Or, two very large athletes. However, Mark Henry has suffered an injury during a house show over the Labor Day weekend, and now it appears that Henry and The Big Show are not in line for the next tag title shot. So, who goes next?

The two top teams right now, from a face perspective?  The Usos and the Prime Time Players look to be the top faces now, though PTP really only recently has been getting the face reaction. From a perspective of how “over” teams are, or where they fall in the pecking order, you could have seen The Shield dropping to Henry and Show because those two are well-established veterans. I don’t get that same feeling for either the Usos or PTP, though putting either team over for the straps would obviously quickly elevate them.  But…I do not see either team doing it. Not now, in any case. But, does the WWE have an option C?

Surely they do. Lets assume for a moment that they intend to push Los Matadores as faces. Primo and Epico, rebranding be damned, are established tag team wrestlers. They’ve been in WWE before, they’ve put on a number of really good matches. Knowing it is them behind the masks gives me hope that they could be getting positioned for a new and strong push to counter their not-so-memorable last few months in the fed as just..Primo and Epico. Could the WWE just have The Shield face them as a mystery opponent? And for their “debut” match, have them win the straps? While it wouldn’t be impossible to fathom, it would be a surprise. But, if WWE talent management is feeling really strongly about the repackaging of Primo and Epico, then why not? I mean, seriously, when was the last time a returning/debuting tag team got vignette treatment? Maybe I am forgetting something, but the only vignettes of note in recent memory involved singles wrestlers (I am not including the Wyatts here, because thus far, that’s still all focused on Bray the singles wrestler).

Word is that Los Matadores are going to be debuting soon. How soon? Why not at Night of Champions? Well, the only reason I see would be the lack of buildup around a known opponent. For this reason, I could see WWE inserting one of the here-and-now teams and booking them for a Shield victory on the PPV. But, on the RAW following, have Rollins and Reigns cut a promo that there’s not a team out there worthy of a match-at which point, debut Los Matadores and have some fun with the match. The downside here is, with The Shield getting sucked up into the Corporate angle, they haven’t done much talking of late. So I don’t know if them cutting a promo fits into the agenda. But, on one hand, with Corporately aligned wrestlers holding almost all of the gold (one wonders if HHH going at Heyman is a way for them to write Heyman off TV and have Axel come under Corporate influence), the angle is overshadowing the US and tag titles.

I think the time is right for a title change. I honestly think that the Usos are more over than the PTP, but I think it’s close-though the PTP looked pretty solid on this week’s RAW. Los Matadores in their current incarnation are somewhat an unknown-not in what they can do in the ring, but rather how the fans will respond to them. Which of these three teams can take the belts off of The Shield? Or will another team be destined to take the tag team titles?  It will be very interesting to watch the next few weeks and months unfold, relative to the tag team division.

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  • Daniel Vollmer

    nope, no need for a title change…its cool having all the heels have the gold for a change…then at one ppv later on down the line, have all the faces win and have all the gold, a cool tradeoff, just not yet!

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I think The Uso’s should be the tag team champions right now.

    • JMD

      I really thought they would have gotten the straps around SS, but either someone in creative doesn’t think they are ready, or else i don’t really know.

      considering the bloodlines in play, for both the Uso’s (and for Roman Reigns)…the talent is there.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I agree but I will not count out The Uso’s just yet I think they should be challenging the shield at NOC.

        • JMD

          seems week to week WWE changes their mind…2 weeks ago i thought Usos…then henry/show…now hearing PTP. as kingback mentions elsewhere here….a fatal four way could be something to see. i can just imagine the high spots…

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            The fatal would be a great idea if they have this match bet would be The uso’s

          • JMD

            key to any multi-team match up would be giving them a solid 25-30 minutes of time to tell the story. 3 or 4 teams going at it, whether its elimination or not, could really showcase the top tag teams that they have and go a long way toward building it back up. that said, i don’t write for WWE, so we probably get a shield victory over someone else in a week and change.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            I think it would work if only it could work out that way.

          • [B]ANExx

            Whilst I 100% agree the Usos have been around long enough to deserve it, they’re ready, they’re young, they’re talented. I don’t think ANYONE will be taking the straps off the Shield right now – they were completely dominant and destructive for months, laying waste to everyone and everything in their path – if they lose the titles within one month of joining the Corporation then the Corp looks weak, because being part of it will have made the Shield worse.

            I think Rollins / Reigns have been a good team – I agree that Usos as a TEAM may be better, and they definitely deserve it in the near future, but for the sake of the story, I think Shield need to remain dominant just a little while longer – maybe TLC will have Shield versus Usos for the Tag Titles, where Usos will finally claim their prize!

            On a side note, whilst I don’t think anyone SHOULD take the titles right now, IF Shield are going to drop them it should definitely be to the Usos – PTP are good and REALLY talented, but they need to have a few matches to get over as faces in my opinion.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            You are right the shield have been the a domint team for months.And you are right they should not loose the tag team championships right . now.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            But when they loose they should loose to The uso’s and for The PTP I think that they will,become Tag Team Champions probably next year.

  • B-Ped

    I always thought the PTP should have been up at the top of the division, because let’s be honest — JBL isn’t kidding when he calls Titus O’Neil a beast. Darren Young, while not a beast, is definitely coming around and showing that he’s got the chops, too.

    I think the biggest thing is they’re being punished for some of the stuff Abraham Washington said when they were affiliated with one another, which is why they’ve become kind of a joke. Hopefully WWE is realizing what they have in Titus O’Neil and Darren Young — a solid tag team, with members who each have potential as singles wrestlers.

    Hopefully the brass will give these two the push I think they deserve, and seem to be on the verge of getting.

    • JMD

      PTP is beginning to remind me of (vaguely) a team like the Hart Foundation–one power guy, one more technical. though in this case, D-Young i don’t see going on to singles glory…but i think Titus could. certainly has the size.

      i can’t tell if the tide changed for them after Darren’s announcement…but i think they are getting over more as faces than they were as heels.

      in three hours of RAW, they ought to be able to have at least one hour segment (in total) with an eye toward tag wrestling, not just gimmick/one-off tag team special events. a couple matches a week isn’t asking too much, IF they can put the match quality together

      • B-Ped

        Wholeheartedly agree with each point you brought up.

      • [B]ANExx

        The problem is, you say Titus has potential as a singles guy – whilst I cannot argue he is immense and would be fantastic as a singles wrestler, that is part of the problem.

        For YEARS they could have split the Hart Foundation and made them singles stars – Brett in particular was ready from the start – but they didn’t they kept them together and let them build a legacy (they obviously did eventually split). If the goal of tag team wrestling is to make SINGLES stars and not TAG TEAM stars there is no wonder that the tag-team division suffers, as putting together good tag matches is secondary on the priority list to making break-out singles stars.

        Depsite having at least SOME push (albeit briefly) as singles stars Animal and Hawk from LOD will ALWAYS be remembered as a great TEAM, all my fond memories of those two are from them together, not seperated – look at the Nasty Boys, did either of them EVER try anything solo?

        There are of course exceptions, Brett was one but the big one was Shawn Michaels, as great as the Rockers were, he was TOO GOOD to be in a team, and went on to be arguably the greatest singles competitor in WWE history – certainly up there with the greats – would he have been held in the same esteem and have changed the company as much as he did as one half of the Rockers?? NO WAY!!

  • Macho Man

    It’s pretty sad how far WWE has let the tag team division fall. I grew up with tag teams such as The The Road Warriors,The British Bulldogs,The Killer Bees, The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, Demolition, Strike Force, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, APA, The New Age Outlaws, to name a few. All of which had pretty long successful runs in WWF/WWE. I’m not trying to degrade The Uso’s, Prime Time Players or Reigns and Rollins(who are in reality two members of a three man group, hence not really a true tag team) but none of these tag teams are anywhere close to the above mentioned tag teams. If this is all the more effort WWE is going to put into the tag team division they should probably just do away with it!

    • JMD

      i agree…posted about that a week or so back. i think this might be a resurgence, but WWE has to actually care about the tag ranks again and stick with it. i don’t mind the sort of “all star teams” like kane and daniel bryan from time to time, but i too grew up in the era you mentioned, where a team like the headbangers, fun to watch and hard workers, were basically jobbers (tho they did get a brief title run). unless WWE really focuses on the tag ranks to an extent, the times of teams like the LOD/Warriors, Demolition, Hart Foundation etc may be long gone.

    • [B]ANExx

      I agree that it is sad how far they allowed to it to fall, but they have been SLOWLY building it back up – superstars aren’t made overnight and tag teams are no different, Bryan took (approx) 2 years from debut to get where he is today, they can’t just click their fingers and make tag-team mega stars.

      The issue they are facing is many of the great teams you just named were around for YEARS – how long where Edge and Christian in The Brood before really seeing recognition at the top level and going through those classic TLC matches which cemented what is possibly WWEs strongest EVER tag division (bold statement, I know..)? There is no quick fix solution, if in 12 to 18 months all the current teams have been split up and they are shoving together more singles stars in need of -something- to keep them on TV then yeah, that sucks. BUT if in a years time, PTP / Usos / Los Mat. / Tons of Funk / 3MB are still together what you have are several well established teams with character and experience which will hopefully be all the revitalisation the division requires!!

  • KingBack

    The best thing is to have a Shield vs Usos vs PTP vs Real Americans match

  • Sieg

    I honestly hope Los Matadores aren’t given the straps on their debut. What I’d rather see is the PTP eventually pushed as the tag team who decide to step up and back up Bryan. This would be a better scenario since it’ll get them a positive reaction and hopefully transfer some of Bryan’s popularity to them. Over a few months they’d feud and eventually win the straps…or maybe if the American Wolves are brought in in time they can be the guys who take the straps e.g. Vince or Shane or Austin, aka the person who will help Bryan, will bring them in as his personal back up along with someone like Kassius who could feud with Ambrose…it’d be a good guy’s version of The Shield lol

  • cubfan4life

    While I agree that I would like to see them push true tag teams like the Usos or PTPers. However a “thrown together” team in Kane and Daniel Bryan has been the biggest success in recent memory in the tag division.

    That being said here is my idea. Ricardo and RVD just seems like a goofy pairing by themselves. So why not take the soon to be returning Rey Mysterio and pair him with RVD to take the titles. Definitely not at NOC but perhaps the PPV after? I dont see RVD taking the WHC off of Del Rio and if he does it would likely only be so Sandow can cash in.

    A Rey/RVD pairing works on a few different levels. It gives them both something to do immediately following RVD exiting the WHC title picture and Rey returning. It makes the Ricardo/RVD pairing make more sense. It allows two guys who are a little long in the tooth to work less demanding matches. It allows the Shield to focus on the current corporation angle and lets the tag titles be involved in a separate program. And it sets up perfectly with long term booking. Take the titles off the Shield, successfully defend the rematch, then set up a feud with the Real Americans with Colter screaming about how a mexican and a “free spirit” took their spot etc. That takes you up through the end of the year then they can set up the next run through WM30.

  • Rg41982

    3mb baby!

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