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Why Wait For WrestleMania?

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Or SummerSlam for that matter.

And when I pose this question, I’m referring to all the talk about these Wrestlemania-worthy matches that are taking place. We had two amazing ones at Money in the Bank, and a recent one booked for Battleground.

Seth Rollins versus Roman Reigns; John Cena versus AJ Styles; and now the Triple Threat match involving the Shield? Surely, the WWE is jumping the gun a bit when it comes to matches the fans have been waiting oh-so long for! I mean, SummerSlam is only about 60 days away (give or take), they could’ve waited to book at least one of these matches, dream matches some would say, for that time.

Perhaps, but I say: Why wait for Wrestlemania?

First off, I’m certainly not one to complain, especially when I being entertained. The interesting thing is, for so long, some within the WWE Universe have griped about seeing the same two competitors go at it. How many times can one see Randy Orton and John Cena go at it? Brock Lesnar and John Cena? What about Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose? Jack Swagger and Rusev? Cesaro and Kevin Owens? I’m not putting down these talents, or the incredible matches they have been able to pull out, time and time again. Piggy-backing on the history of an older feud, to create a new program is good, and can often produce some historic matches; but creating new, fresh, compelling programs is nothing to snuff about either.

Which is exactly what the WWE is doing right now. While we all get excited about the Big Four, there’s also something to be said about creating some buzz around the other monthly pay-per-views (PPV). Sure, it’s clear, the WWE values its casual fan base, but at the same time, solid, monthly PPVs, that are built up appropriately, will also turn a casual fan, into a long-term one.

More than just building a strong foundation for monthly PPVs, headlining main events comprised of so-called ‘dream matches’ placed in monthly events other then the Big Four will entice casual fans, and loyal fans alike want to watch every PPV; and if you are tuning in monthly, you are going to want to subscribe to the WWE Network.

Besides, in this day and age with injuries plaguing the roster, I say, if there is an opportunity for a program that will excite the fans, then why wait? Sure, there needs to be some sort of ‘head office’ strategy around larger-than-life PPVs like Wrestlemania and SummerSlam (for marketing, for buzz, to create some hype), but as long-term fan, I’m happy to see the Triple Threat now, versus than later. Why? Because at the end of the day, (and as we have all learned in the past) injury can strike at any time, to any superstar, on the roster … and then the match is lost, the opportunity is gone. AJ Styles could get injured, and once he’s healed and back; John Cena could be off for an extended amount of time doing movies. What happens? That program lands on a list of “Top 10 Dream Matches That Never Happened”.

Who would have ever thought Daniel Bryan’s last match would’ve been in England, teaming up with John Cena against Cesar and Tyson Kidd in England, on April 14th, 2015? If he, you, WWE brass, or myself knew, that match, was his farewell match, would it have been booked differently? Would his Wrestlemania 31 match been booked differently?

Everyone was waiting with crazy anticipation for John Cena versus The Undertaker this past Wrestlemania 32 … and did that happen? Will it now ever happen? Who knows …

Would we have gotten that Shield Triple Threat match at this past Wrestlemania 32, had Seth Rollins not been injured? All three members are (hopefully) no where near retirement, but a six-month injury, occurring at the worst time of the year, could further push any match back.

And really, at the end of the day, couldn’t any bout have potential to be a Wrestlemania-worthy match? With the right build up, the write booking, the passion from each talent involved within the program, and the right storyline. Especially now, with the slew of talent flooding into the WWE, as both RAW and SmackDown hefty up their rosters to get geared up for this brand extension: TNAers and other Indie darlings are being welcomed into the fold; NXTers are being brought up to the main roster; and older, former WWE talents, who never imagined a return, are pondering the idea of re-entering the organization. With increased talent, the combinations are endless, the dream matches increase, and the fans are entertained. It’s an exciting time to be a WWE fan.

With the incredible momentum, and resurgence of excitement, not to mention the flurry of activity surrounding the brand extension, and the WWE as an whole, in its own right, the possibilities when it comes to Wrestlemania is sky’s the limit.

So, why wait WWE. Continue to book these Wrestlemania-worthy matches, during monthly PPVs, don’t wait for the Big Four; continue to entertain me; and of course, continue to add WWE memories to my mental library, where I can turn to fellow fans and say, “Remember that Triple Threat match against The Shield.”

I’ll let you worry about SummerSlam and Wrestlemania.

WNZ fans, what are your thoughts? Should the WWE be waiting to book these Wrestlemania-worthy matches, for well, Wrestlemania; or, are you enjoying the fact that they are being booked for PPVs, outside the Big Four. You know the drill, leave your comments below! I’d love to read them!

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  • BooGonk

    Absolutely, Dorathy!! Once again you have read my mind!

  • That boy Alejandro

    I think they made the match at battleground and not summerslam because the shield members are going to different brands after the draft.

    • Dorathy

      Good point!

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