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Ways To Improve RAW

The current direction of RAW has been questionable the past few months. Fans don’t seem to enjoy the main selling points and the ratings seem to agree. RAW needs some changes and here are a few.
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  • That boy Alejandro

    Ways to improve raw is don’t have the same single matches week after week same goes to tag team matches and bring one more championship like the cruiserweight championship so we can see some high flying matches and have JBL stop being annoying on commentary. Bring back the U.S. open challenge too.

    • jcice13

      I much rather see a TV title than a cruiserweight one, since after all it is a TV show and in the past other territories used it for a nice stepping stone

  • Joseph Lisnow

    US Challenge was a highlight for many stars.

    • jcice13

      I just thought it was a way to appease Cena’s ego and let him go out there and say how much better that belt was than the world title just because he had an open challenge

  • jcice13

    first and foremost IMO, the thing that should be changed is the announce team. yes let Mauro take the lead.Cole has run his course, he’s not good enough, let him do Smackdown…and if this IS a “new era”? then make it new all over.JBL? what does that stand for Just Being Lazy???? and the other guy? why is he even there?..I’d even give Brad Maddox a shot at one of the color spots but it could be anyone as long as it’s not these 3.also here’s an innovative idea..they have quite a few guys who can talk and sell why not have a revolving 3rd seat and let Ambrose sit in once then say Miz etc Jericho…and others it might keep the commentary fresh with a new voice weekly and yet keep those guys doing it in the loop with angles and such

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