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Ways To Improve SmackDown

The current direction of SmackDown has been questionable the past few months. Fans don’t seem to enjoy the main selling points and the ratings seem to agree. SmackDown needs some changes and here are a few.
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  • It Begins kid

    SmackDown should move to Tuesday nights and be Live. I hate the fake audience cheers/boos.

  • The Shockmaster

    Make it live and on Tuesdays. That’s all WWE needs to do.

  • Zack

    Make it more about wrestling. Most of it is but tone down the Raw replays and make the SD matches as competitive as Raw. And don’t be afraid to experiment! Make it a special event. Have an all women’s show night. Have women main events in fact. Have an all steel cage night. Have a King of the Ring night (if they’re not willing to make it a PPV) Have world title matches again. Do interpromotional work with both NXT and main roster guys.

  • Xbias

    They need the brand split. I do not have any idea how guys like Apollo Crews and Kalisto are ever going to reach their full potential, when we have raw stacked up with what we actually want. Wrestlers that knows their craft. And when the injury list starts to get smaller again, guys like Cena, Orton and Rollins are going to take some TV time again, therefore, zero storylines for guys that deserve it.
    The brand split should happen, and bring back two world championships. Take the United States Championship over to Smackdown, and make it a title defended every week, creating some fuzz about the show, and of course, go live, to stop spoilers from ruining it. I even think it would be cool to say that Raw was the show that they travel with, and make Smackdown come from the same arena each week, maybe in Stamford. That way, it doesn’t become the same show, with different wrestlers, but two different shows, with different feelings to it.

  • That boy Alejandro

    Cancel smackdown and put NXT on thursdays and make it 2 hours

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i like!

  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    They need to have Mauro and King call SmackDown without Byron Saxton. That way, those two will further develop chemistry with each other and commentary would be much more bearable to listen to.

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Enforce a brand split. Have most of the heavy hitters with some young prospects that WWE are really high on stay on Raw. Have most of the young talent, up and comers on Smackdown, with a few veterans that are willing to work with the new guys , can make them look good, having them go over etc. Basically run it in a similar format to NXT, but not exactly. And….Keep NXT as is , a showcase of the future.

    3 shows, each unique, different rosters which leads to varied matches, styles, promos etc etc.

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