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Welcome To The Kevin Owens Show

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Not many were predicting a Kevin Owens win, during the August 29th edition of Monday Night RAW. But then again, not many were predicting a Triple H return, as well as a turn on Seth Rollins. In fact, if we all didn’t know how scripted the entire thing was, I’d think that Kevin Owens himself was a little shocked by the outcome. As mediocre as RAW was once again this week, the main event and outcome more than made up for this; the match itself was amazing, and how everything rolled out. Triple H gave Seth Rollins the Pedigree, Owens jumped on him for the three-count, and Twitter exploded. We now have another WWE Universal Champion, who is ready for a solid run.

I’m quite happy with the results. Only days early I wrote my weekly Dear WWE Creative piece, which centered around Kevin Owens becoming the next Universal Champion; wanting him to win the match, but not expecting it. Welcome to the new era indeed, a time where those WWE superstars you would not expect to become a high-level champion, do so; and those talents who ‘deserve it’ are given a chance. And Kevin Owens becoming the new WWE Universal Champion is why it is a good time to be a wrestling fan.

But, what happens next? It’s hard to really tell. Does Seth Rollins turn face? Does he embark on a feud with Triple H or Kevin Owens? Or with the fact that Triple H had such a disregard for Stephanie last night, and Owens has been getting pops as of late: do HHH and Owens turn face? We certainly need at least another RAW to get a better indication of how this story will turn. But if I was a betting woman, I’d say that Rollins (face) and Owens (heel) will most likely enter a program, with Triple H on Owens side, and being the constant fact or why Owens continues to win. But, this storyline could turn in so many different directions.

As for now, it’s still time to simply bask in the win. From an Indie darling to one of the fastest rising NXT stars to hit the WWE main roster, to beating John Cena, to his two-time Intercontinental Championship run: this has to be a surreal moment for Kevin Owens. Wrestling for 16 years, doing small shows, working the indies; all the hard work, missing family, bumps, bruises, travelling, staying in cheap motels, internet haters telling him he’d never make it; all of that working up to this moment.

Welcome to the Kevin Owens Show folks, the era of Owens has just begun. I for one am counting the days down until the next Monday Night RAW and see how this truly unfolds.

WNZ fans! How do you feel about Kevin Owens as WWE’s next Universal Champion? Leave your comments below!

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