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What a Dying Wrestling Company Looks & Sounds Like

Vince McMahon

“Without my daddy’s paycheck, you would still be in a trailer and this house that AJ Styles built, that all these people always talk about, guess what? Dixie Carter built that house. She owns it and you are lucky, LUCKY, LUCKY! to have ever played in it.” — Dixie Carter to AJ Styles

It was the kind of moment that will be immediately highlighted in The Death of TNA, should Bryan Alvarez choose to write the book on the company’s eventual demise.

My friendly advice to TNA management: burn the tape from Thursday’s show, never watch it again, finish out the programs on the October PPV, hit the reset button, and get ready for the 2014 campaign with a clean slate. As we wrote in our article listing 10 benchmarks TNA should use to analyze the company’s future, now is the time to stop the bleeding and to forge a new path as a real alternative in the American wrestling space.

Thursday night’s angle between Dixie Carter & AJ Styles was embarrassing. After Styles won the Bound for Glory tournament and became #1 contender for the TNA title, Styles spent his energy calling out Carter rather than Bully Ray. In the process, Carter gave herself more television time in taped and in-ring segments. Unfortunately for TNA supporters, it’s the kind of thing you see from money marks who are on their last legs and pressing the panic button. If the joy ride is going to end then, dammit, here comes the TV time. After all, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan aren’t going to tell her that she can’t be the hero and save her own wrestling company. They need her to be delusional in order to continue drawing paychecks.

The angle was classic Bischoff. Remember when he appeared on camera on a Nitro from Worcester, Massachusetts and challenged Vince McMahon to a fight? Faux shoots with prerequisite name dropping. Tearing down others to the point where the fans are confused about who to cheer for because it’s as appealing as watching two parents fighting each other before getting a divorce. That’s Uncle Eric, for sure.

“Dixie Carter’s daddy bought her a wrestling company. No blood, no sweat, and no experience in wrestling at all. I mean, hey, the problem is that she broke up the chemistry that made TNA what it was.”

There was AJ Styles, put in the unenviable position of explaining why he’s mad about Dixie Carter burying her own company. It’s the “yeah, we know we suck, so give us credit for acknowledging it” type of mentality that drove WCW into the ground.

It’s also the start of yet another lame heel authority angle with the money mark on television being convinced by those milking her for cash that she can really pull this off.

Styles name dropped Jerry Lynn, world traveler Low Ki, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, and apparently Christian & RVD.

Dixie Carter traded them in for MMA stars and guys who apparently needed a two-year paid vacation to come down to TNA, do absolutely nothing, and go back where they belong.”

TNA, the league where wrestlers go on vacation. And Eric Bischoff convinced Dixie Carter that having AJ Styles say this on national television would help the company out.

“Am I the only who’s pissed off about this?!?”

Then came the dig at ‘dirt sheets.’

“Your biggest mistake is staring you right in the face. You see, you’ve given me the opportunity to win your world heavyweight title and, despite what the internet says, I don’t have a contract here. And believe you and me when I say this, Dixie, there’s not a contracted wrestler back there that has any respect for you any way.

“And Dixie, I’m going to make you get on your knees and beg and then I’m going to make you pay.”

Oh, there’s a lot of wrestlers who have made her pay (a lot of money) over the years and it’s why TNA is in big trouble.

And then a final message from Team Bischoff & Trixie Dixie to the boys who have gotten screwed over repeatedly by TNA.

“I am so, so, sorry… that I ever, ever, EVER allowed you to think that you were important in this company and I should have told you a long, long time ago that you have never been anything more than a little bit better than an average fish in any pond, and you hear what I mean, any pond you might be in, AJ. And this whole Phenomenal One stuff? It’s an illusion and, by the way, an illusion that I created. A marketing gimmick! For all those wonderful five-star matches that you used to have and I say used to have because I CAN’T FRICKIN’ REMEMBER THE LAST TIME YOU HAD ONE! Everything about you lately, in front of the camera, behind the camera, in the locker room has been so subpar that you would be lucky if we call you The Marginal One because I swear you are nothing, you are NOTHING like you used to be. Nothing.”

This is what a wrestling company that is dying sounds like. Americans love a winner. They don’t love a loser. You don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing when it comes to the direction TNA is headed as an organization. The train heading south is in the process of derailing.

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  • jcice13

    when will the ones responsible for writing columns like this come to the realization that wrestling is an act and scripted just like all the other shows on TV? and as much as americans LOVE winners they also really dig rooting on the underdog and hoping they can be successful.

    as for whatever bischoff wanted this angle to be and what he’s done in the past it’s not a big deal pertaining to the health of this company. when a patient has an inoperable brain tumor and has say a month to live, if he started smoking cigarettes and doing crack cocaine that wouldn’t be the reason for his death.

    this company lasted a hell of a lot longer than anyone ever expected and now it’s time for them to light up and get the pipe out

    • Tsall13

      This column has nothing to do with being anti TNA cause that promo by Dixie and AJ was horrible and I mean just down right horrible… she really is delusional and and saying all that stuff on tv to put over herself one last time as a uber heel just isn’t going to work cause no one cares about her she’s trying to copy the WWE storyline right now and it’s funny no one else is seeing that she’s playing Stephanie while AJ is playing Bryan or Punk from a few years ago… everything TNA does is recycled from WWE they never have fresh ideas and the ones they have last a few weeks before they realize how stupid they are and drop them…. TNA would of died years ago if it wasn’t for Bob Carter he gave them some life support… Well that life support has been slowly fading and with the projected losses that he’s about to see TNA is about to flat line this coming year especially when we see Sting, Styles, Angle and Hardy in WWE VERY VERY SOON… once those guys are gone they have nothing but a bunch of over rated indie guys and way past their prime WWE guys left to carry the ball which isn’t going to happen… I hope Bob Carter sells to Vince behind his daughters back cause that would be great to see…

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        Yeah and the reincarnation of the invasion storyline. WWE vs TNA.

        • Abudadein

          TNA should invade Chikara!

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            If TNA did invade Chikara, the storyline will be interesting.

          • Abudadein

            Yes, yes indeed. I’d love to see AJ Styles take on Jigsaw!

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Yeah that match will be a 5 star match.

          • Abudadein

            It sure would, Mrs. Ambrose. It surely would. :)

          • Damian Starr

            doesn’t jigsaw wrestle under rubix when he does the odd match in the x division?

      • jcice13

        no one else she’s she’s trying to emulate stephanie? really you think no one else sees that and I don’t see why you added in the beginning of your reply to me about anti tna I said nothing to that regard

        • Tsall13

          Meant to hit the reply on the other guy who said that not you sorry phone skipped down the page on me… my point is if everyone sees she’s trying to emulate the best female heel in the business today then why keep blaming Hogan and Eric?? They take orders from her not the other way around…

          • jcice13

            no problem about the reply thing,but come on that’s not a rhetorical question??? after reading the article and already knowing that dixie had zero knowledge about wrestling and then 2 of the biggest con men in the game come aboard with no other jobs in the business in sight and they tell her how they beat vince’s pants off for 2 straight years in the monday night wars and blow smoke up her dress about how they will be just as successful here? do you really believe they couldn’t wrap that woman around their fingers with the survival bs they can spew?
            of course dixie gets the blame but hogan and bischoff deserve just as much, they know they’ve been working the hell out of her and damn both their kids got jobs there as well when there are literally a 100 performers out there that are better. practically every person let go in the last 6 months is better than garrett and brooke, I take that back..EVERYONE let go is better LOL

          • Tsall13

            I completely agree with you on all of that and I’m sure they have been spinning her like a top since the first day their and she can’t say no to them cause she doesn’t know any better… what she has done these last two years is irreversible their is no turning back now for TNA the only option they have is to beg for JR to come in and help and I mean that’s such a long shot even if he agrees he still has no chance in hell to fix what has happened… would of loved for TNA to succeed and give Vince a run for his money cause at one point they had the home grown talent and rare match types to succeed but now there’s just no chance and it’s sad but at the same time we might finally get our dream matches with talent coming to the WWE like Sting vs Taker which could out sell any other match ever promoted…

      • Henry Gibson Leake

        every wrestling show angle is copy fom another wrestling show angle…. the montreal screwjob is the most copied angle in history… followed by corporate vs the lockerroom… tna has some great action they just need to refocus on what made people tune into them in the first place…. the mma style ring, the womens n x-division and their tag team division… put their own edgy twists on the storylines… they are still going to be around for a long time….. they have solid numbers for a number two promotion…. they just need to revamp their live n tape tv programs…

  • P1

    So tired about reading TNA articles from a guy who is clearly anti-TNA and is seems so hopeful that TNA dies. Its soo simple, if you don’t like the product, then don’t watch!

    • Chelsii?

      We’d rather a company pull their finger out and make an effort than do nothing, screw everyone over and die. That’s what TNA is doing, because it’s garbage.

      • Damian Starr

        Have you read any of his articles? He is so blinded by his bias that he can’t see that there are some actual good things, (not many but they are there) going for TNA

        • jcice13

          are they really his articles? or does he just copy and paste from other sites?

          • Damian Starr

            If thats the case then bloody fire him! I’d expect him to come up with some original content

          • jcice13

            I seriously doubt that he gets paid so firing him would be a moot point right?

          • Abudadein

            I believe Arnold’s work is original. Poorly written, but original. If he was a 14-year-old boy taking his first crack at writing, I could be more forgiving. But I have a feeling he’s an adult, as he has a decent knowledge of Japanese wrestling from over the years, and wrote an okay piece on Kobashi retiring a while back. Regardless of his age he would benefit greatly, as I’ve already said, from taking a writing course or at the very least picking up the book The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. Otherwise, intuitive readers will find there’s a real lack of credibility to his writing. Having said that, his features do spark discussion, which he likely finds encouraging. I just want to see him work at his craft rather than embarrass himself week after week with these poorly written articles riddled with grammatical errors, redundant phrasing, and over usage of short sentences in succession.

          • FordOLoads

            beware, mod’s watching…might ban you here.

          • Abudadein

            It would be greatly beneficial for Arnold to take a writing improvement course to help with sentence structure and style. The topics of his articles often grab my intention, but I find them painfully difficult to read. He also needs to practice his fact-checking skills, and never rely on Wikipedia as a reliable source.

          • jcice13

            but he DOES copy and paste as opposed to writing them himself??? and if not let’s face it couldn’t anyone offer their time to write for sites like this?

        • Chelsii?

          No one cares about his articles, it’s the fact TNA is useless to the wrestling world at this point.

    • JustPro

      so tired of people dogging these articles… they are facts and its time for TNA to roll over and die

      • Jim Evans

        You wish they would. If you don’t like the product, then don’t watch it. People have been complaining about TNA from day one hoping they go out of business, but guess what, they are still out their. Deal with it .

        • JustPro

          I dont watch the product but I have in the past… TOo many bad decisions and its a total waste of space…. Hopefully we all dont have to deal with the fact they are still out their much longer….

          • Jim Evans

            Then how can you complain about it now if you don’t watch it ? That is the problem with people, open mouth and insert foot.

  • Michael Ray Phillips Jr

    Im really interested to see how Dixie will show her true colors and end up joining Aces and 8s because Bully gave money to save the company and Screw AJ styles

  • Macho Man

    TNA, we wish you well in you’re future endeavors!

  • Damian Starr

    Could tell who’d written this by the title of the article… Well done Zach you successfully copied and pasted the transcript of the promo for 80% of this and then added your usual fear mongering as per!
    However Dixie just can’t play a heel (or anything for that matter) and her promo skills are worse than Brock Lesners. After a good start to it from AJ, the return from Dixie was just poor

    • KingBack

      At least Lesnar is funny.

      • Abudadein

        Lesnar is hilarious. I always thought he was right up there with Jerry Seinfeld, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy when it comes to brilliance and comedic timing. Lesnar is a riot!

        • Jim Evans

          Really ? Really ? Really ?

    • Abudadein

      Dixie was pretty funny in the sitcom Designing Women, if you’ve ever seen the series. I’ve always thought she was a beautiful southern belle.

  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    TNA is awful. While I have my issues with the current version of the WWE, at least it’s mildly entertaining at times. TNA’s only use for me is to cure insomnia.
    If TNA wants to survive they need to be different than the WWE. Shine the light on tag team and women’s rasslin’… or look to the past and find some gimmicks that worked and aren’t played… like a dog collar or scaffold match

  • Jim Evans

    The problem is that Dixie Carter didn’t build TNA. It was built by Jerry Jarrett & Jeff Jarrett . If it wasn’t for Dixie’s father, she wouldn’t be in the position she is in. She needs to step back, take a look in the mirror and get a reality check.

    • Henry Gibson Leake

      actually jerry n jeff started tna with the help of dixie and her dad’s money… so she was right about that… and as far as the product that tna produces… they shouldve went on the road a while back before they tried to go head to head with wwe on monday nites… there are a couple of things they shouldve done prior to setting up… but they are in a solid spot and vince isnt going to let them take a deep fall…

      • Jim Evans

        It was started by the Jarrett’s in 2002 and later on that year , some of it was purchased by Robert W. Carter. On June 19 , 2002 they aired their first show.

        • JustPro

          And wasted everyones time with a junk of a product… Soon they will die like WCW

  • JH

    I am so sick of Zach Arnold’s god awful bias and ignorant short sighted opinions, anyone who thinks TNA is about to die is silly. And I’m not saying that because I like them, I can’t stand their product, I say it because So long as they’ve got a tv deal, they’ll be in business, tons of other smaller promotions would kill for the spot TNA has. They may have to cut some guys, get creative with the way they handle signing talent, they may not be making a killing but if they’re not making any money right now it would be easy for them to tweak their business to make it more profitable, but as long as they’re spike tv’s biggest drawing program, they’re going to be around.

    The reason WCW failed was because of the changes at turner that caused them to lose their tv spot, without tv, it made them worthless and the investors bischoff lined up who would have kept it going bailed because of it, and that made it an easy call for Vince to buy them out and shut down after they’d been a thorn in his side for so long. TNA isn’t in the same situation where every one on the roster has a massive over inflated contract, and they’re not operating in gigantic deficits the way WCW was. they have a strong parent company who is intent on keeping their wrestling company, and Spike isn’t about to completely change their direction like TNT did. You’ll know TNA is on the verge of closing when they’re up for sale by the parent company, not when their storylines are crap you don’t like.

    • Abudadein

      I agree. TNA is not yet in hospice care, and it could be around for a number of years still. I’m no longer a fan of the product, but I consider myself a realist, and I see TNA sticking around for quite a while despite the symptoms they’re showing.

      • JH

        I don’t even think they’re symptoms of a dying company, they’re symptoms of a company trying to adjust to be more profitable, which was to be expected after they went on the road.

        Guarantee if they were to fire hogan and bischoff all the articles would be talking about how Dixie just saved the company. But reading in to angles on tv like they’re indicative of what’s going on backstage and behind the scenes at a corporate level is stupid.

        • Abudadein

          Excellent point, and well communicated. Take note Zach Arnold.

    • JustPro

      You sir are an idiot his articles are spot on the truth

      • Guest

        No, they’re ridiculous, you just happen to agree with him.

        But his article is stupid, first he’s suggesting Dixie is being a money mark, which is ridiculous because a money mark is selfish and looking to squeeze every penny out of a promotion before it folds, while Dixie is actively trying to continue building her company. Secondly he’s criticizing her for seeming to be hitting the panic button, while his solution is suggesting they hit the ultimate panic button and wiping the slate completely clean, and starting over. That sir, is what a company on the verge of failure does, that’s not what TNA is currently doing.

        Dixie and company is trying to create their own Mr. McMahon. And they’re using AJ to help do so and he’s trying to be the anti-hero by attempting to mimic Punk’s pipe bomb, and contract storyline from 2011. The problem simply is the people playing these roles aren’t nearly good enough to deliver the story they’re trying to tell.

        And TNA’s situation isn’t comparable at all to WCW’s dying days. WCW didn’t go under simply because storylines weren’t getting over. They had massive guarantees for a gigantic roster, a lot of which never saw a second of tv time, massive operating expenses, horrible management at just about every level, and they were always directly in competition with WWE, and Vince wanted to crush them. The nail in the coffin though was Time Warner’s new management wanting nothing to do with wrestling, and taking away their tv deals. If it wasn’t for WCW not having any tv deals in place, they would have been bought for a lot more than wwe bought it for, and new management could have solved a lot of their problems and made them a really solid number 2 wrestling company.

        TNA currently uses small barely livable guarantees and pay per appearance, they don’t pay a massive roster of wrestlers to not show up to live events, that alone makes their management a million times better than WCW. They also aren’t in direct competition with the wwe either, and spike seems to be hellbent on keeping TNA on their network. As long as there’s a tv deal and they have a larger audience than the rest of their network’s programming then they’ll have enough value to stay afloat. Their problem is they don’t have a good creative team, and that most people watch and compare it’s stories, talent and production values to the WWE, of course they make TNA look like garbage, but compared to every other promotion they’re perfectly adequate.

  • Devon

    TNA was better than WWE from 2005-2008(I didn’t watch WWE from mid 2008-early 2011 so I can’t judge that). I just want Hogan & Bitchoff out cuz they killed TNA. TNA sucks now. They need to release Hogan, Bitchoff and Sting, release all the mma fighters. Release all the useless people. Start fresh & become great like TNA once was. Its horrible now.

  • Z….

    I dont get why people seem to NEED to be a hater of a certain company. You should want all wrestling companies to succeed, but whatever. The way the world works nowadays, I’m not surprised that EVERYTHING needs to be an argument or an exchange of childish insults

  • Iowa_Contact

    I don’t watch TNA, but I did youtube this segment for a good laugh. Am I the only one who thought Dixie Carter was trying to be a poor woman’s Vickie Guerrero??

    • Gavin Lopez

      Yeah, I think she’s trying to be Stephanie McMahon.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    TNA was worth watching through 2008, maybe 2009. That’s it. Its been dead ever since, with a few fun nostalgia moments every now and then, which they would inevitably ruin.

  • Scott Walker

    Weak pipe bomb from AJ who is awful at promo to promote heel turn for Dixie. No mention of James Storm who is sidelined as a tag team guy with dead wood Gunner, OUCH!Think the Mickie James thing is a work to give her time to promote her music B4 a return to KO division.

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