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What Now for The Shield?

Since they emerged, The Shield has taken on, and taken out, many top superstars, generally without concern for who they are or what they are. Face or heel, champion or not did not matter. They seemed to be working for some greater good in their eyes. At first it was insinuated that they were linked possibly to Punk and Heyman, then it just seemed like in some cases they could be hired muscle. And then, on August 19th 2013,  at Raw… they protect the ring for the McMahons and HHH and seemingly do their bidding.

So, I ask, has The Shield taken a step forward or a step back?

If I were inclined to think this, I could say they took a step forward by aligning themselves as the Corporate muscle. Who wouldn’t want to be hitching their wagon with the owner, the COO and the WWE Champion? It makes sense…but does it make sense for The Shield?

My first thought was that it does not. These three men went from calculated villains to corporate henchmen. It doesn’t seem to suit them. Second, does this shake out as a scheme that has been afoot for virtually as long as they’ve been active in WWE? In which case, there are inconsistencies perhaps, considering that Orton went against The Shield not that long ago. But, we all know many WWE storylines have plot holes that may never be answered, so….anything is possible.

But, suppose for a moment they aren’t really operating as hired muscle for McMahon and HHH. Suppose this is some rebirth of Legacy, in a new mold. Then of course it would make sense to want as many titles in the stable as possible. That would be logical. Using your tag champs and US Champ as bodyguards? Not so much.

This is something I look to have explained better in the coming weeks. Are they a part of this new alliance? Was their involvement a short term arrangement only? Could this finally be the WWE making an effort to let us know who has been giving The Shield their marching orders for nearly a year now? As prominent a role as they’ve played since their explosion onto the WWE scene, I don’t know that they could be easily diminished. But I do fear that if their inclusion is mishandled, they could be derailed, and that could be a bad thing.

How these next few weeks unfolds will be critical for the future of The Shield, and I for one am quite curious to see how things unfold.

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  • Sieg

    Right now I don’t see there being any problem with their affiliation with the new Corporation as they’ve been shown to be mercenary in regards to being hired guns for heels. If WWE had built up some of its young stars to feud with them we would have a fun feud on our hands and also some direction for both groups. Imagine this young babyface trio had been feuding with them for a few months and then had been beat, they’re disheartened after months and months of coming so close. The weeks/2-3 months leading up to Summerslam The Shield have been running roughshod over everyone and now they’re a thorn in Daniel Bryan’s side. Bryan seeks the babyface trio out to motivate them to have his back, instantly you have Bryan as the new main event babyface but also six young guys (The Shield and the babyface trio) getting some rub by being associated with the main event. The tag titles and the US titles would benefit from being part of such a feud.

    WWE missed a serious opportunity when they gave The Shield’s first loss away on tv and have had them consistently lose and DQ themselves. Imagine if they’d remained undefeated and at Night of Champions they hand The Shield their first loss? That would be huge for the babyface trio and the feud can continue for a little bit longer….One can dream I guess *cries* lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aMVlNPjpbI The Devourer of Dimensions

    The Shield are going to keep going up, I hope they stick around as a group till this story ends, then they can go their separate ways.

    Believe in the Shield!

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Yeah until one becomes jealous over the other ones success

  • YM5

    Orton fought the Shield because they were stopping him from getting ahead, now he’s champion, why would he have beef with them? thats entirely logical. and its a rebirth of the Corporation not Legacy, obviously (how long have you been watching wrestling? you should’ve said Evolution before Legacy)

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I never thought about that in that way but it makes since

    • cubfan4life

      This is the second article that Ive seen someone refer to it as the “rebirth of Legacy”. This is in no way similar to Legacy. Legacy was Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase. All sons of former wrestlers. Hence, Legacy.

      This is, as you said, the Corporation 2.0. Hopefully they will just use some of the old stuff mixed with some new ideas and not just give us a carbon copy of the same storylines that were used back in the day.

      Either way Im excited to see what comes from this with the “Corporation” on one side and some new faces on the other with Bryan as the headliner. Cena is out, Sheamus is out, Punk is currently occupied with Heyman. Right now Bryan is as hot as they come and can help carry the storyline for the most part. But hopefully they use this as a vehicle to also bring some other guys to top of the card where they should be.

  • Bad News Bro

    If anything, I see The Shield turning soon. Their reactions are getting noticeably louder, they’re far more interesting as characters than most babyfaces, the best teams right now for them to feud with are all villains, and their entire gimmick of “bringing justice to the WWE” is more appropriate for a group of fan favorites.

    What it seems like they’re trying to do by including The Shield as corporate’s muscle is position them as another obstacle in Daniel Bryan’s path to the WWE Championship. And, once Bryan inevitably conquers all and gets another title shot, it’s feasible to think that Triple H and company will try and screw Bryan yet again, but imagine if The Shield were to turn on them and help Bryan get his long overdue victory. As the emergent leaders of a new generation, they would anoint Daniel Bryan as the face of that generation, and would begin a power-struggle as they would then begin their quest to liberate the WWE from the tyrannical Mcmahons.

    I agree it makes more sense for The Shield to be against the system than alongside it, but remember it is all part of a process, and for the time being it works. Plus, The Shield standing guard over the McMahons and Orton is a great visual.

  • Kiwi

    I think it’s good the shield are being the hired muscle, it keeps the stable fresh and a potential for another storyline. I was getting worried that creative would soon have them in filler matches to kill a few minutes.

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    Honestly, I am hoping if they want The Shield to face the Wyatt Family, they will use this Corporation feud to get them there. We could see a late turn by The Shield as they realise that being the hired muscle for something “injustice” is against what they believe in. See them turn on the Corporation causing Daniel Bryan to get his much deserved win over Orton for the title.

    This could be a year later down the line as they develop the concept of such injustice being performed after so many attacks done. It would be great seeing this done at WM or even next years SS.

  • JH

    The shield are just hired guns for HHH and Vince at this point, it’s not a plot hole, Heyman proved their brand of justice can be bought.

    But I like the idea of them being Vince & HHH’s muscle standing in between Bryan and Orton, if I was booking it, I’d have the Shield screw Bryan the next time he and Orton lock up at Night of Champions, and then have a situation like Orton had a few years ago when he had to go through all the members of the new nexus to get a true 1-on-1 against punk. Only now Bryan would have to go through the Shield (preferably running the gauntlet) to earn Orton 1-on-1 in Hell in a Cell.

  • KingBack

    I think they will be involved in the Corporate angle.

  • dafo1126

    They should split Ambrose on his own keep Rollins and Reigns as a tag team. Imagine Ambrose vs Cesaro vs Sandoe for the WHC that would be epic!

  • Kyle

    The Shield are mercenaries of justice. People hire them to right an injustice and when they aren’t employed they act on their own. Their mission statement is simple… they want to right the wrongs of the WWE. It’s not difficult to imagine that the McMahons pitched their plans to them and it’s not hard to believe that they would accept it since Triple H’s whole speech was about how it’s what’s best for the brand. It’s makes perfect sense.

    And why does this guy continue to call this a rebirth of Legacy? Legacy was nothing like this. It’s a modern Corporation if anything.

  • Macho Man

    When do we see The Shield vs The Wyatt Family? I know both groups are heels and I can’t really make a case for turning either of them faces but isn’t 3 on 3 tailor made?

  • Ste201079

    I hope shield stick around so they can feud with a face Wyatt family at mania

    • Lucas Amato

      Bray Wyatt is has to be a top Heel.. and probably never(or at least in a long time) Faces.. Instead the shield can be faces in that match..

      • Ste201079

        That does make sense but if you think back to when Mankind first entered in the original WWF, he was more deranged than Bray Wyatt. Wyatt still gets a pop on his entrance which is an awesome entrance in all fairness so a face turn one day may happen but it depends on storylines and how they are portrayed. Shield face turn I can’t see but you never know, may very well do. Bryan I think will face HHH at mania, I can see Vince turning face over HHH and side with Bryan and he’ll represent him against the game, winner controls company

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I don’t think that the wyatt family will turn face anytime soon

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