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What We Learned on RAW: 10/7/13

The Big Show has had enough. Bob Backlund still looks certifiably nuts. And John Cena apparently heals super fast.

Talk about opening with a bang…Stephanie and Big Show going at it in the ring. Maybe it’s me, but there’s something so….grating….about Stephanie’s voice. Not fun to listen to. Overall, the segment worked for me, even with Show’s storyline firing, because the big man got his backbone back, and sets things up….title match in the future? Match with HHH at some point in the future? All of the above? Stay tuned, as we all know we haven’t seen the last of Paul Wight.

Ziggler and Sandow part deux, just one night removed from the first go-round. Sandow looked like a man on fire for much of it, but Ziggler pulls this one out in the end. Again, makes me question the booking…I know he has the briefcase, but you do kind of owe it to viewers to make him seem credible.

Stephanie, sans Hunter, was Hell-bent in getting someone to apologize, sincerely. So Brad Maddox got the task. Out he came, apologizing for everything, and announcing that the fans would vote for the guest ref-a choice of Booker T, Bob Backlund or HBK. What I am left wondering is what Stephanie said to Brad-“is it all set up”. Does that mean they rigged the vote? Or what? I wonder….

Apparently, CM Punk has a new friend in R-Truth. Or, they just have common enemies. I will admit, it was a fun match to watch, though now I wonder how serious the rumors are of an R-Truth heel turn.

The Cesaro Giant Swing is a sight to behold. Guy is seriously strong and gifted, and honestly underutilized now. Sure, the Real Americans have been on TV, but they don’t really have any part in a substantive program right now. I think that Swagger and Colter are holding him down…and I will admit it, I still miss the guy’s entrance music. It grew on me.

So, ADR flirts with Vickie, trying to get a nice match? And where does the flirting lead? A match against…Ricardo. But wait, there’s more…in the form of his next opponent for the title….JOHN CENA. Wow, Cena healed up super fast. I think this one may be a too quick kind of return. Is the rush back a sign of John’s remarkable healing capabilities? Or the WWE’s over-reliance on Cena to fix what appears to be a floundering WHC picture. I really feel this is an indication of WWE not certain what they want to do with the WHC–they did not want to give it to RVD, they don’t seem ready to pull the trigger on Sandow’s cash in, so why not Cena?  I worry that coming back so soon (roughly a month early at least) that Cena might be rushing things, but we shall see.

And now we have the Wyatts and the Miz starting something? Perhaps Kane’s return isn’t as imminent as thought? Or was Miz’s escape just a way to keep the Wyatts on TV without really kicking off a program?

Heck of a six man tag match-what’s not to love about Cody, Dustin and Daniel Bryan versus The Shield? A lot of today’s young stars could learn a thing or two from Dustin Runnels about ring psych. Of course, HHH sits at ringside and leads to a re-start and a screw job ending…but then here comes the “fired” Big Show, who we were told was escorted out-but, of course, we never saw it-so it didn’t happen. The Shield tried, but ultimately Show knocked out Hunter, and we were left watching Bryan celebrate over the out-cold HHH. Nice ending for sure, but Show needs to work on the delivering of these knock-out punches. It just looked awkward, again. More like a love tap than a punch.

There was A LOT going on for RAW. Sometimes it worked, some things felt more rushed or forced. This is inevitable when you have a mere 3 weeks between PPV-something I think the WWE needs to address and adjust. One per month is more than sufficient. But, happy to see what looks like a strong Show face run, though I am worried about how it will turn into a HHH-Big Show match. My money is on VKM coming back and hiring Paul to be his muscle….which would make a ton of sense.

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  • TheJRock890

    If Cena returns, we riot!

    Actually, Del Rio isn’t much better. I don’t know what to do with my angst. I don’t like Del Rio, but I don’t want to see Cena come back this early. I like WWE without him in a Main Event scene, hogging spotlight.

    I thought they’d elevate some younger talent while he was away. I liked the youth movement.

    • johnnybegoode65

      Nobody ever riots, and you know it. Ultimately it’s just a TV show. Enjoy what you can.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I actually don’t mind Cena coming back for this instance because it will help the WHC to matter again and he’s not chasing the WWE Title. That, and he’s not making a ‘surprise’ return at the Royal Rumble, which would have been eye-rollingly predictable. Depth is an issue for the WHC. Always has been. Obviously, Bryan and Orton are feuding, you’ve got Punk feuding with Heyman/Ryback/Axel, Cody (who would be the next logical guy to elevate) and Goldust aren’t done with the Shield yet, Jericho’s still away, Sheamus is hurt, Mark Henry’s hurt, Rey Mysterio’s hurt and might not ever be back… I think WWE wants Sandow to cash in on someone that matters.

      What I’d like to see happen is Cena beat Alberto Del Rio for the title, then have Del Rio hit the Cross Armbreaker on Cena’s injured arm, which is a surefire way to get Del Rio some heat (possibly with the option of giving Cena two more months off to sell the injury and heal for the RR), have Sandow cash in on Cena and win the WHC and feud in the months following with either Rhodes or Ziggler, who have both pinned Sandow since Sandow won the briefcase.

      • Mohamed Abdo

        You think Sandow will be a great champ ? . I mean , Is he the one that can bring back the prestige to the gold again ? .. Just asking .

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          I wasn’t talking about Sandow, really. Maybe I didn’t phrase myself correctly, so let me explain:

          When the Brand Extension happened originally back in the early 2000s soon after the debut of Smackdown, the World Heavyweight Championship was introduced as the alternative to the WWE Title and the two championships were, if not on equal footing, a relatively close 1A and 1B. The roster was also incredibly deep at that point, with guys like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and the Rock still regular performers, as well as young stars like Cena (2002 debut) and Randy Orton (2003 debut) quickly rising through the ranks. Sure, RAW’s tradition made it the A-show by default, but you could turn to Smackdown on Thursdays and get the same quality – if not higher quality – wrestling, and winning the World Heavyweight Championship was still a big deal. This was especially true because the WWE Draft, which was a yearly event that could often be career-altering for young stars (and one of my personal favorites), sometimes flipped the titles and gave the WWE Title to Smackdown and the WHC to Raw. Then WWE, for better or worse, realized that since Smackdown was not taped live like RAW, it allowed a bit more leeway for younger and/or less polished talents where anything that was less than pristine could be edited for the Thursday (and then Friday) broadcast. Couple this with the Rock’s retirement from full-time competition and Smackdown eventually became the haven for younger stars while Raw stacked up with all of the proven talent, leaving just enough veteran star power on Smackdown to ensure good enough ratings. At that point Smackdown became truly secondary to RAW, and thus the WHC became truly secondary to the WWE Title.

          Then WWE ended the Brand Extension, which put all the titles under one banner. Problem is, now there are too many titles and the WHC and everything lower has gotten lost in the shuffle. The US Title, while always a lower-midcard deal, is now a nominal title at best; the IC Title is what the US Title was, and so on. If a top guy like Cena comes back to chase the WHC Title (even if he doesn’t win it again), that automatically brings relevance to the belt. If it matters to a top company guy, it’ll matter to the casuals that make up about 80% of the WWE fanbase.

          Aside from the cash-in possibility that I mentioned earlier, Cena winning the belt and holding it for a while also sets up a possible (maybe not probable) scenario where you see Cena/Orton or Cena/Bryan for a title unification match – which would by default elevate the Intercontinental Championship to where it was around the Attitude Era because there’s not another belt muddying the upper-midcard waters.

          As for Sandow, I think it’s very interesting that when Sandow got his new briefcase, it was a neutral brown color instead of another blue one ostensibly signifying the Smackdown brand. That might indicate that there may be only one briefcase from now on, which could either mean one (unified) title or one briefcase for two belts, which would open up all sorts of new and interesting possibilities. I think he’ll make a better champion than Del Rio, at any rate, because his gimmick is more interesting (although – and I’ll keep saying this – Del Rio doesn’t get enough credit for what he does between the ropes). But a lot of a guy’s championship reign is determined by who his challengers are, so WWE needs to book him with some good opponents when he does win.

          Sorry that was so long – just wanted to explain myself better.

          • TheJRock890

            There was an article on here about Del Rio being better than most think he is. I still find him to be dry.

            Anyway, I also remember the mid-2000s and times where the WWE Title was on Smackdown and established top WWE guys like Triple H were World Heavyweight Champion, with younger guys like Brock holding the WWE Title. Even back in late 2008/early 2009 when Jeff Hardy won the WWE Title, it was on Smackdown, while Cena had the WHC on Raw.

            I agree that the brand merge has muddied things, but I do think that it’s helped bring some young stars to the forefront.

          • xXwindsofchangeXx

            Note that I said ‘in the ring’. He’s an amazing bore outside of it, especially without Ricardo’s help. I think this is a problem with a lot of wrestlers from Mexico – especially those who spent most of their early careers under a mask. Even if they do know English, it’s difficult for them to adopt an American promo-style, especially enough to cut the mustard in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

            But, let’s be honest, WWE’s giving him NO help at the moment. Sure, the ‘rich guy coming out in a car’ gimmick from his early WWE career was a derivative gimmick (pretty much JBL meets Ted DiBiase with a Latin spin, which actually isn’t a bad gimmick in theory), but it was still a gimmick. Del Rio’s just… there right now, and sometimes guys need a channel for whatever creative ability they have. Now, Bray Wyatt’s probably got more natural charisma in his right index finger than Alberto has in his whole body, but it wasn’t nearly as easy to tell that back when he was Husky Harris, was it?

            I will say I do genuinely enjoy watching Alberto Del Rio wrestle. But you’re right, he is dry – when he’s not in the ring, I don’t care, and the casuals that don’t fully understand wrestling (and thus don’t know how good of a wrestler ADR is) don’t care, either. He’s a good wrestler, but he’s not the champion WWE keeps trying to manufacture him into.

    • jcice13

      LOL, riot??? although I agree with you, you can’t blame Cena, he’s not booking the shows yet is he?

  • puckdinah1

    Thank God we don’t have to see Bob Backlund for quite a while…

  • TheHotDogKing

    Why is it necessary for us to see immediate rematches on Raw the following night after the PPV? They have done this too many times now and although Ziggler and Sandow had a better match than they did on Sunday, it was not necessary.

    • jcice13

      for the same reason they show the same angle over and over on the same raw show

  • JustPro

    I think it is about time to reunite both Titles and have ONE world title…Doing this will eliminate confusion…. SO far I see the WHC taking the back seat to the WWE title which of course is right fully so but now that both titles are seen on both shows it no longer makes sense to keeping the WHC around…. Eliminating WHC all together will revive the value of the US and Intercontinental titles and even the Tag titles….

    So far I see the WWE title the only title with a program and that program is making the WWE title as the more prestigious title making the WHC the Intercontinental title with a big name while shoving the other titles aside…. Yeah I get having a WHC gives other superstars a chance to be big but really its not that big of deal… Especially with the WHC being the first match on the ppv and rarely a main event deal tells me that being WHC not that special compared too the WWE Title….

    I think its about time to put together a big tournament like before to determine another undisputed WWE champion… Kind of like the tournament that Jericho won to become the first undisputed champion…. I just think the WHC is a waste of space and makes the title picture irrelavent compared to the attitude era…Just saying

    • fj2305

      In my opinion the brand split should be back because it is just a big mixture of bad storylines and some wrestlers didn’t get the push that they deserve… I am honest I was a fan of the split and i wish it comes back… But momentarily it would make more sense to have one World Champion.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        They don’t have enough warm bodies to sustain a full-blown brand split… and yet they also have a bit too many guys getting lost in the shuffle as is. It’s a strange dilemma.

  • fj2305

    wow… now it is the mexican heel version of Cena vs. the real Cena at HIAC again!!! Good job wwe… good job…

  • Mohamed Abdo

    When R-Truth came out with his theme song I thought that Punk would sing ” What’s up ? ” :-) .

  • http://www.facebook.com/Danny.Rocks.Mountain.Tops Daniel Vollmer

    it is laughable how they had Bryan pin Cena clean, and then forget about him a month later.

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