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WWE Superstars Who Could Get The Next Pink Slip

Zeb Colter
Last Friday, Hornswoggle, Cameron, El Torito, Alex Riley, Santino Marella, King Barrett, Zeb Colter, and Damien Sandow were all released from the WWE. Some superstars made sense, some, not so much (*cough* Sandow). It is said more releases are expected in the month of May, and I thought I’d take my opportunity to chime in.

Adam Rose

We can place this one in the ‘obvious’ file. I like Adam Rose, I’ve always liked Adam Rose, but sadly, it seems he is just digging himself deeper and deeper in terms of what he is doing outside the ring. Or, who knows? Maybe the poor guy is just having some bad luck. First off, a WWE wellness suspension is never good; and Rose is currently out for 60 days, because he allegedly violated WWE’s wellness policy. Secondly, Rose took to Twitter to defend himself; which may be considered strike two, as WWE officials had no clue he was going to do this, until the post was published, for all to see. Lastly, he was arrested earlier this week in Florida for Battery Domestic Violence and Tampering with a Witness. Yikes, all in a matter of one month.

Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox has enjoyed ten, incredible years within the WWE. She was Divas Champion in 2010, and when winning became the first African American female to hold that title. Alas, with a slew of new talent coming into the WWE fold, and her fellow Team Bella ladies out of action (Nikki on an injury, and Brie retiring); it seems that Fox has had a good run, but has lost some relevancy. It’s also not a very good sign that Fox is not listed as a returning main cast member for the next season of Total Divas, as she has been a fixture on the show (appearances in season one and two; and then main cast from three to five), since it first debuted.

Jack Swagger

An incredible talent, the fans have seen very little of Jack Swagger over the past year, and it is saddening to see a strong mid-card superstar, who once wore World Heavyweight Championship gold, go to waste. Sure, it was a mere three years ago that Swagger was busted for marijuana possession, and the entire situation was splashed all over TMZ; but people are busted for far worse crimes, daily. While releasing Swagger would be upsetting to some fans, with his lack of television time, storylines or pay-per-views appearances; it certainly wouldn’t be shocking if he received a pink slip, later this month.

Summer Rae

Another Totals Diva that had once made a splash on the scene, has seemingly started to fizzle. She did her time in NXT, and was brought up as Fandango’s dancing partner, and even enjoyed a little singles action in the women’s division when she broke away from the dancing man. Everyone’s head turned when she became the first diva to ever work on a WWE Studios film, with a role in the Marine 4; but since the divas revolution hit, and evolved into women’s wrestling, Summer has gotten lost in the shuffle. While she tried to have a feud with Lana last year, things went south, fast, in the Dolph/Lana/Rusev/Summer storyline. She’s no longer a main cast member on Total Divas, and is rarely seen on WWE programming, or pay-per-views.

WNZ fans, who do you think is the next to go, if more WWE superstars are released in May?

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Bye Summer

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

      Bye Viktor

      • Zack

        Konnor too since he failed the drug test.

        • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

          I’ll miss Konnor

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      She looks like a shaved squirrel

      • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

        Yeah she’s ugly I don’t know what ppl see in her lol

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Hopefully reigns gets axed….I jest, but wont that be a peach of a story

  • Zack

    All four I had imagined would go next on the “Black Friday” we had last week.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Get rid of BumMan please

  • Si Nicholls

    There are also the 40 club that may just not get contract renewals, so not really a release, but in the next 18 months I wouldn’t be shocked to see R Truth, Golddust, Mark Henry, Big Show and Kane leave by mutual consent

    Currently, I would let go, both guys in the Ascension, Tylor Breeze, Swagger, Ryback, Tamina and Saxton

    • BooGonk

      I have to agree with all of them except Breeze. If they would change his ridiculous gimmick, or push it even further, he would be entertaining. He’s actually an extremely good wrestler.

    • Jakerams

      Not Saxton. He’s really a big part of Kevin Owens character.

  • That boy Alejandro

    The dolph,lana/rusev,summer rae storyline was just weird without a ending

  • jcice13

    what is it with Sandow, he’s okay but they did nothing with him after his first 6 months or so and he just became easily expendable due to their own lack of creativity

  • jcice13

    fandango??? goooodbyyyyeo…R=Truth? have a nice day? Gold dust?? really? is there anything to say? the Big Show and Mark Henry??? well don’t own a golden corral anywhere near where they’ll be retired….JBL? just be leavin’…the brother on color? tata…and for that matter Cole can hit the road too or at least Smackdown at best….and you know what the way it’s going? in a year people might be saying good riddance to Lana, she’s done nothing for a year and unless they do a face turn after Rusev wins the US belt maybe there’s no helping her character…and Kane???? the semon monster with your comic side??? they have a spot for you at Chuckles in buffalo new york you can go on second ….social outhouse? a nice 3 man sweep wouldn’t be bad to see

    and I’ve said this for a long time here..in most cases I do not blame the performer, nor do I really put all the blame on creative..it comes down to one thing..Vince screwed the business..hey I understand one wants to make all he can, grab all he can in business etc but by doing so he killed all the other major companies and all the territories associated with them…just use someone like Sandow for instance, back in the day they’d have him come into the WWF as a heel, he’d beat on some jobbers and do some interviews and say he’s going after so and so for his belt.then they do a program and after he was unsuccessful week his way out of the company and voila they’re doing vignettes of him coming to georgia, or Texas or AWA…he might even be a face there but whatever the case he’d go there work a year and move on…in 3 years he’s back in the WWF.his new again, people remember his character, they might even turn him to turn him back again but whatever they did he’d remain fresh and wouldn’t get stale and worn out..and almost everyone legitimate performer on the list would be in the same situation.thanks Vince

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