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Why I Rarely Watch TNA


And honestly, by rarely I mean maybe a few minutes, once every few weeks. If that. I can admit I have gone long stretches where my only exposure to the TNA product was whatever I managed to read on TNA via the internet wrestling columns.

I watch it so little that, for as long as I write at WNZ, this may be one of my only TNA-centric pieces. Perhaps this could be reference material for the creative department at TNA, but I doubt it.

I will admit, right here and right now, that I simply don’t watch the shows much, because, well, I haven’t become invested in them. What does that mean? When I was growing up, my first wrestling exposure was the WWF Saturday morning fare. Sometimes, I even managed to stay up and watch Saturday Night’s Main Event, whenever they were on. I didn’t have cable until I was 15, and pretty much right after getting it installed, my wrestling world view changed. I got to see WCW in living color, not just read about it on the pages of PWI. I could sometimes catch the old wrestling legends shows that ESPN would run from time to time. And, on Sports Channel in Philadelphia, I would even catch this new and local offering known as ECW (which would become my first live, in person, “arena” shows a year or two later).

I always made time for RAW. It has been a Monday night staple for decades now, and I’ve been watching it on Mondays fairly religiously for 20 years now. When I was a Freshman in college, WCW Nitro debuted, and I remember all the guys in my dorm freaking out about it on it’s debut night. And i thought, wow, it wasn’t that long ago that some of my friends would have never admitted to watching wrestling. Once Nitro debuted? I killed many a remote and many batteries, flipping back and forth. Sometimes, I’d watch RAW live and then catch the Nitro replay at 11pm (this was, I think, an awesome idea that I sometimes wish WWE and USA would bring back, but I digress).

Point is, at that point in my life, I knew Mondays were wrestling nights. Thursdays were ECW nights early on. Sometimes I remembered about Thunder and Smackdown too, but Monday I always had plans.

Which brings me to TNA.

Again, I don’t watch enough of it to say “the product is awesome” or “the product is garbage”. I just don’t. Knowing some of the stars that now call TNA home–not the new guys, just the re-treads, if you will-Angle, Sting, Bubba Ray, Hardy, Taz and others, I am sometimes surprised that I don’t follow it more closely. And so i decided to really try and figure that out. And, to me, the reality is I have neither been drawn into it to the point where I can’t stop watching (WWE), nor have I been given a compelling week to week reason to tune in. But, I am not looking for one either. I am at a point in my life where, with kids and work, Monday night is RAW for me (unless my team is playing on MNF, then I have trouble). I can’t justify committing to another company, to follow a whole other roster, on a completely separate evening.

I would love for a second, strong and creative, professional wrestling organization to flourish stateside, if for no other reason than it might actually push WWE Creative to be, well…more creative. Not creative that brought us flops like Man Mountain Rock or Mantaur, or The Goon or the Shockmaster. Creative that pushed the envelope, that got things more real and believable. For me, I often think I’ve already lived through the best period of wrestling I’ll ever see in my lifetime, that being when on any given day you could watch WCW, WWE or ECW on TV, and there was a wealth of talent moving around between the organizations. More chances were taken, and ultimately we the fans benefited.

So…I know TNA has fans. And I know Wrestlenewz attracts some of them. Is there anyone out there that can give me a compelling reason to give TNA another shot? Am I really missing out? Or, if you are like me and just don’t watch it, what are your reasons for it?

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  • My biggest issue with keeping up with TNA is it really doesn’t matter what happens there I feel. WCW at least felt like history was being made.

  • puckdinah1

    There are 5 independent promotions that are better than TNA right now

    • Abudadein

      Please name them. I know I would include Resistance Pro based in Chicago to be a stronger promotion than TNA, despite how regional they are. Their shows are fantastic, really well put together, feature some top names like Rhyno, David Hart Smith, and Cheerleader Melissa, and are a bit of a throwback to the territorial days.

      • Lara_P1

        being from Chicago, i am being biased but Illinois has some of the best indy promotions, great wrestlers and among the best and most loyal fans in the world to pro wrestling

  • Abudadein

    Tuning in to TNA these days feels a lot like watching Al Tomko’s All Star Wrestling based on the west coast of Canada in the mid-’80s. After watching two hours of WWF programming from 12noon to 2pm, something about All Star Wrestling — from 2 to 3pm — felt so bush league, with their top name being “Diamond” Timothy Flowers. That’s how I feel when I turn the channel to check out TNA Impact, unfortunately, because I really was a fan up until five years ago and was happy to shell out money for their DVDs.

  • Aaron

    The only reason I watch TNA is for that one match!

  • Dean South

    tna from bell to bell is wrestling with some drama tossed in.. used to be the reason i never got wweeee is because the used to pull me in with the stone cold appearances that. might happend at the end end all they would do is promo the next ppv,,, the wcw of old would have 2 or 3 matches before the wee was done talking. its the action i miss. not throwing it in every 23 minutes between commercials for the ppv. (that when they come here..i fall asleep through)then they got away from wrestling..it just stunts now. and they guys are getting hurt.and hurt badly, i feel sorry for rvd going back there… Tna Is All Action… i miss the old smoky mountian days of shut and wrestle..if u had watched kurt and bobby roode last night. that was why we watch tna. guy like ares,,,samoa joe..magnus.. guys like angle giving the other guys the push they need and sting… not the new or flavor of the month that the guys up north force feed us.

    • Tsall13

      You’re entire post makes absolutely no sense and one match doesn’t make a garbage promotion watchable… by the way impact barely has any wrestling lately it’s more promos and backstage segments then anything else so idk what you’re watching… a lot of paid talent sit back their being wasted for Dixie to run her mouth and watch EC3 beat the same guy 10 times… they’ve already dropped the ball on this so called god send to TNA with his horrible BFG debut and constant garbage matches on free tv that people paid to see him face the same guy for money… Lol great way to basically tell the fans screw you we robbed you of $30 by giving you the matches free days after… awesome promotion!! Continue to not watch it trust me you’re not missing a dãmn thing… and now I wait for a logical reasoning to why TNA fans still get on their knees for Styles who can’t even sell a ppv after being the so called phenomenal one after 10 years on tv… I know why… no real talent… spot monkey at best… horrendous mic work… no marketing attributes what so ever… and finally he’s mediocre at best which is the only thing I agree with what Dixie has ever said while she kills her business on the mic even more by the second…

      • TrollNonstopAction

        Here, put this on your little PG butt.

  • YoungAngryMan

    If you are into the whole “going green” thing, then TNA is for you!! They love to recycle WWE’s old trash!

  • CatchWrestler1

    No matter how bad they get, someone should buy them so they can stick around. At least for some fans, having a secondary promotion (even if it is bad) creates outside possibilities and it is always good to have a secondary option.

  • Z….

    You missed out until January 2010…since then, not so much. To be fair though, I dont know how you can still watch WWE. I gave up there 5 years ago, and limited my exposure for 2 years prior to that. As bad as TNA has been since January 2010, it was definitely still better than WWE at times (though that isnt really saying much). Right now though, I cant really say anything b/c I’m done with both…One thing you can count on with TNA though is seeing them put on a great match

  • Lara_P1

    I first tuned to TNA in late 05 and at first i didnt want to watch it bc i didnt want to have to learn an entire roster or new storylines. but seeing the matches that were being put on, it just sucked me in. fast forward til now and i love TNA and yes i know it has its flaws. I watch WWE also, and have been since 94. for the life of me i have no idea why some people flat out want TNA or other promotions to fail…i will never understand. WWF was at its best when there was competition; if we want that type of WWE we should want another promotion to rise. while i love tna, i can admit when they dropped the ball and that was bringing Hogan and friends along. i could go on forever on this topic, but i watch TNA or wrestlers like Joe, Aries, Sabin, AJ Styles, Gail Kim among others..the matches these wrestlers put on are just awesome.

  • Damian Starr

    Having only started watching in 2011, all new to the wrestling experience, couldn’t watch WWE didn’t have the means to. But in the UK TNA is surprisingly big, it’s on free TV so anyone can see it unlike WWE. I’ve gone around and seen TNA merch about, much more than WWE (probably because the ones watching TNA are full time wrestling fans). I have only experienced the ‘bad times’ of TNA and i actually have quite enjoyed it. If TNA could return to the better times, i think i might just wet myself a little! Everyone knows a little competition is good for any business, long live TNA in my books

  • Willey

    I’m right their with you, I first started watching wrestling when I was 12, and that’s because my family finally got cable. WWE was great, and WCW was “where the big boys play”, the storylines were fresh, competition was their, and the wrestlers were filling the part. That brings us to today, where wrestlers like Daniel Bryan are given main event spots, you wouldn’t have seen that in WCW and that is where the decline happened. When a huge number of cruiserweight talent left WCW for WWE. 1 month Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit are giving there all to hold onto the Cruiserweight championship, then the next month they are in WWE wrestling and winning the WWE championship, that was it THE MOMENT, the moment when we all realized that WCW’s cruiserweights were better than WWE’s top talent. When Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Etc were losing to WCW’s lightweights, that’s the moment when wrestling wasn’t just fake, but it was looking fake, when I would look at a match and say to myself, “ya ok, like that guy could ever beat that guy”, and that guy would win, it was like a slap in the face to every fan, and it only continued. But we kept watching, why, well the best I can describe it is like the video games Battlefield and Call of Duty, Battlefield is a better game, but you get Call of Duty because your friends do, and they get it because u do. WWE had good talent, they had bad talent holding titles, hut we kept watching knowing it sucked, and then WCW was gone So today we are bored, WWE on a good week might put out a C product, it looks fake, and TNA is the same way, TNA is so bad though that u can’t even follow storylines, and now days they have these weird matches, points, its almost easier to no even bother watching because it will take u a month just to figure out what’s going on. Plus, TNA gave up on the whole trying to compete with WWE thing, thus forcing them and WWE to put out crap products each week because they know they aren’t a threat.

    • Damian Starr

      weird matches? explain

  • I rarely watch wwe, i mean who wants to see the powers that be jerk around the talent they don’t believe in ie Antonio Cesaro, Daniel Bryan. Meanwhile Randy Orton and John Cena are champs what year is this again?Still waiting on Slate Randal and Solomon Crowe to appear on tv. Instead main eventing Cody Rhodes is slumming it in the tag team division thats absolutely horrible not that TNA is much better though in that aspect.

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