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Why WWE Is Very High on Daniel Bryan, Possible Plans for Bourne’s Return

– WWE officials have discussed putting Evan Bourne into the tag team division when he’s ready to return in a few months.

– As noted before, WWE officials are very high on Kane and Daniel Bryan. They are especially high on Bryan right now. The feeling is that he can be put in just about any kind of situation and excel. Bryan will receive a big singles push once the tag team run with Kane is over.

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  • TheInstantClassic9

    “Bryan will receive a big singles push once the tag team run with Kane is over.”


  • Kayfabe fan


  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    I think we have an heir apparent to Chris Jericho on the rise.

  • Bad News Bro

    Daniel Bryan is my first and only pick to win the Royal Rumble this year. He’s THE breakout star of 2012, and he should be treated as such.

  • Tommy

    Who the fuck is Bourne? New guy?

  • Z…..

    subsequent YES chant inserted

  • http://twitter.com/actualmindy Mindy

    Make him beat Cena cleanly.


  • Kevin

    Daniel Bryan is awesome so WWE should be high on him.

  • Bane

    He reminds me of a young Kurt Angle, no matter what storyline they were given, they excelled. 4 a guy coming in with “no personality” and he’s just a great wrestler, he’s really entertaining. His segments no matter who he is put with have been great. Hope he gets that push he deserves and beats Sheamus clean, I think HHH will delay that. Plus I’ve heard 2 many times of guys finally getting a big push and not getting it like Chris Masters, Ted Dibiase Jr., Evan Bourne b4 all the injuries, Zach Ryder, etc. Hope he does because he’s the most entertaining guy in WWE. Loved Punk and still do, but man his promos have been pretty lame other than the one with Mick. D Bryan should b the new face of the WWE and hope Punk starts doing better promos and not just “give me respect, show me the respect I deserve” bullcrap he’s been relegated 2 doing. If he’s gonna b a heel, then include his S.E.S. 2 give him something more 2 work with. D Bryan!!!!

  • The Truth

    I hope they give Kane a push too maybe a world title run. Kane deserves something too

  • Rahul

    @The Truth, totally agree. He deserves a last world title run before he retires.

    Also, I’d love me a Taker vs Kane WM match which should be the last match of both of their careers. Hope I’m not asking for too much :))

  • Mark

    I agree with ‘The Truth’s’ post.

    Kane still has a lot to offer, even though he’s slower in the ring these days because of his age. But nonetheless he’s still a hugely talented guy and a veteran.

    It would be criminal if Kane didn’t capture the WWE title one more time before his career ends. Considering that the Kane character captured the WWF title just a year after debuting and then never captured it again is a shame. I know he had a WHC run for a short period but that belt doesn’t carry the same prestige as the WWF/E title does.

    Give the guy one last run, without ’embracing hate’ or any of that crap. Forget the Big Red Monster and unleash the Big Red MACHINE again.

  • stone cold

    d bryan should be the next top guy. but of course hhh is gonna say ”oh its bad for business”

  • Matt

    @stone cold

    Highly doubt that considering Daniel Bryan was trained by Shawn Michaels, who in turn is one of Triple H’s closest friends. Not to mention how livid HBK was when Bryan had gotten fired back during the Nexus angle.

  • Alex

    @notmuch.supwitchu? I liken him more to Kurt Angle in their characters. Even the “Yes” chants remind me so much of the “You Suck” chants. It’s all there and both are just brilliant.

  • Heisenberg

    Daniel Bryan is an excellent wrestler and now has improved dramatically on working with the crowd. Plus he makes his opponents look better when he wrestles them. I mean from the bottom to the top wwe star. I just love his work.

  • http://udisaysthis.wordpress.com udi

    i would love to see kane vs undertaker at WM as final match for both of them…..may be let them have one last fued…have a match between them..a real classic and the ending would be a “double count out” coz none would be able to stand up.kane and taker hug it out and they would reform “BOD” and retire at the top of the mountain…strengthening their legacy and also giving us something to remember forever…

  • Jeff

    I remember a year and a half ago nobody cared about daniel bryan when he was face.It’s like his Yes chants is what got him over

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