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Will Chyna FINALLY Join WWE’s Hall of Fame?

Twenty-four hours later, and I am still reeling from the death of Joanie Lauer, better known to most of us as Chyna. Sadly, it wasn’t shocking; just saddening, especially at the tender age of 45.
As news hit in the wee hours of the morning, fans and media rushed to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to offer condolences. When I initially heard the news break, I was skeptical on how WWE would handle it. After I woke up and got settled (6:00 a.m.ish EST) Stephanie McMahon posted a condolences note on Twitter, and then Triple H followed suite. The notes seemed to open a floodgate of tributes, pictures, and messages that ensued from present, and former WWE talent:

#NXTLowell Thank you Chyna.

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#ripchyna #9thwonderoftheworld #heartofgold #truepioneer

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Sorry to hear about the passing of #JoanieLaurer. We didn’t always see eye to eye, but we had a lot of fun.

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By no means was Chyna ever boycotted from WWE history, the Network, or video montages as perhaps say a Jimmy Snuka, Hulk Hogan, or Chris Benoit have been. Nor did she ever really do anything to warrant being alienated by the company to that degree; however, her name was a bit taboo, considering the history she had with Triple H and Stephanie. Not only because of what transpired years and years ago, and how she left the company; but also the video rants she had produced on YouTube in recent years targeting the two, not to mention an interview with Vince Russo where she laid some pretty heavy accusations against the couple, and more specifically Triple H.
Chyna wasn’t a bad person; she seemed like a broken soul. Sadly, she was not only haunted by demons that affected because of her WWE career, but let’s face it, post-WWE wasn’t all that great, not to mention the fact that she didn’t have the best of childhoods.

So it was nice to see the outpouring of respect, and condolences, not only by fans, but by peers that worked with her, and WWE talent that was inspired by her. I could go on and on about her legacy: two-time Intercontinental Champion, was the first woman to qualify for the King of the Ring tournament, she was also the first women to become number one contender for the WWE title (which she later lost to Mick Foley) … and oh yeah, she’s also held the WWE Women’s title at one point.

But more importantly, the last year or so, Chyna seemed to working towards getting better, and had one thing on her mind: to mend fences with the WWE, and make it into the Hall of Fame. While there were points it seemed that she was really cleaning up her act, something happened along the way; and it seemed she rolled right back into bad habits. Interestingly enough, later on yesterday, in Europe and on tour with a majority of the roster, Triple H commented on Chyna death, and a possible WWE Hall of Induction. Triple H noted that an induction was ‘warranted’ and hinted that at some point in time, it could happen.

Will it happen? If HHH statement above is any indication, I’d say yes. But, the question was also asked on the day the news broke of her passing, so I’m sure he needed to choose his words carefully, and also be sensitive to the fans that were mourning worldwide. It would be a bit ironic, that after all she endured to prove to the WWE she was Hall of Famer worthy, it would be in death, that she would finally achieve this goal.

She was always Hall of Fame worthy, that fact is undisputable; sadly, I think the only thing that held her back from an induction was herself. The unpredictability that came with Chyna recently, of what she may say, what she may do, and if she could handle even being in the same room as Triple H and Stephanie during the ceremony. I think her induction snub had more to do with the idea of whether or not she could hold it together long enough to be honored. There was just too much unresolved history between these three players.

Chyna undoubtedly revolutionized women’s wrestling, and the way women were viewed in the ring, during a time where a majority of the other female talent around her were scantily clad, using their sex appeal to make their mark. While her female peers were participating in bras and panties match, Chyna was kicking the butts of her male co-workers, taking names, and making history.

Despite the choices she made once she left the WWE, its undeniable that she deserves to be honored in the Hall of Fame. And perhaps now, she will finally take her rightful place, alongside Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Trish Stratus, Alundra Blaze, Lita, and other women who have trail blazed for this business.

RIP Chyna, gone but not forgotten.

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