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Will Daniel Bryan EVER Wrestle Again? Controversy Continues

After Daniel Bryan’s emotional retirement earlier this year and his recent appointment as SmackDown LIVE’s General Manager, it seemed as if the door was officially closed to the idea that the YES! man would ever wrestle again.

While it was hard to close that chapter for Bryan and his fans, I think we all came to some sort of resolution around and this and moved on.

Or so we all thought.

As per a Daily Progress interview with DB this week, it seems that something has changed.

Most of you have probably already read the article, but for those who haven’t, around the issuing of hoping to wrestling again, Bryan stated to the Daily Progress that “I honestly do. All the real concussion specialists who deal with concussions every day, all of them think I am fine.”

Interesting. But what’s more interesting is the fact that DB wasn’t really part of decision-making process around the GM role he was given, and Bryan stated, “They didn’t give me a choice [laughing]. I’m under contract so they say ‘show up,’ and I show up.”

Now, I’m sure he was half-joking around that statement, but most times there is truth in humor.

Where do these statements all stem from? Could it be the Talk Smack interview where The Miz may have gone a little too far and hit some hurting points to DB, attacking him about the fact that he cannot wrestle; suggesting he simply turn to Bingo halls if he has such a love for the sport.

Or was it a recent WWE.Com poll that stung the retired wrestler a bit when the company’s website asked fans who they would like to see DB go toe-to-toe with if the wrestler could return to action. Which, according to his Daily Progress interview, did bother him a bit.

Is this all a work? Is Daniel Bryan (and the WWE) considering a DB return? Maybe a part-time schedule? Or maybe something where he is still GM and potentially steps into the ring now and again. There is definitely a storyline brewing between Bearded One and The Miz right now, and it is something that has fans intrigued; I know I am.

With concussion issues being at an all-time high, with WWE not only feeling the heat, other sports leagues are as well. It’s important to note, that Daniel Bryan did state within the interview that he understands why the WWE won’t clear them, and the sense of responsibility they have to ensuring talent remain healthy.

Still, many of the statements made by DB within this interview (joking or not) are bold. Would any other superstar be able to get away with saying these things, without facing some sort of repercussion? Even the way DB handles comments during Smack Talk, while not entirely controversial and scandalous (with the Miz segment an exception) still raise my eyebrow, now and again. Is DB somewhat ‘over’ the charade that is being played or is this a work for fans? While we thought (or it seemed) that he had come to some sort of understanding and closure around his retirement; it seems that alas, he is still some underlying issues about walking away from that squared circle. When you are passionate about something, it’s hard to be told you can’t do it anymore.

It still seems like a hot and cold topic. This all could very well be a work, or Bryan simply talking from the heart, not caring about the ramifications as there may be a small part of him that wants to be released from his contract. It’s important to note, the article also provided a statement from WWE’s medical director re-affirming that the company still stands firm that it is in DB’s best interest to refrain from in-ring competition.

The Daniel Bryan concussion controversy rolls on …

WNZ fans! Is the WWE hinting a Daniel Bryan return? Is it inevitable that he may return after his WWE contract expires? Should Bingo halls hold their breath? Or maybe there is something in the works within the WWE and Bryan right now? Leave your comments below!

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