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Will Fandango Be Worth the Wait?

Fandango curtis

Millions of people already hate Fandango.

That’s an impressive accomplishment for a heel who hasn’t even set foot inside a wrestling ring on mainstream WWE television.

Just imagine the reaction he’ll get when (if?) he finally decides to prance and twirl inside the ropes.

fandangoIn many ways, Fandango is a throwback to the great wrestling heels of yesteryear, from Gorgeous George to “Adorable” Adrian Adonis to Rick “The Model” Martel.

He hasn’t elicited hatred from the fans by eye-gouging or other heelish techniques. His “heat” with the fans is sparked by his petulant refusal to actually wrestle in front of them. Wrestling is beneath him, especially if the ring announcers can’t bother to properly pronounce his name as “Fahhhn-dahhhhn-gooooo.”

Fandango’s reluctance to debut on WWE television is an ironic twist, given how long the man who portrays him, Johnny Curtis, has languished in WWE’s developmental puppy mill, desperately trying to land a spot on the main roster.

Once Fandango finally does compete on Raw, it will be the culmination of a grueling seven-year struggle to ply his craft in the big leagues.

If his career in WWE’s developmental territories is any indication, Fandango will be worth the wait.

Johnny Curtis signed his first developmental deal with WWE in 2006, when he was a 24-year-old indy star trained by Killer Kowalski (the same legend who trained Triple-H and many other stars).

He was assigned to Deep South Wrestling in Georgia, a training ground for new talent (and a holding pen for faded WWE stars such as David “Gangrel” Heath, against whom Curtis wrestled his debut match).

When WWE nixed its deal with Deep South Wrestling, Curtis was shipped off to Tampa to continue his contract with Florida Championship wrestling.

Johnny CurtisHe flourished there, as much as any aspiring superstar can, by twice co-holding the FCW Tag Team Championship.  He also landed some dark matches on WWE shows, losing to the likes of Kung Fu Naki, Paul Birchill and Evan Bourne.

While many of his FCW peers — DH Smith, Tyson Kidd, Alex Riley, Trent Beretta, Brodus Clay and others — got called up to the main roster, Curtis always seemed passed over, year after year.

Things started to look up (sort of) for Curtis when he landed a spot on the third season of NXT, with R-Truth as his Superstar Mentor. He, like all the other contenders, were subjected to a bunch of silly contests and stunts, but he was finally getting some attention. He even made a few appearances on Smackdown, notably getting squashed by Mark Henry.

When Curtis won the fourth season of NXT, it appeared he might finally have earned his moment in the spotlight. Yet it still eluded him, and he performed on the fifth season of NXT, still essentially unknown to all but the most plugged-in wrestling fans.

Then, just a few months ago, Curtis was re-christened Fandango, and began appearing in vignettes on WWE’s flagship programs. Nearly seven years in WWE’s developmental system seemed to have paid off. Then the vignettes suddenly stopped, casting doubt on whether WWE would follow through with the flamboyant character.

After a period of uncertainty, the vignettes resumed and Fandango finally debuted — almost — on the March 1 Smackdown. By declining to perform that night, and by refusing again the following Monday on Raw, he generated some scorching heel heat.

It’s safe to assume that the real person behind the character (Curtis Jonathan Hussey) is dying to finally wrestle on Monday Night Raw. He has certainly earned the opportunity, given his long developmental tenure.

But by arrogantly refusing to perform — by milking the schtick a little longer — he is reminiscent of wrestling’s greatest, prissiest heels.

Watching him finally wrestle, and suffer the beatdown inevitably coming his way, should be well worth the wait.




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  • jAtibblin

    I always liked Curtis, but im not really looking forward for this character. it could pay off, but with the creatives in charge i’m sure he will be gone sooner rather than later.

  • DoingMaThing

    Let’s be honest, Fandango will never be a main eventer or a World Champion. WWE will not push him to the top with his current gimmick but he will be very entertaining or very annoying. Fandango is a man who needs his own announcer like Del Rio. Someone who can properly pronounce his name. Maybe the woman who debuted with him on RAW can become his announcer? I bet she can pronounce his name, I bet she can feel it and breath the a’s in his name lol. I like Fandango and i’m looking forward to his first match on RAW or Smackdown. Faaaahhnnn…daaahhnnn…goooooo!!!

  • Opie Taylor

    They should’ve just kept him as Johnny Curtis

    • Before the gimmick change I thought he was weird and fun in his promos with Maxine, Derrick Batemanm and Kaitlyn on the NXT show before it became FCW’s replacement.
      Now hes just weird but I agree he needs to be given a chance.
      Personally I hope the commentators reference the NXT days and he gets his tag team title opportunity whomever it may be with.

  • jcice13

    it depends on what they mean by “worth it”? don’t they already have a dancer although not a dancing with the stars type? and where has that gotten clay? so just going by what the writers have done for others the answer has to be NO NO NO and aren’t they like 4 years too late for a character like this? and how can they saw MILLIONS of people already hate him?

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Well, Clay’s a big, ridiculous tub of lard face character that can’t really wrestle. :-

      • jcice13

        I totally agree and I realize that curtis is a much better wrestler than he is BUT does a dancing with the stars character have legs to be over in the WWE? cause you ain’t getting any crossover eyeballs on the product because of him, and I just think that they could have come up with a better angle for curtis than this

  • Y2J

    You: Will Fandango be worth the wait?
    Me: No. Johnny Curtis > Faandaaangooo

  • unc4life15

    Would everyone give this character a chance. Johnny Curtis is really entertaining and play a lot of different characters. He has been groomed for a while and is ready for his shot.

    You guys remember Idol Stevens and Michelle McCool having a tag team. Yeah thought not, I actually watched them and remember them about as much as Chris Harris in WWE. But funny how that same guy is now, Damien Sandow. One of the biggest rising star in WWE.

    Sheamus, Sandow, and now Fandango seem to be creations of HHH and with being trained by Killer Kowalski just gives him even more of an in.
    The character doesn’t make the star, the star will make the characer, no matter how bad.

    • jcice13

      but the character can curtail a star..i.e the ringmaster or how about the red rooster? and your point about sandow? his character back then didn’t get over no matter how good he was and now he has some sort of a push, the wrestlers need good writing and good characters or else the fans will just not give a damn about them and tune them out, you know that I’m not telling you something you didn’t already know, and by the way this fandango act won’t get him over at all, of course he’ll be boo’d but that will be because how he won’t come to the ring but once it gets rolling? I can’t see people investing their time in him

  • If getting over means me fast-forwarding my tv when i see him, then yeah, hes over…….

  • TheRawTruth

    I actually LIKED his segment last week with Justin Roberts. I don’t watch Smackdown, so that was my first time seeing the guy (outside of vignettes). But the way he kept pronouncing his name and trying to get Justin Roberts (the ring announcer) to do it had me LITERALLY, laughing out loud. I loved it.

  • GetIronic

    There’s a difference between hate for a heel whose character is so compelling it makes you hate them, and hate for a heel whose character is so crap it’s not fit for TV.

    One is legit heat. The other is ratings cancer that just leaves you wishing that that time was spent on developing an Angry Kane vs “But we’re friends,y u change?” Bryan WM angle instead.

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